Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch Now Crusading On PC

In the world of Warhammer 40,000, the Deathwatch are some of the roughest, toughest, God Emperor-loving-est Space Marines around, a special arm brought together from all Chapters with the sole mission of murdering the heck out of a whole load of aliens. They don’t play nicely with others, those Spoice Murines.

In the world of video games, Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch [official site] is a turn-based tactics ’em up about building, equipping, and leading a Kill-team on missions to wipe out those dang xenos. Made by Warhammer Quest folks Rodeo, it’s out today.

In that old squad-based tactical way, Deathwatch will have you clearing out combat zones, carefully positioning troops and planning ahead, then trying to hold your cool when bad things happen. 4-metre bad things bristling with spikes and organic armour plating – you’re fighting Tyranids here. You’re also building up a squad to handle these escalating threats, gaining and levelling new Space Marines from various chapters, unlocking abilities, and acquiring more powerful gear. You know, a bit XCOM-y.

Like Rodeo Games’ Warhammer Quest before it, our version of Deathwatch is a based on a mobile game. This PC ‘Enhanced Edition’ comes with fancier graphics, new Space Marines to recruit, and a redesigned UI with customisable controls. I know, I know, mobile ports and all that, shh shhhh there there quiet down, but Adam still enjoyed Warhammer Quest. I have no idea if Deathwatch is much cop, though.

Deathwatch is out on Steam for £17.09 with a launch discount. Here, have a trailer of gameplay snippets:


  1. kharnevil says:

    17 quid for a mobile game? I can literally buy a mobile for less than that. Harrumpf

  2. mukuste says:

    So is this kind of like Space Hulk, gameplay-wise? I’m getting a bit confused with all these WH40K spinoffs.

    • Heavenfall says:

      No, space hulk is far more tactical, it plays almost like chess. This is more like a hack-n-slash turn-based.

  3. mattevansc3 says:

    £17 for a mobile port seems a bit steep, especially when you can get Chaos Gate on GoG for a lot less.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      Also that trailer doesn’t really make the game look overly exciting.

      The Death Watch are selected from a bunch of already xenophobic, fundamentalist, murderous psychopathic warrior monks because they exhibit even more extreme versions of those traits. A deployment of the Deathwatch is like the government giving the BNP flamethrowers and asking them to deal with immigration. The trailer makes it sound like they’ve gone on a Sunday picnic.

  4. WdMeaun says:

    Oh a shame.. was more of less waiting/looking for a nice new Warhammer 40K game.. but this.. meh.

    Lore/story wise.. it seems completely off.. not that Space Marine factions wouldn’t work together, but forming small groups from seperate factions.. doesn’t sound Space Marin-y.
    I remember most of them constantly ‘fighting’ each other, where they would prefer to lose 50% of their chapter, rather than to let another handle it. (I think the yellow ones did this?)

    Besides that.. Tyrannids are my least favorite race.. was hoping for any of the other races (except that robotic race, forgot its name).

    It feels like yet another Space Hulk.. which I also never.. really found interesting.
    I did use to enjoy the boardgame of it a lot.. that’s about it, but partially youth sentiment

    • Bull0 says:

      The lore is spot-on, the Deathwatch are an established thing.

      Game does look really tedious though, like they just reskinned their not particularly good adaptation of Warhammer Quest. The combat mechanics don’t fit the theme at all.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      The Death Watch is part of 40K lore. Most fiction has elite units based on the best of the best from all groups. The Space Marine’s “elite” unit is made up of those that hate non-humans the most as well as the best mass murderers. Their hatred for aliens joins them as brothers.

    • Jorum says:

      The Deathwatch are a special group created to work for the Inquisition (which is the Imperiums multitasking version of NSA/KGB/secret police/MiB/FBI/witch-hunter/X-Files)
      Basically when an Inquistor dealing with alien threats says “oh shit this is like super bad news” or “ah fuck it lets just kill everything and move on” the Deathwatch are the guys. Like the ultimate pest-control company.

      • WdMeaun says:

        I stand corrected!

        I thought I was familiar enough with the lore, but I quess I’ve missed a big part of it ;)

        Had been reading the whole origin stories of the chapters… their.. ehm.. whatchacallitagain captains. (that they were created by the Emperor and then divided in the galaxy by Chaos)

        Still. I don’t like Tyranids.. never have.. (used to play the miniature game too)

        • TormDK says:

          There are two such Space Marine branches attached to the Inquisition.

