Quick On The Drawn: Fallout 4’s Animated Agility Trailer

The drip-drip of Fallout 4 [official site] skill descriptions continues. The latest explains Agility skills, which are those that allow you to perform certain actions more quickly or ably. Actions like: shooting mutants, stabbing mutants, beating up mutants in the dark, among others. Watch it below.

These animations are nice, aren’t they?

I’ve seen Fallout 4 a couple of times this past year, most recently at Gamescom in August, and have been surprised by how similar it looks to Fallout 3. Not visually, mind you. It’s higher fidelity for sure, and it’s learned a little from Rage’s maneuverable enemies by enabling e.g. Ghouls to not just shamble towards you across flat surfaces, but to tumble over railings and slough their way through small windows.

But in everything else, it seems pretty same-y to me. Dialogue and quest structure and world design and combat and weaponry and UI and so on. Perhaps it’s just that I’m not moved by the new crafting and base-building elements – and perhaps it doesn’t matter at all, because heck, I liked Fallout 3 and so did lots of other people – but I’m still a little surprised. Am I ready yet for 30 more hours of wandering around a ruined world, using VATS to pop enemy heads? Are you?

Are you?



  1. EhexT says:

    “I’ve seen Fallout 4 a couple of times this past year, most recently at Gamescom in August, and have been surprised by how similar it looks to Fallout 3”

    Congratulations, you’ve noticed that Bethesda has been selling the same game with different art assets since Oblivion. Fallout 4 is no different.

    • Jeremy says:

      If only you had told us sooner…

    • Bluestormzion says:

      Well, to be fair, you shouldn’t be playing open world RPGs for the visuals, it’s more for the world building and the story.

      Which are both areas you can actually legitimately poke at Fallout 3 for. New Vegas was damn brilliant, but that was Obsidian’s magnus opium, right there. Yeah, I know that’s wrong. But Charlie Marx did say that Fallouts are the Opium of Mass Effect, yo.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Given he’s saying the visuals are all they’re changing, that just makes it worse.

        Except that the claim is nonsense.

      • Bugamn says:

        “Magnus opium”: Is this a subtle jab, or just an honest mistake at trying to use the expression “magnum opus”? I don’t want to play grammar police (I had to check the correct expression), I just found it funny and I’m making a note here to use the modified version when I deem it appropriate.

    • Biggus_Dikkus says:

      Gamebryo never changes

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      To be fair, look at how many AAA publishers/ developers do this too. Halo and COD come to mind (And they make oodles of cash doing it)

    • socrate says:

      The real problem is that engine as not gone through massive work..re-using the same engine is extremely common but bethesda does next to no work since oblivion other then creating the world and putting voice and animation to it…even some of that is re-used in alots of their game.

      Most of the actual work since oblivion as been done by Modder on pc and copy and pasted into their next game(and they want to push a way to make you pay for these aswell now…and some idiot actually think that is a great idea) and i think that is the biggest problem i have with bethesda at this point even the new building system is extremely copy and paste from the existing one in rust,ark,etc…but this as become extremely popular and is starting to get included in alots of “survival free roaming” game and other rpg…so i don’t hate that particularly not to mention that i indeed appreciate these things when they are well done and other then in terraria and minecraft mode this isn’t that common in single player game which is a nice thing and hopefully it will make use of all the junk that bethesda tend to give us in these game that you end up selling for 1 whatever currency which is annoying at this point.

      I really hope they are actually adding thing of their own and trying to maybe do new things that aren’t simple from mod from their old past title,these game need alots of fresh idea and new things in them that aren’t simply ripped off from the idea of other non paid people,because so far it still looks like a heavily console oriented game with not alots of interesting stuff to actually get it in a legit way for that kind of price

    • rgbarton says:

      So let me get this straight just because Bethesda didnt completely overhaul fallout 4 to make it a completely different game its nothing but a cut and paste job? Dude what do you want from them from the way I see it they’ve improved nearly every aspect of gameplay from previous games with:
      – Better inventory management
      – Better shooting and combat
      – Better crafting
      – Better upgrade system
      – And better all over all aesthetic
      Would you rather instead of improving what worked in previous games they just rstraight up ripped everything that worked out and make it something completely different. I’d not because to me a good sequel takes everything that worked from previous games and makes it better and from the look of it they did.

  2. vorador says:

    I liked it too and i’m ready for more, but i won’t buy on release. Bethesda has a story of releasing most of their games ranging between extremely buggy and almost unplayable at launch. Give them time, and the critical bugs will get fixed. Then i will get it. I don’t want to sour my experience with random crashes or bugged quests.

    • Martel says:

      Pretty much how I feel, maybe even wait for a GOTY edition before I pick it up, depending on how many expansion plans they have.

