No Carmack, No Problem? DOOM Multiplayer In Action

“Those murders are alright,” claimed Alice, and she spends half her time worrying that there are murderous clowns living in her basement, so I guess she’d know. Perhaps this bodes well for Bethesda’s Doom [official site], the game we’re not allowed to call Doom 4, whose multiplayer closed alpha kicks off tomorrow, and some advance footage of which can be seen below. And she’s right – I don’t know that I’d say it looks especially Doomy, but those murders are alright.

It’s fast; it’s certainly fast. After Doom 3, that’s very much the good news. There are some nods to Doom heritage, like the oddly colourful UI and the rawwwwwwwwwwk, but all told it’s more like some twitchy hybrid of Quake III and COD. See?

The alpha runs from tomorrow until Sunday, depending on timezones, and offers 5 weapons and two pieces of equipment in 6v6 play on one map, named Heatwave. No, you probably can’t get into it at this stage. Alpha signups were open to folk who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order last year, and access wasn’t guaranteed. If you did do that but didn’t know about the alpha, get yourself over here sharpish and might not be too late. More tests are due ahead of release however, then the beta doors will open for all pre-orderers – and hopefully the rest of us.

I do have alpha access and I’ll take a look tomorrow, but sadly no-one’s allowed to talk about what goes on just yet. As soon as the legal blast shields are raised I’ll have a natter about it, though. In the meantime, there are more details about what to expect here.

Based on the video though, how are you feeling about the first non-Carmacky Doom?


  1. DingDongDaddio says:

    Looks like a bunch of prototype Master Chiefs shooting each other in Borderlands-land. Really not liking the damage numbers popping up.

    I don’t care about laser guns and assault rifles. I just want to have SSG deathmatches.

    • Baines says:

      Borderlands has more color.

      This looks like the cliche generic monochromatic grey/brown game, except the level makers discovered that they had colored lighting available.

      Very much like that, honestly. It gives me flashbacks of the mapmaker in TimeSplitters 2, where the map pieces were all largely monochromatic, and the only way to get different area colors was to change the color of the lights.

      • Unclepauly says:

        To be fair there isn’t many games that have more color than borderlands. Also if you want color to pop it has to contrast with muted color.

      • Premium User Badge

        DelrueOfDetroit says:

        This game is being designed with a map-maker in mind.

        One might even say that id have their minds on a map-maker and a map-maker on their mind.

  2. Hitchslapped says:

    Doesn’t look that fast to me

  3. tangoliber says:

    Looks fantastic to me. I’m curious about how accurate the bullet spread is on the automatic bullet weapons outside of the chain gun…it’s kind of hard to tell in the video, and not sure if I can go by the reticules. I hope it is very accurate and low recoil. (Even more so than something like Dirty Bomb.)

  4. haldolium says:

    I always get this horrible feeling inside when I have to watch supposedly fast paced shooters played bad (emphazise on bad, I know people can be amazing without a mouse) with controllers. It’s like the noise of scratching a black board…

    Otherwise it looks generic and boring. Even the UT4 pre-alpha has more soul.

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      Shooters are about the only thing I would prefer connecting my controller and playing, rather than using my mouse and keyboard. Dual joysticks are easier for twitch reflects than a mouse.

      • XxBrentos9xX says:


        • socrate says:

          oh my….thumbstick for twitch reflex…im wondering if people are just more stupid today or if its just the fact that there is now more gamer that make the entire planet look more stupid then it is…the answer is that the general intelligence as never fallen that low and fast in the history of mankind.

          Seriously dual joystick are better then mouse for FPS?wtf is wrong with people today?

      • Distec says:

        I’m not sure how that could be, mechanically. Analogue sticks basically have “speed caps” that limit how quickly you can turn/aim. Sure, you can always adjust the sensitivity. But it’s nowhere near as instantaneous as simply flicking my wrist with the mouse and doing a 180 degree turn.

        That’s not a dig at you. Just an observation from my end. I could accept the argument that a controller can be more comfortable or familiar to any given player, but a mouse is always going to have more speed and finesse.

      • FLoJ says:

        “Dual joysticks are easier for twitch reflects than a mouse.”




        …wait are you serious?

        • hamilcarp says:

          I think he made a mistake, and meant to say it the other way around… right? I hope??

      • mukuste says:

        That’s weird, I’m the exact opposite. I’m a huge controller fan and play whatever will support it with a 360 pad, but true FPSes are the one exception where I still break out the good old M+K, the accuracy is simply much higher.

        That said, I still play stuff like DX:HR and Dishonored which is first person but not particularly shootery with the controller.

      • fish99 says:

        “Dual joysticks are easier for twitch reflects than a mouse.”

        Errr…. no. Analogue sticks are actually garbage for both speed and accuracy.

        Try some of the aim maps on CS:GO on a pad, and then on mouse/keyboard.

      • dkfgo says:

        You can try CS:GO matchmaking with a controller (playing against everyone else using mouse and keyboard). I would actually be genuinely interested on the results.

  5. Blackcompany says:

    Its hilarious, really. In a sad sort of way.

    When RAGE was released, a large subset of people wanted it to be either, A: A new DOOM instead, or, B: a new Fallout replacement.

