Party Saboteurs: Splitscreen Spying And Sniping

Pretending to be an NPC can be a right lark, and so can gunning down your pals as they act harmless, the likes of Spy Party and Hidden in Plain Sight show us. More spy-o-NPC-a-shooters are certainly welcome, so here, wave, bow, curtsy, or simply say hullo to Party Saboteurs [official site].

It’s an upcoming split-screen multiplayer espionage ’em up, where up to eight players are both spy and sniper, trying to complete tasks in bustling levels while spotting – and shooting – other players. Have a peek:

What interests me is that it looks like peeking at other player’s portions of the screen is essential, rather than cheating (see also: Screencheat). Developers The Glitch Factory explain in a forum post:

“The thing is, you don’t have to always keep your aim (camera) on your character, if you do it, you’ll make it easier for the other players to identify your spy. You should try to move your spy by orientating yourself while peeking at the other’s players screens.

“So, at the same time that you are moving your spy peekin at the other players screens, trying to be natural (remember that you have to blend in with the npcs), you are also observing the party with your sniper to find the enemy spies. As you can imagine, the game is a little bit chaotic (a really funny kind of chaos).”

I do enjoy local multiplayer games increasingly rolling with screencheating as a creative opportunity to be enjoyed, rather than a frustrating sneaky tactic employed only by rapscallions.

The game’s made for four people really, with the spy and sniper side each on one side of a controller, but does support up to eight with controller sharing. Local multiplayer is in, and The Glitch Factory are hoping to add online multiplayer and singleplayer too.

Party Saboteurs is due on Windows and Mac later this year or early next year. It’s having a crack at Steam Greenlight.


  1. PedroMachado says:

    Hi guys! My name is Pedro Machado, I’m Party Saboteurs’ game designer. Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

    • Kollega says:

      *waves hand* I have a question, I have a question! The game is obviously martini-flavoured spy fiction, but is it a parody or a serious example? And what era is it set in? And do we get any sort of plot or backstory? And how hard is it to actually control the spy and sniper at the same time?

      • PedroMachado says:

        Parody, definitely parody. Because it’s a party game, we didn’t feel the need to have a complex narrative. But the game does have a little plot, each scenario is a world domination planning party hosted by a different dictator (we’ll have characters and dictators that are inspired by both real and fictitious figures). The spies compete to see who can sabotage the parties first. We’re planning on making a singleplayer mode that will elaborate that plot.

        Yes, it’s actually pretty tricky to control both the spy and the sniper at the same time, which results in pretty funny situations, but it can be mastered!

        • Kollega says:

          This sounds right up my alley. Sadly, I can’t justify buying the game as a party game, because I have no-one to party with, but if there’s online multiplayer, there’s a great chance I’ll be getting it. I actually imagine playing it in multiplayer would be a bit easier on my situation awareness (though probably a lot less fun) than crowding around the monitor with three to seven other people.

          • PedroMachado says:

            Don’t worry! We’re already developing an online mode, but it will take some time to be ready and there are a lot of design decisions still to be made about it.

        • Kollega says:

          Also, might I say that the idea of spies from rival agencies competing to sabotage world domination planning parties of megalomaniacal dictators totally kicks ass? Such a plot foundation sounds perfect for a martini-flavor spy-fi story. We really need more parodic spy fiction of this kind.

    • Pacey_Fond says:

      Console Port?

      • PedroMachado says:

        We’re planning on releasing it on Xbox One and PS4. But it’s not confirmed yet.

  2. Breno Moraes says:

    Good luck!

  3. KreissV says:

    Hi Pedro! I’d love to try this game sometime! It’s been a while since an intelligent party video game has been released since Mario party. However my worry is the idea “local” multiplayer AKA everyone using the same screen. I thought this would be quite a fun game that you could play with friends over the internet especially if like me, you lack the space to entertain guests.I hope you do release the online section of your game initially. Other than that it looks great! (Hope you add something different to differentiate it from hidden in plain sight, as it looks very very similar right now)

    • PedroMachado says:

      Thank you KreissV! As I said above, online mode is definitely on our plans!

      Hidden in Plain Sight is an awesome game and we do tackle some of the same concepts as them, but you’ll see that Party Saboteurs is an unique game.

      Party Saboteurs brings together Deception (Spy Party and Hidden in Plain Sight), Screen Peeking (Screencheat) and Wacky Controls (Super Pole Riders) in a party game. That’s why I say it’s such a different game.

  4. Josetorr says:

    so based on the pictures above, the game will either be released on Xbox One or support Xbox Live cause someone was Killed by Phil Spencer (Gamertag: P3)

    • Josetorr says:

      Ok apparently P3 stands for Player 3 …. wah, wah, wah

      • PedroMachado says:

        lol. You’re the second person who gets confused by P3…