  3. Zenicetus says:

    I’ve been replaying some New Vegas (especially the DLC’s) to get in the mood for this new one. That has a nice side effect, in that I’m ready to take a break from this world for a little while, and I’ll wait to see how stable this new one is before buying it.

  4. Wulfram says:

    Fortunately they aren’t releasing a remastered Fallout 3, or some journalists might get confused

  5. Duoae says:

    Am I ready yet for 30 more hours of wandering around a ruined world, using VATS to pop enemy heads? Are you?

    Are you?



    Sorry about that… I was just finishing off my fortieth 300 hour play-through of .

    • Duoae says:

      Hah, long day. Was totally supposed to be [insert Bethesda game here] rather than using ”. :D

      • Duoae says:

        Wow… so using < is a really dangerous thing on these comments. Never noticed before!

        • Premium User Badge

          Serrit says:

          Yeah comments support a subset of XHTML tags which open with > – so when validating the submitted comment it’ll prob treat anything after a > as a tag, realise it doesn’t support it, and just reject that stuff.

          You should be able to use &gt; (the HTML entity code for greater-than) though.

          • Premium User Badge

            Serrit says:

            Ok I need to go back to school, I clearly meant “less-than” angled bracket < which can be inserted with a &lt;
            whoops :-$

          • LionsPhil says:

            It’s one of the ways the comment system is deeply naff. Automatically escaping use of < that isn’t supported markup isn’t rocket science. IIRC it’ll screw up ampersands half the time as well.

          • Wisq says:

            Honsetly, the lack of a preview OR AN EDIT FUNCTION (cough, cough) is what is really killer here.

            If you really want to get a comment right, you pretty much have to go find some other article you don’t care about and test out your syntax in dummy comments there.

  6. Moonracer says:

    The video hints at NPCs being able to get the jump on you. This is one feature that games have yet to accomplish. A.I. that can stalk the player and choose the right moment. Rarely do I find myself needing to watch my back, Except when games like DOOM use magic closets. I’m not expecting this game to be any different, but that was the most interesting bit for me.

    • Thurgret says:

      Setting aside Alien Isolation for the moment, since that’s the premise of much of the game, how about the orcs that hunt you in Shadow of Mordor?

    • Zenicetus says:

      It isn’t exactly “choosing the right moment,” but Fallout has used invisibility to surprise me a few times, like the Nightkin in New Vegas with their Stealth Boy gadget.

      I don’t think there was an actual stalking AI routine used there, just muting any attack growl as they walked up for a melee attack. It worked best when I hadn’t noticed one behind me, because you can see the inviso-shield shimmer. Anyway, it did surprise me a few times.

    • Barberetti says:

      Heh, I remember a deathclaw almost got the jump on me once in New Vegas.

      I was hunkered down behind some rocks at the north boundary of that quarry area where there’s a whole load of them, plotting a way around some NPCs to an objective to the west. All of a sudden, there’s this loud snarling behind me, and I spin round to see this deathclaw in mid-leap above the rocks. What I thought was about to be one of those hectic-but-awesome gaming moments turned out to be more like a clip from a road runner cartoon, as Wile E Coyote’s evil twin hit one of the million unnecessary collision markers that Obsidian had plastered all over the fucking desert, then proceeded to slowly slide down behind the rocks with a pathetic confused look on it’s face.

      It was a good attempt at least, the poor thing.

      • LionsPhil says:

        If there isn’t a mod yet to remove all those goddamn clipping brushes from New Vegas, it desperately needs to exist.


        • Barberetti says:

          Oh absolutely. The deathclaw incident prompted me to fire up the GECK that afternoon and spend a few hours deleting the fucking lot! Certainly made storming Caesar’s base a lot more fun later on as well. What’s that Obsidian? You want me to give up my weapons and jump on your man’s boat unarmed like a complete fool in order to get at Caesar? I don’t think so! I went straight over the wall of his camp, guns blazing.

          I remember seeing Caesar exit his tent at the other side of the camp in order to see what all the commotion was. Whipping out the ol’ Gobi Desert rifle and putting a bullet through his head was extremely satisfying, especially after the weeks of war I’d been waging with his pathetic legion.

          I think there was a mod that removed a lot of the markers, but if I remember right, it got merged with another mod that sorted out a load of navmesh errors and other bits and bobs with the main world map.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Cloakers in Payday 2 do this sometimes, when they aren’t just dropping in from a ceiling vent (read: spawning) behind you. If you’re active and moving around the map you can see them trying to position into hiding spots.

    • Philopoemen says:

      I remember having to play rear guard many many times whilst playing SWAT3 co-op, due to the AI checking open doors, searching areas I’d been through etc. Not that that’s particularly impressive, but that game came out in 1999 or so. Surely by 2015 reactive patrolling enemies can’t be that hard to model.

