Dying Light: The Following Out Early Next Year

As winter draws nearer, so too does darker nights and frosty pavements. I like running, you see, and it’s at this time of year I switch from jogs around my local park to the treadmill at the gym. Which is way more boring. I often think: what would make this run more exciting? And the answer is invariably zombies. Zombies make things like aimless running more exciting. That and parkour – a fact Dying Light [official site] understands. The Following, the game’s first major expansion, wants to throw a zombie-bashing buggy into the mix. It’s also decided it will arrive early next year, according to its latest trailer. Have a look, see.

So, The Following is due “Q1 2016”, or, to us non-market department-speaking fellows, at an unspecified date between the start of January and the end of March next year. As we already know, there’s going to be buggies as well as a new area which is to be “the size of all original Dying Light maps combined” that’ll allow us access to the world out with the bounds of the quarantine area, according to the game’s website.

On the buggy-front, you’ll be able to level up a new Driver Rank skill tree in order to take your wagon across less-accessible terrain, and you’ll be able to equip special customisable weaponry to hunt on the move. Decals and paint jobs will inevitably take up more of your time than you care to admit too.

As Adam previously noted, The Following will wrap its story around a mysterious – and presumably unscrupulous – cult, thus you’ll be able to go undercover by taking on missions and tasks that’ll get you into their inner-circles. You’ll earn their trust and hear their secrets but as I’m totally shit at double-agent stuff, I see this going less Donny Brasco, more that tory staffer who got caught at the Corbyn rally for me. You’ll no doubt get on better, though.

The Following will be included in the Dying Light DLC Season Pass or cost $14.99 on its own.


  1. Stevostin says:

    Dying Light was such a great game. The story was only decent (at least until mid game where it turns to downright cheesy, enough to kill the mood on occasions) but the game, the game! Despite a few balance issue, they did put up an impressive, pleasant gameplay and pretty awesome map design.

    I may indeed buy that DLC on release, something it nearly never do.

    • horrorgasm says:

      It really was…until you were one of those unlucky people who experienced the same gamebreaking random inventory/progress/character deletion bugs that they never bothered to fix in Dead Island on all platforms either.

    • KastaRules says:

      It is indeed a little gem and one of the best zombie games in a very long time!

      Can’t wait for The Following! Looks like I am (almost) gonna have time to get 100% completion in MGSVTPP

  2. rabbit says:

    at about the 5 seconds mark in that trailer – where the player dives off the ledge and into the water —- am I the only one who thinks that’s really weird? My body had like a visceral reaction to how wrong the angle, speed & general feel of that dive was. To start with there was no increase in height – so the player didn’t jump with any upward motion at all so much as push themselves down (?) off the ledge. and then about a half second later they speed up for no apparent reason before making the ‘I’m an olympic diver’ type shapes with their hand like as if they’d just done a dive off that ledge rather than some weird Just Cause 2 style grappling rocketjump manoeuvre

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      It’s like their body teleported onto the back of their head.

    • Psycold says:

      It’s just editing man, cutting out stuff in the interest of time.

  3. gunny1993 says:

    The best thing about this game is now I get to keep making references about vaccine burning to my friend who manages a charity shop.

    Seriously that game had such a stupid plot

  4. suibhne says:

    I think Dying Light was pretty brilliant, really. B-movie, sure, but a great one. But I read elsewhere that the parkour is basically removed from The Following, which also happens to remove a lot of my enthusiasm. I doubt the buggy can equal the pleasure of free-running, especially once you’ve unlocked max Agility and have really gotten the system down.