So-Soverlord – Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Released

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil [official site] is not the new Overlord game I’ve been waiting for. While the original games were Pikmin-y doodads heavy on having your little demonic minion mates do the dirty work while you stood back, this co-op-packing spin off is far more action-RPG-y. Still, charging into battle as Netherghul with your human chums and a few minions backing you up still might be a lark. Maybe?

Player reviews on Steam are looking pretty negative, but those can often be at wild extremes and blow problems out of proportion. At the very least, they do all agree it’s definitely not a traditional Overlord – but that’s not a secret or surprise.

Fellowship of Evil is an arcade-y class-based action-RPG, with four flavours of Netherghul to play as. Fighting sounds pretty simplistic and unsatisfying, which is a long-running problem with the series but was less of a problem when minions did most of the fighting; here, you’re leading the charge.

Every few years Codemasters say they’re done with action games and plan to focus on racing games, then they have another crack and release something a bit wonky, then… don’t be too surprised if we hear another declaration of racingdom.

Fellowship of Evil is out on Steam for £12. Here’s an old-ish trailer explaining it:


  1. Pyronymer says:

    Bought it, bought a copy for my girlfriend. Played it for one hour. Requested two refunds.

    This game isn’t just a minor variation on Overlord. Nor is it an honest attempt a new but different game format.

    It’s a cheap trashy cash in, neither an overlord game nor fun in it’s own right.

    It’s basically one of those steam trash game cash in scams.

    • Neurotic says:

      Could you try that again — it was great, I just need a bit more rage at the end on “steam trash game cash in scams”. Okay everybody, and… action!

      • socrate says:

        love how now raging is a term misused all the time now,just like troll which show people don’t apparently understand how to use it and when its actually the case that these thing happen…not to mention the fact that if someone disagree with you now in any kind of thing people tend to take it as raging as if you could actually see the mood of a written text…ffs…then again we are talking about the internet community and overall intelligence in general which is extremely low nowadays.

        Anyway as for the game itself i always like the first overlord the second one to me was just mildly fun…but this is certainly not a thing i wanted from that series and doesn’t look interesting or fun in any way and industry do that alots of the time you just look at fallout which is just a name now…it no longer as anything to do with the actual world of fallout,its mostly art asset and setting and everything as been dumbed down for the general public and cool factor of the post apocalypse and now survival genre…but hey it does work money sure tons of people that did like the past title went to still buy it even if they had a bad feeling about it,sometime company just don’t care about their IP and will do really dumb thing with them and consider it good even if the IP die in the process…as long as they get money.

    • unacom says:

      So, in essence, you caution against buying this game?

    • rondertaker says:


  2. DasBlob says:

    If the script I was given had a line like “those steam trash game cash in scams” the director had better be prepared to do upwards of 20 takes before I get it right. Or rewrite the line.

    • DasBlob says:

      That was supposed to be a reply to Neurotic. Can I have my edit button back if I ask really nicely?

      • Neurotic says:

        :-D No comment on the game from me, rather, I was taken aback by Pyronymer’s angry outburst.

        • DasBlob says:

          I am indeed glad to see that Steam refunds are put to good (their intended) use. I just had to comment because it’s such a great tongue twister (especially, if angry).

    • Mezmorki says:

      I would love for someone to attempt to draw what that sentence looked like. I’m just imagining this giant steaming trashcan with people stuffing cash in oneside and pulling soggy steaming games out the other end … oh wait …

      • spron says:

        I would instead take a nice diagram of that sentence, with subject-verb agreement and everything else neatly organized.

  3. int says:

    Well call me a cantankerous conservative but the new gameplay doesn’t seem as fun as the old. It looks too… Diablo?

    • Pyronymer says:

      Imagine Diablo only you only have three attacks/actions, attack, attack more but slowly, and attack even more on a cooldown.

      And all your enemies were bags of too many HP and nothing ever felt like an impact.

      And all your loot was nothing but abstract rapidly disappearing currency you got to spend mostly on nothing but boring incremental numeric buffs.

      Also sometimes there are these minion things hanging around, but those guys don’t really do much and just tend to vanish rapidly, so don’t bother with them, it’s not like they really have anything to do with the game.

      • Fersken says:

        This doesn’t sound good. Even with the changes from Overlord 1 and 2, I hoped this wasn’t shit. How is the writing and story? The past games did at times feel a bit repetitive, but the humour really helped.

  4. Fersken says:

    Really enjoyed the previous Overlord games, played them several times. Will RPS review this game in the future?

    fififififi fi
    The dot over the “i” moves left a bit to touch the “f” in this font. Why? This is really starting to annoy me. Letters touching other letters is offensive.

    • mukuste says:

      It’s not offensive, it’s typography, specifically, a ligature:

      link to

      • Fersken says:

        Everyone knows “f” is a huge slut and like to get its fingers where it’s not appropriate. But unlike you, I will not accept that the tittle on “i” moves from its assigned place. Not only has it moved, it is actually touching another letter. I get nauseous just thinking about it.

        This is a slippery slope. Before you know it, the tail on “g” thrusts itself up “n”.

        Maybe you don’t find this orgy offensive? Or are you one of those who gangbang the letters of the alphabet, with cursive?

        • unacom says:

          Actually, we use Sütterlin. And we crisply punch the umlaute into the desk. So we´re not overly irritated by some consonants holding hands…

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      The dot in the “i” isn’t actually there. It’s some kind of blurry hinting effect on the edge of the f-bend in the default browser zoom. I see it on my craptop screen too.

      I’m way too easily amused: link to

      • Fersken says:

        Nice work. I actually considered doing something similar. I need a hobby…. oh wait, back to Warcraft 2…

      • Bugamn says:

        Actually the dot is there, except that it’s slightly to the left relative to the ‘i’ line and touching the f, so it isn’t a dot anymore.
        Anyway, make ligatures, not war.

  5. Freud says:

    I played through a few hours of one of them (Overlord II I think) but I found it terribly boring. Spawn minions and some vaguely entertaining stuff happens. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    Shame, I thought it would be the type of game I could enjoy.

  6. Siimon says:

    Well thats disappointing :(

  7. Author X says:

    Well that’s disappointing, I was really hoping it would turn out better, or at least fun.

    Perhaps the saddest thing about this for me is that I would definitely be willing to slog through mediocre gameplay for more of the delicious Overlord writing and acting, but I know none of my friends would, which would at least be how it’s designed to be played.

  8. scott28280 says:

    I have played this and the overlord series and i can say that it’s fun to play with my son, but as an overlord game the new perspective and lack of overlord features has really disappointed me, i doubt i will be buying anymore overlord games after this abomination.

  9. racccoon says:

    Video: blah blah blah..
    Liked the first one that’s it..
    The most annoying thing in these top down games is when they place the stupid rings on their feet or over do it. We really don’t need highlighted areas at all or around our characters, its just so devvy showing us in this in the game! That’s for you use in your tests!! not really good for us to play with. It so takes away the game play & imagination.