  7. Barberetti says:

    30 more hours? 300 more like, but like vorador above, I’ll be waiting for the first few patches to drop before buying the game.

    Oh ,and the obligatory UI overhaul from the modding community.

  8. revan says:

    The Age of Decadence is here. Underrail is coming soon. Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut is a considerable improvement over the original sequel. Why should I care about Fallout 4?

  9. RegisteredUser says:

    If they haven’t done anything to make “manual” (aka non-VAT-cheatmode) fighting any more fun (something at which all Bethesda/TES games are atrocious), then the game will hold nothing standout-ish new to me. Which for the vast majority of FO3 fans will be fine, I have talked to the hyped, but I find quite sad. What law says RPGs can’t also have high-end FPS quality handling?

    Maybe Kingdom Come: Deliverance will do better on this aspect(mainly in regards to melee there).

    • welverin says:

      Todd Howard has said that was one of the first things they worked on improving, how that turned out we shall have to wait to find out.

      Not that I care, it didn’t bother me in F3 since I just used VATS. It is an rpg after all, if I want good gunplay I’ll play a shooter.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I didn’t mind the shooting that much. It’s not trying to be the next COD.

      In my recent NV replay I used more iron sights than VATS. Manual sniping through a scope works fine, and manual run ‘n gun at short range with a shotgun or energy weapon works fine after you’ve put in enough points to reduce spread and increase your crits.

      It’s the middle distance range that doesn’t hold up well for manual shooting, because there is no cover system for the AI or the player to use. So the mid-range gunfights always feel a bit haphazard.

  10. OmNomNom says:

    Jesus, what a miserable bunch.

    I’m excited.

    • 1Derby says:

      +1 to this! So much cynicism on these boards.
      Will it be perfect? Of course not.
      Will it be great? Probably.
      I pre-ordered. My only concern is how well my cpu will run it.

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      I’m not usually a big fanboy, but Bethesda are mostly publishers and have only developed two franchises, both of which I absolutely love. Almost anything with their label makes me research the crap out of it and usually eventually buy it. Although Brink and Rage need to go away…

    • criskywalker says:

      I’m kinda disappointed to hear that it’s more of the same, especially after how nothing short of a revolution in RPGs The Witcher 3 was, but still, more of the same is a very good thing indeed.

      I can’t wait to go around the wasteland with my buddy Meatdog again!

      • dangermouse76 says:

        I only played a little of W3. I got the impression it’s a better open world version of W2. Which is great BTW.
        I also thought that Bethesda and CD Projekt made systemically different games, luckily for me I enjoy both.
        So I agree More of the same does not bother me too much……..although you could iterate a little faster ( bethesda ).

      • OmNomNom says:

        Not sure i agree with the revolution bit, its Shadow of Mordor/AssCreed meets Witcher 2. It’s still definitely a Witcher game.

  11. dangermouse76 says:


  12. Hayward1066 says:

    I’m going to be waiting on a cheap steam sale for this. The problem for me has always been that Beth’s writing is so brain numbingly bad that it causes my mind to shut down in apoplectic rage, this would be fine if it was a decent FPS, but its supposed to be an RPG.
    Im always surprised when reviewers never call them on it to to be honest, if they could get there quests up to the quality of the Witcher 3, or hell even New Vegas, then they would probably be the best in the business at RPG’s.

  13. Timbrelaine says:

    I’d buy it just for the global illumination… eventually. On sale. Whether or not I’d try to play through the story depends entirely on how good the writing is and/or how fun the world is to explore. We’ll see.

  14. teije says:

    I’m actually kind of glad my laptop won’t run this. I’ll pick it up in 2 years as GOTY and on sale. In the meantime I have WL2, Age of Decadence, PoE once all expansions release, DoS expanded edition, Torment next year….

    And that’s just for the RPGs!

    • revan says:

      Might I recommend Underrail to top off your great list? It should be out of Early Access in a month or a little more. It’s got a great Fallout vibe and considerably better character generation. It’s a game made for role playing.

      • Philopoemen says:

        I tried Underrail, after seeing your and other people’s recommendations on here. Going to wait for it to come out of early access before continuing.

        But my biggest gripe about the Bethesda Fallout games, is my biggest worry about Underrail – quality of writing.

  15. Yachmenev says:

    There was clear difference between Fallout 3 and New Vegas in terms of quest structure, factions and writing, in which the latter played much differently – and better. So the interest in this title is how much of those influences you can find this time. That’s much more important then the combat system, etc.

  16. Marclev says:

    Is that base building stuff optional? I want to play the lone wanderer, not The Sims.