Lace Up Your Gunboots: Downwell Released

Bayonetta sold me wholly on gunshoes but, if Platinum’s kickwitch won’t come to PC (seems so), I’ll get my fix of kerblamky boots elsewhere. Like Downwell [official site].

The depths-plumbing platformer sees a low-fi kid with gunshoes venturing down a well to find fame and fortune, blasting monsters while collecting weapons, items, and cash. The premise caught the eye of those nice Devolver Digital folks, who’ve helped solo developer Moppin to a PC release. That’s out now, priced at only £2.

That’s it. Down you go, jumping around, blasting monsters with your boots that (obviously) shoot downwards, collecting treasure, visiting shops, and getting fancier boots and items. Each visit down the well is procedurally-generated, so if you die you’ll have a whole new adventure.

Sound aside, it’s the work of lone developer Ojiro ‘Moppin’ Fumoto. Cara Ellison, friend of RPS and flatmate of me, hung with him when her game dev globetrotting took her to Tokyo, which makes for interesting reading. He was in his final year of university, working on Downwell in his spare time, when Devolver Digital saw it and wrote a cheque. And here we are today.

Downwell is out on Windows through Steam for £1.99. Have a launch trailer:


  1. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Picked it up earlier and played for a bit. It plays just like it looks, which is to say, you drop down a well and shoot things with your boots. It’s solid fun, with pallette and mode unlocks, and after the first few stages can get nice and difficult.

    I think it’s a solid, fun time – especially for the price.

  2. dorobo says:

    Looks fun. Reminds me Nuclear throne.

    • Niko says:

      The dev took Vlambeer’s design tips close to heart. I’ve not played a lot so far, but it’s quite a solid little game.

  3. Kefren says:

    Reminds me of the lovely H.E.R.O. (C64).

  4. ButteringSundays says:

    Well worth a punt for £2. The linked article about the developer was a good read as well!

  5. Manburger says:

    Yeah, I’ve been playing this for a bit now and I’d recommend checking it out. It’s holistically crunchy and quite fun and moreish lil’ game! Has a really great feel to it. Might not have legs (boots) for extended playing, but it’s definitively worth the price.

  6. oWn4g3 says:

    Nice game with very tight controls. Everything handles exactly like you expect it so you only have yourself to blame in case of death. Got to 2-1 and got utterly destroyed. Time to get good.

  7. Nixitur says:

    Just played it for a bit. It’s really, really good and just the moment-to-moment gameplay is extremely satisfying. The controls are tight, each weapon feels chunky and powerful and it’s also really hard.
    It might not be a game that keeps you playing for hours and hours, but you can cram quite a few attempts into a rather short break.
    For three bucks, it’s an absolute steal.