Arma 3 Roadmap Outlines Coming Updates & Expansion

Bohemia don’t always seem the most organised with how they update their games, whether it’s DayZ or Take On Mars, but they have been much better over the past few years with Arma 3 [official site]. I like especially their regular posts about their internal development roadmap, and there’s now a post and new footage outlining updates and expansions to come in 2016.

There are three distinct but connected items on the list.

The first is the Nexus Update, which focuses on “improvement of core features and multiplayer systems.” This includes a web-based service for the community to use to team up together, and new content for the End Game mode which tries to shape Arma’s many systems into a cooperative, more easily explained experience.

The second is the Eden update, which will introduce a “3D scenario editor” as well as a new server browser and “several usability tweaks” to the games controls and interface. There’s a video of the Eden Editor embedded in this post, showing the kinds of things you can build with it.

Both of those updates should come around the end of this year, before 2016 sees the release of the next major expansion, called Arma 3 Apex. It will bring a co-op campaign, a new landmass called Tanoa, as well as new vehicles, weapons, vehicle classes, and a slew of more usability improvements. There’s a video showing the new landmass below, which looks more like the kind of place you’d go on holiday than most Arma settings.


  1. BillyBantam says:

    All really cool stuff….Now If they could just fix the fact that the AI can see you through trees and the like then I’d be really happy

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      Der Zeitgeist says:

      That’s been in there since 2001, so you better get used to it. :-)

    • VitalMoss says:

      The AI can’t see you through trees.
      AI (And Players) can only see what’s visible on you. Even at long ranges where not everything is rendered, it will only render what *would* be visible if there was foliage blocking you.

      That being said, if you’re using an AI mod, chances are the AI are “communicating” your position. If you aren’t, if they do spot you, they will continue to fire in your general location even if you aren’t spotted.

      Regardless, it’s really cool to see what they are doing. I always end up going in and out of ArmA 3 due to lack of friends who can play it with me. To see them make it easier to find people to play with is fantastic.

      • Pulstar says:

        I’m not sure I’d call the non-Daisy community as toxic, some folks are really helpful, but they all want you to play their way. Join teamspeak, stay in line, use the lingo etc.. Some play Arma to unwind, not to engage in military banter.

    • Ma5terOfNothing says:

      • frostwyrm says:

        this was fixed recently, it was an issue ith foliage geometry

    • SuicideKing says:

      I thought they fixed that with v1.50 and v1.52?

      • BillyBantam says:

        Hmm, I checked the official issue log and it’s still open. I play pretty regularly with my clan, mainly against AI and it’s the general consensus that AI can see through pretty much all foliage (with maybe one or two exceptions).

        As far as playing with friends. I’m part of a a very casual clan (no ultra realism milsim here) who get together, play ARMA and have a laugh. It really is the best way to experience ARMA. If anyone is interested we do Co-Op and PvP missions and we even have our own exile server, we are really friendly so come check us out at

  2. trooperwally says:

    3D map editor! That might be what it takes to get me back into A3. I could use the 2D editor but it’s so damn fiddly positioning things (eg items on a table) and sometimes those scenarios don’t work out for whatever reasons that the whole thing quickly seems like a big waste of time. Speeding up the process with a proper 3D editor sounds like a big step forward.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    Graham, may want to insert a line about VTOLs and LSVs, because the rest of the info isn’t really that new (for people who normally follow Arma). They’d probably be like, VTO!L HYPE!

    p.s. Just a suggestion: would be cool if you could delegate Arma SITREP and SPOTREP coverage to someone for RPS, as they have interesting info and planned/implemented changes that are relevant to the game. Especially for distilling SPOTREPs (patch notes and change logs), as they are very long but very relevant.

  4. soulis6 says:

    These guys are such awesome developers, they totally get it. The new 3d editor is a titanic improvement on the old editor, a total joy to use, and all the planned features seem like they’re listening to the community and improving the foundation and core gameplay.

    While some people whined about the DLC model, I think it’s one of the most consumer friendly ones I’ve ever seen; Keeping the gameplay updates and improvements free for everyone, not splitting the community, and charging only for content, which allows them to fund the continued development.

    • Pulstar says:

      I wouldn’t call them great, since they’re incompetent. Maybe when OprFp was first released, but their code is a mess and the gameplay and animation and AI are all behind modern standards.

