Secret World Spin-Off The Park Summons Release Date

To me, every day is Halloween, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the glut of ghosts and ghouls who rise and swarm around the end of October. Here’s another date to add to your calendarrgghhh: October 27th.

That’s when The Secret World folks Funcom will release The Park [official site], a walk-o-spook spin-off from the supernatural MMO and their first single-player game in years.

The Park is set on the same haunted real-ish Earth as The Secret World, but (sadly) isn’t the single-player version I’ve hoped for. Still, what it actually is still interests me. It’s a single-player psychological horror game about a mother who loses her son inside a spooked-out amusement park. Writing is very much one of The Secret World’s strengths, along with some strong vocal performances, so I’m quietly hopeful The Park will capture that same spirit. I imagine it’s even less fun to encounter the nasties of The Secret World when you haven’t received superpowers from eating a magic bee.

The Park will cost £9.99 when it arrives for Windows on October 27th. Funcom say it’ll offer an hour or two of spooky fun. They’re also chucking in bonus items for The Secret World, offering a few talismans and a Killer Chipmunk outfit for you to wear.

Here’s a recent vid about The Park and its development:


  1. gabrielonuris says:

    I’ve saw this game on my discovery queue and just thought: “oh great, another indie generic horror title to mark as not interested.”, then I’ve read about it being made by Funcom, not only the same guys who made the great Longest Journey, but also a Secret World spin off. What’s not to like about it?

  2. Talahar says:

    Only gripe I have about this is the bang vs buck ratio. A one to two hour experience for a tenner just rubs me a bit short. If it were, say six euros or so, I’d be all over it like beans
    on toast, but as it is, I’ll probably pick it up in a sale… Just one of those weird psychological mind conflicts…

    • Unclepauly says:

      You would have to pay ME to eat beans on toast… but I totally get what you’re saying. :D

  3. rakara says:

    So I feel obligated when talking bang vs. buck.. this:

    link to

    They makes it 10 dollars. If you click on the green man gaming and find one of their many 20% off then its 8.00 USD.

    • Unclepauly says:

      8.00 USD for what equates to a movie like experience. Not trying to put the game down but I doubt it measures up when compared to top rated movies. I’ll wait for the steam sale.

      • Scandalon says:

        “top rated movies.”
        Well, that’s the thing, movies cost the same, whether they’re good or not, if you like them or not. I suppose that’s what reviews are for.

        It’s a bit past my “oh what the heck, I’ll give it a shot” budget too, mind.