Caw Blimey: Raven’s Cry Is Being Actually Finished

When oh-so-edgy pirate RPG Raven’s Cry [official site] came out in January, it was buggy, silly, boring and… well, rubbish. But bless ’em, developers Reality Pump and publishers TopWare love their gamebaby enough to be, er, actually properly finishing it.

A big old update is coming soon-ish, and will see Raven’s Cry relaunch under the new name Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry. This’ll be Raven’s Cry “as it was meant to be seen and played,” Reality Pump say. It’s a shame TopWare have been charging £40 for a game they knew wasn’t really finished, then.

Reality Pump say in today’s announcement:

“After an almost seven year-long cursed development, we are finally ready to unleash Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry as it was meant to be seen and played. Development for Vendetta began way back in 2008, and has seen every game pitfall imaginable. Even Christopher himself, actor Mark Strohman had an infection that traveled into his brain, almost landing in Davy Jones’ Locker himself during MoCap shootings. It’s been a long and wired journey, but after all the time and all the setbacks, we are proud to say that the game is close to be finished and we launch the new website today!”

No firm word yet on when Vendetta will launch, but it’ll be a free update for folks who own Raven’s Cry and add Linux support along with this load of fixes and changes:

  • Rewards for quest completion have been enhanced.
  • Christopher’s fighting skills have been enhanced and improved.
  • Numerous new quests have been added and existing quests have been enhanced.
  • Faster sailing: sailing has been tweaked to be more dynamic, with a speed-up option that accelerates time.
  • Enhanced and upgraded trading system.
  • An upgraded skill system with new skills to unlock.
  • Quest indicators for easy, medium and difficult quests have been added, in addition to an improved hint system.
  • In-game achievements with progress indicators have been added where applicable.
  • A robust Alchemy system has been added, allowing players to collect various herbs and alcohols to brew potent potions and tinctures with a variety of effects.
  • Use a variety of historically accurate flags to trick your enemies, disguise your intentions, and improve the appearance of your vessel.
  • Free-sailing mode allows players to sail without restrictions.
  • New videos and cut-scenes.
  • Completely re-recorded English voice acting.
  • Improved fighting system with new combos, slow motion finishing moves and weapons.

I’m sure my considerable charm, friendly authoritative tone, and throbbing guns can persuade John to return to the Caribbean for another look.


  1. BannerThief says:

    Be brave, shitheads!

  2. roguewombat says:

    Was their website better before? ScrollJacking–

  3. Siimon says:

    Totally unrelated to the story, but there are over 100 ads and tracking elements on RPS main page and that they make the page take more than two seconds longer to load and sometime stop the page from ever loading. Two seconds is a bit excessive, and forever is a very long time to wait for a webpage to fully load :(

    • Aetylus says:

      I believe you have managed to transcend First-World-Problems and discovered the elusive Problem-of-a-previously-unexplored-level-of triviality.

      • ikanreed says:

        He’s right though, in a way.

        What research has found is that a moderate percentage of modern web audiences actually will close tabs or click away if a page takes longer than about a half a second to load.

        For a user, yeah, it’s a petty, self-indulgent complaint, but for a site owner it’s actually a real concern. RPS’s reader base may be less impatient than the general web audience though.

        • Sketchkov says:

          With Australia’s internet, I’m lucky if ANY webpage loads in less than 2 seconds.

          • Nereus says:

            That’s actually a subtle tactic to discourage immigration. Want fast internet? Stay at home. #stoptheboats

    • edna says:

      For me, the RPS main page takes <2s to load and PrivacyBadger says 7 potential trackers. Am I doing it wrong?

      • Bugamn says:

        Do you use anything else? I use NoScript and Ghostery and I see only one tracker. NoScript for me is now essential, too many sites abuse javascript now.

    • equatorian says:

      I live in a country with shit internet (capped international bandwidth, how high the cap goes depends on the whims of the ISP and the number of pigeon droppings on the parliament) and RPS still loads in less than 2 seconds for me with minimal ad items. Is your browser okay?

      Unless, of course, you’ve been joking. In which case, please have a laugh.

  4. Blastaz says:

    I really wanted to play this, partly for a black flag pirate fix, partly to see how edgy it really was, partly because bits of it (the naval stuff) looked really interesting. Buy it was just so spectacularly broken, and they kept the price so darn high. Don’t think it has had a single sale since launch and had assumed that after promising to redo the voices in February with no news since it was now abandonwear.

    Will wait to see what price it gets to over xmas.

  5. montorsi says:

    KOTOR2 has been on the marketplace for years and years. It’s a bit late to be complaining now, though I have no interest in this one finished or not. I seem to recall it being written by teenagers who think they are funny.

  6. G-Lord says:

    Great news. I really liked Two Worlds II, and was very disappointed by how Raven’s Cry turned out (I didn’t buy it, mind). Some aspects of the game seemed interesting to me, so I hope this will finally become enjoyable.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      Yeah, I’m in the same boat. It looked promising but luckily I didn’t grab it. Hopefully the new version will live up to expectations.

  7. Frosty Grin says:

    Big surprises.

  8. malkav11 says:

    Fixing the broken is good and all, but the game is poorly designed and written as well and I’m not sure how salvageable that is.

  9. racccoon says:

    Well as I hate the purpose of what STEAM is and see absolutely no use for it but for it to rule over us Microsoft Windows PC uses. Inside this pile of crap tool(Steam) I have a set few games that actually live in its living live area. The other 96% are un loaded & sit in crapville folders of blankness.
    This game has been running since it was released but I had some issues with it, not too much to complain about though, I just needed to over start again as I could get past the last part. On hearing/reading this, it will certainly bring it back on the running line..I just hope they can update before Fallout 4 & No Mans Sky creep out, otherwise, I can not see this or any game getting a licking at all.