Hell-Ementary: Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s Daughter

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, does whatever a Sherlock can. Everyone’s favourite logic-slinger, the mysterious costumed figure known as Sherley to his fans, will return in a new adventure next year. It’s called The Devil’s Daughter [official site] and will pit our friendly neighbourhood mystery-man against the usual cowardly superstitious criminals who challenge his deductive wit, but there’ll also be “family stories, irresistible emotions and an occult revenge”. Dang. Any fool knows that Sherley’s superpowers are ineffective against magic.

This will be the eighth entry in Frogwares’ series of Sherlock Holmes adventure games. I developed something of a soft spot for them when I first encountered creepy teleporting Watson in the Cthulhu-inflected The Awakened and I enjoyed The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, despite its clunkiness and one weird canine stealth section.

The most recent Holmescoming left John cold though and when I tried it for myself, I spent more time on carriage-bound loading scenes than I did solving crimes. I enjoyed dressing Holmes as a ragamuffin though.

What can we expect from The Devil’s Daughter?

· Take on five thrilling and confounding cases.

· Freely roam an expansive landscape of playable terrain.

· Maneuver fast-paced action sequences to challenge your every gaming skill.

· Play a unique blend of game mechanics that lead to an unprecedented experience.

· State-of-the-art graphics bring the streets of Victorian London to life.

Hands up now – who’s playing Sherlock Holmes adventure games for the fast-paced action sequences? I’ll end up giving this a whirl, hoping for the best.


  1. anHorse says:

    Can Sherlock outwit Katie Hopkins?

  2. Turkey says:

    The action sequences are alright, but I usually play Sherlock Holmes games for the open world roaming.

    • Jokerme says:

      That’s the fun of it, right? I wish they went more for a bigger world design rather than smaller but detailed.

  3. yan spaceman says:

    I know that you all love Thee Headcoats …
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    Please forgive me, I will not post music in the future, but this is … Thee Headcoats!

  4. AlexClockwork says:

    I actually enjoyed the settings in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes to the point where “freely roam an expansive landscape of playable terrain” sounds quite appealing to me. I wanted to see so much more.

    However, I couldn’t finish Crime and Punishment due to two main problems: the Indiana Jones chapter and the unclear endings – which were ambiguous because they didn’t know how to make them hard otherwise. The correct choice was more than once “the one explained by the last clue you found, even if it proved nothing and only opened a possibility”. I’m mostly referring to that same chapter’s ending, but something similar happened in other chapters – to a lesser degree.

    I’ll finish it someday, though, and I have little doubt I’ll try this one all the same.

  5. int says:

    And I was hoping it would be “The Case of the Mysterious House Climbing and Roof Jumping Hooded Murderers who for Reasons Unknown sit on Beams up in Towers like Crazy Birds.”

  6. TheMopeSquad says:

    Crimes and Punishment was highly recommended to me but ultimately I thought it was pretty bad. Maybe it looked good and they portrayed investigating the crimes pretty well but it didn’t feel like I was solving the cases. At the end they give you many options and you can come to any conclusion you want and it’s not refuted, there is no right or wrong it’s just whatever you pick.

  7. aamosnyc says:

    Playable terrain? Can I play as the Abbey Grange?

  8. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

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    Are you ready for unholy water?
    Are you ready for my [redacted] machine?
    Are you ready for American strike force?
    Are you ready for the mystery meat?
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