          The Ordo Malleus (who has The Grey Knights permanently attached), and the Ordo Xenos (That calls upon the the Deathwatch).

          Oddly enough the Ordo Hereticus does not have a Space Marine chapter, but instead the super nuns the Sisters of Battle.

          PS; The word you are thinking off is “Primarch” :) It’s a good read, and there is plenty of lore to dig into for us Lore-oholics.

          • mattevansc3 says:

            I love the Space Nuns just because they are an entire army who’s sole existence is down to a legal loophole.

  5. fuggles says:

    17 quid with discount! It’s 3 blooming quid on Apple!! Really was interested in this, but in the nicest possible way, fuck right off with that pricing!

    Still, deathwatch are in dawn of war and related, the witch hunters mod for soulstorm is imminently going to get finally released.

    • TormDK says:

      It runs on Unreal engine 4 on PC, and is a stand alone game with no microtransactions at all, while the iOS version very much is “pay as you go”.

  6. Auru says:

    Rock Paper Shotgun.. Where interesting articles and discussions about games appear.. as well as pretty much every piece of terrible Games Workshop related drivel is allowed to appear as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.. stuff like this though, this was dreadful on mobile already.. just let it go till some good games from these IP’s appear ;_;

    • Bull0 says:

      No ta, some of us do want to hear about this. Better for you to simply ignore stuff that doesn’t interest you than banish it for everyone else.

  7. Eight Rooks says:

    Just to note that the PC versus mobile pricing is not quite what it seems: from what I’ve read it has a lot of IAP on iOS (just like Warhammer Quest), and AFAIK it’s bundled with the game on PC. The TouchArcade forums were not very happy about this, last I looked, but… if it released at that price on mobile, it would sink like a stone, end of story.

    • frightlever says:

      Reviews suggest there’s a discrepancy between the way the game plays on iOS with IAP, vs PC without, and not necessarily in a good way because instead of having the option to buy your way through the game (bearing in mind that it’s a lot cheaper for the base game on iOS) you’re left with more grinding in the PC version because there’s no option to buy extra cards.

      I’m dead set against IAP, but thought it might be worth mentioning that it’s not always as simple as taking them out and suddenly having a premium game.

  8. mouton says:

    Remember that time when GW was terribly stingy with its license? Remember when we wanted W40k games?

    I can’t believe they wasted this potential on tablet crap.

  9. Blackbird says:

    Try this instead. It’s only £6.99. It may not look as good but play’s 10 times better than this junk.

    link to store.steampowered.com

    • frightlever says:

      Templar Battleforce – looks really good. Wish-listed, because I just have too many games I need to get through first.

    • Aetylus says:

      Templar Battleforce – hell yeah! Its the spirit of space hulk crossbred with Xcom.

  10. LuNatic says:

    Why, why always the SPEHS MAHREENS? They’re the single least interesting faction in 40K…

  11. Danarchist says:

    I recently reinstalled DOW 1 after seeing someone mention a big mod pack. I have spent like 15 hours this week playing it already hehe. I really wish someone would come out with a rpg version of 40k. Maybe something where you start off as a Imperial Guard grunt and through deeds of awesomeness get promoted up to space maaaahreen then maybe inquisitor or something =P Someone kickstart that please so I can throw money at you.

    • TormDK says:

      Given that the Space Marines are picked, augmented and trained as young adults, unfortunately that would not work from a character path upgrade perspective.

      What would work however, would be to make a “Dark Heresy” (It’s a real thing, published by FantasyFlightGames) CRPG, where you start off as novices selected by an inquisitor as his acolytes and get set off to investigate various threats to the Imperium of Man. I too would throw alot of money after such a game, especially if it came with decent mod tools for the community to create their own stories.

      Think an upgraded NeverWinterNights in a 40K setting. It would be glorious.

  12. Rindan says:

    Why can’t they make a good and interesting 40K game? Seriously Mass Effect game play where you are an Inquisitor with a plucky crew of freaks hunting xenos and heretics would be mind blowing. Hell, just a good old fashion COD like shooter would be good fun.

  13. Solrax says:

    Well, here is a shooter in development link to rockpapershotgun.com

    I thought “Space Marine” was pretty fun too, for 3rd person. Pretty old now I guess… link to rockpapershotgun.com