      That said, Arma is the only mil-sandbox that is maintained out there.

      • soulis6 says:

        Disagree, since no incompetent developer could make and continue to develop/maintain a game like this. The new editor alone is better than 95% of game editors out there.

        I will definitely agree that the code base isn’t as good as it could be, not by a long shot, but the gameplay/animation/AI are all actually excellent considering the breadth of it’s open world simulation.
        You can’t expect COD style animations in a game that has about 1000 times the scope, player freedom, and content.

        • SuicideKing says:

          Well, on the scale of “incompetent” and “awesome”, I’d definitely rate BI somewhere nearer the middle.

          They’re great at support, long term content, DLC policy and all that – and that’s because it’s necessary for their business model to continue. No one’s going to buy an empty game, or a single map. Arma is a platform. It has to have a solid engine, and a mod framework that works. That’s what’ll sell the game.

          This is where BI stray towards incompetent – their engine is really old and needs a rewrite. They’re doing really weird things that other games simply don’t (handling map objects and particles on the CPU, for example). A lot of Arma bugs or issues are solved problems in most other engines today. Low cost and serviceable reflections, terrain that doesn’t warp or lose detail, rocks that don’t behave weird, door frames that don’t get you stuck, stairs that don’t get you killed – these shouldn’t be problems in an engine made by veteran “awesome developers” in 2015. They are, two years past release and after an extensive beta and alpha test.

          The Arma community puts up with a lot of stuff that would have cost other devs a lot of problems, and it fixes a lot of things in the game for BI. Heaping too much praise on just BI isn’t a great idea.

          • SuicideKing says:

            “…these shouldn’t be problems…”

            Had originally wanted to write “these are standard in other games” or something like that. Confused two trains of thought. It’s 3am.

          • soulis6 says:

            I appreciate the reasoned response, and I mostly agree, I just give them more credit because the other games that these things have been solved in are usually far far more limited and offer far less features. There isn’t really any other big open-world first person sim games to compare them with.

            Probably the closest thing that’s being made and is comparable in scope, are the score of open world first person survival games out there. Even there though, most of them are pretty buggy and incomplete. Maybe if we see one of the big ones that’s in early access get finished, and add mod support, editor, MP, etc, it could be a good point of reference for comparison.

            Mostly though I would just like to support BIS, because without them we would have nothing like this out there at all, and no way to have an experience similar to a persistent Zeus campaign across dozens of sessions and months, or large scale cooperative missions with 10+ people all working together.

          • gunny1993 says:

            Those things may not be problems for a game made by awesome devs that made an engine in 2015, but what about average devs that made an engine in 2006 and then became better devs and iterated on it.

            Now the thing is, I have no idea what should actually be possible, should they be able to make the code they have better than it is? Is it simply impossible for them to do so due to the limitations of the engine? If it is impossible then do they need to remake the entire thing from scratch? What does that cost?

            For all I know the devs could be the most competent on the planet, literally geniuses in their time, but even Leinardo couldn’t paint on the moon without a fuck tonne of money and work to build a rocket.

            Or they could be total idiots who don’t recognize that iterating on an old system is less efficient than re building it.

  5. heretic says:

    Great to see official support for a 3D editor, when I played ARMA last I used a conjunction of Zeus and the mission maker mod – it worked but was a bit fiddly, hope it’s an improvement on what’s currently there.

  6. Lachlan1 says:

    Bohemia *doesn’t*

  7. vegeta1998 says:

    I hope Bohemia die in a fire

  8. Nereus says:

    They enabled female soldiers yet?

    Tanoa looks like a lovely romp but that oversight is such a glaring one I don’t want to purchase the game until it’s included.

    • 4th Dimension says:

      Is that really such an important feature. Both males and females will be wearing pretty bulky clothing and a lot of equipment so any differences in looks would be marginal and since you are playing in FP most of the time not having a female model shouldn’t break immersion for any female player.

      • SuicideKing says:

        67% of the community seems to think it is, so I don’t know what else to tell you.

    • SuicideKing says:

      No, sadly…there may be a very, very slight possibility that they add them with Tanoa, since one of the new additions to the game is “new characters”. Now of course that could mean they simply have new characters in their new single player campaign (don’t know why they bother with that) so one can only hope.

  9. Shiloh says:

    Ooh this looks very pretty… I really should get back into Arma, it’s been way too long.