Isometric Action: Brigador Stomps Into Early Access

What, or who, is a brigador? I’m not sure, but it seems to involve rocking around futurecities in legged, tracked, and hovering vehicles blowing the heck out of hordes of enemies so… whatever it is, I’m onboard.

Looking a touch like Syndicate with customisable deathbots, isometric shooter Brigador [official site] today launched into Early Access. I realise I’m a day early to formally tell you What I’m Playing This Weekend, but: it’s this. I will be playing Brigador.

First, the premise: it’s the future and you have one night to knock out the other factions vying for control of the city of Solo Nobre. That’s it. Off you go to murder it back under control, riding in one of six vehicles with a choice of eighteen weapons. Please excuse this chunk of marketing copy, but how great does this sound?

“Levels are completely destructible, and the environment models bullet penetration as well. Break through walls, stomp on enemies, or detonate volatile gas pipelines to your advantage. Use what you know about your surroundings to get the drop on your enemies. Send a shell sailing over a wall, or a burst of machine gun fire straight through a stand of trees. Be stealthy and circumspect, or the bull in a china shop.”

Yes, I’ll take that, thanks.

The initial Early Access release only has nine levels, but developers Stellar Jockeys plan to add more. Over the next six or so months, they’ll gather feedback as they add more weapons, enemies, levels, environments, pilots, and more until it’s ready for release. I believe a level editor is planned too. Brigador’s Early Access version is on Windows, Mac, and Linux from Steam for £14.99 or it’s £12.99 both DRM-free and with a Steam key from Humble.


  1. unitled says:

    I have been looking forward to this for forever and a day. Looks gorgeous and the music is amazing. I know a while ago the devs were having some trouble making the whole thing gel, so I really hope they’ve got a handle on it. A quick five minute blasts shows me it’s fun, and put me in mind briefly of Raptor, one of my favourite childhood games. Looking forward to getting to grips with it!

  2. ganom says:

    I played this in early access and it’s very fun and slickly styled. The bullet penetration is one of the best parts; it’s not uncommon to carve a tunnel through a row of houses with a long-range cannon shot. Also lots of tiny soldiers to stomp around on Rampage-style.

  3. SirDeimos says:

    It has been mentioned already in other RPS articles, but it’s worth noting again. The soundtrack is by Makeup and Vanity Set and is purported to be about 2 hrs long, and possibly available a few months after the game’s Early Access release.

    • Ex Lion Tamer says:

      Yeah, I’ve long been excited by the game itself, but that score promises to be a real winner.

        • wake says:

          Sorry I should have clarified– that link is to songs from the soundtrack that Makeup & Vanity Set posted yesterday.

        • Ex Lion Tamer says:

          Fantastic, thanks – this is unsurprisingly excellent. Excited to hear the whole thing (both in and outside the context of the game).

        • Eight Rooks says:

          I know I want the game anyway, but damn, those samples are everything I’d hoped for. It is bewildering, trawling through Bandcamp, just how much better M&VS is than the vast majority of synthwave acts out there. Not like every single track he does is perfect or anything, far from it, but jeez, that production is streets ahead of most of the competition.

          • SirDeimos says:

            Well said. Going through Bandcamp looking for something as exceptional as Wilderness (MAVS last release) is a good lesson in seeing how inadequate the genre tag of “synthwave” is for his sound…

    • slerbal says:

      Holy shit! I love Makeup and Vanity set. That on its own makes me very excited about this game.

  4. Pulstar says:

    Wishlisted.. Hopefully it won’t spend long in early access.

  5. Phasma Felis says:

    I think this has the most evocative twelve-word plot I’ve seen. I mean, I know it’s just a thin excuse to explode things, but the reveal trailer presents it really well.




    • heretic says:

      The contract trailer is excellent as well, super music too.






  6. Faults says:

    At first I was like ‘oh, this looks kind of interesting!’, then I discovered that Makeup And Vanity Set were doing the soundtrack, and all of a sudden I’m totally in love with it.

  7. MrUnimport says:

    Had my eye on this one for quite a while. Early Access is something I usually steer clear of but I don’t think I’ll be quite able to resist the temptation this time. My only misgiving is that the attempt to blend both the tactical stealth approach and the loud shoot ’em up approach into the same level space might be a bit ambitious, and has the potential to make the former unforgiving or the latter insubstantial.

    • wake says:

      We’ve split the stealth component into 3 different areas– vehicle noise, weapon noise, and whether you pick active camo as your special. All vehicles have a noise radius, the loudest of which are almost the entire screen in radius, the quietest of which require enemies being nearly adjacent to you to hear you. All weapons have a firing noise level and an impact noise level– artillery for example tend to be quiet firing but loud on impact, giving you a few seconds to reposition before the enemy becomes alerted to your presence. Active camo is one of the possible defensive abilities which for short periods of time makes your vehicle completely silent and nearly invisible, but firing will bring you out so you don’t have the same offensive capability as some of the other options. Between those 3 sets players have a broad range of customization for how stealthy they want to be. Hope that clears things up.

      • MrUnimport says:

        Haha, yup, I broke and purchased Early Access this morning and I’m quite glad to see I was wrong — the generously small sound radii on some vehicles, the ample cover, the variety in enemy spawn density, the availability of active camo all make the game a good deal more tactical than I’d previously understood it to be. Most vehicles seem to be designed around a mix of approaches and I’m having a great deal of fun dipping into skirmishes briefly before activating my camo and ducking away behind a corner, leaving the angry mob quite confused about where I’ve gone.