    Rage turned out, of course, to be neither of the two. Which is fine because it never claimed it would be either of the two.

    But people lambasted it anyway. Rage had its flaws – the Arena parts were awful, and the oversized boss with the convenient rocket launcher in the Dead City was absolutely one of the worst moments in gaming for me – but aside from those missteps, Rage was a fun, solid shooter in its own right. Add in the tons of cool gadgets, and it was a pretty fun time. Lackluster lack of an ending, but a fun, solid shooter.

    But it got destroyed in the gaming press. And by the fans.

    So rather than expand on the Rage universe, Id went back to DOOM.

    And now they’ve done so, its largely being derided as ‘not the DOOM we remember’ everywhere folks are talking about it. The which I pretty well saw coming from day one. Being, as it was, inevitable.

    Now we know why Valve has never done HL3. There’s just no way it would live up to expectations. In this day and age it would just fade into the background as another corridor shooter that wasnt as good as its predecessor or what we wanted it to be.

    Sort of like DOOM and RAGE.

    • Stardog says:

      You’re inventing nonsense to suit your own agenda. Rage has an 81 metacritic score.

      Compare and contrast Doom 4:
      link to

      With Brutal Doom:
      link to

      Doom 4 seems like Doom 3 so far, so I’m not sure where the “it’s fast” narrative the press all seem to be pushing is coming from.

      It could easily live up to the hype with a better game designer behind it. I don’t see any technical/gameplay innovations.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Rage actually does have a good score. NOW.

        But it mostly got hammered following release. And minor technical issues aside, it was mostly due to it not being either Fallout or Doom. And I refer here to articles and player posts on forums regarding the game, not necessarily critical reviews.

        And now DOOM 4 is largely getting the same treatment, for not living up to its predecessors. I honestly think Id would just be better off making something new and moving on from the past entirely.

      • rgbarton says:

        Well its fast by modern day standards and I think they have added some nice things like the jetpack which has been done before by other shooters but is still fun to use and it seems despite not being fast it is still very focused on dodging which is a plus (perhaps even performing more complex dodging than previous doom games).

      • socrate says:

        Wait people actually think metacritic score can be taken seriously?

      • Mr_Blastman says:

        Doom 3 multiplayer was way faster than Doom 4 looks. It was also a lot of fun.

    • Ravey says:

      “But it got destroyed in the gaming press. And by the fans.

      So rather than expand on the Rage universe, Id went back to DOOM.”

      Except the new Doom was announced 3½ years before Rage shipped.

    • shagen454 says:

      Agreed, Rage was a lot of fun. Sure it was simplistic but I think it worked and it was totally unjustly lambasted in the press & nerds. I loved the combat in that game, if they would have opened the world up just a little more (more like Mad Max but less open-worldy) it probably would have been a lot better.

      This game looks cool to me, I miss id making games. Doom II, Quake and Quake 2 were some of the best gaming moments for me. Sure that genre was made boring after a while with all the copycats, but now everyone is copying WoW, CoD, Ass Creed kinda shit etc, which makes an old school shooter like this more compelling to me.

  6. FreeTom says:

    Well, it doesn’t appear to play like a modern version of Doom should play but it could still be fun.

    There actually aren’t a lot of recent, high-budget, straight-up FPSes around, so if it gets released before the new UT starts looking like a proper game it could capture that market.

  7. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:’s quake 3.

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      More like UT, I think.

      • Xzi says:

        I’d say Quake 3 mixed with Halo. I don’t see a lot of resemblance to CoD…TTK isn’t very fast except with some of the more powerful weapons, and there are item/weapon pickups all around the map.

        I’m not disappointed. Looks pretty fun IMO.

    • Arona Daal says:

      Way too slow to be Quake 3.
      But that Plasmarifle looks and *sounds* a lot like the Q3 counterpart.
      But that Robocyberskeletonthingie is called a Demon, so that makes it a Doom (4).
      I hope Singleplayer its better than this.

      • Xzi says:

        Yeah, a lot of the weapons and the level design remind me of Quake, not necessarily the movement speed or TTK.

      • skorpeyon says:

        As Xzi said, it’s taking most of the actual components from Quake III. The floating damage numbers, even the sound effects upon damage infliction, as well as a few of the weapons and ALL of the powerups except the new Demon thing, even though the appearance of THAT is straight from the older Quake games, and it used to give you 666 health. It is all extremely familiar looking even though I’ve never really played the Doom games, but was very heavy into the Quake games. Of course, since I’ve never been into Doom, for all I know those powerups originated in Doom multiplayer and not in Quake, but I know they were all there as far back as Quake 1.

  8. Text_Fish says:

    The announcer sounds rather emo, but otherwise it looks fun. Slightly miffed they didn’t send an email about the alpha to beta-subscribers. D:

  9. Barberetti says:

    That was hilarious. It’s like watching a match between a group of people with their necks in neck braces.

  10. Beard_Arthur says:

    Fast paced… played on a controller. It really doesn’t look to be a twitch shooter like UT or Quake, and that’s fine, but even removing those from the equation it looks rather slow, and not what I would consider “fast-paced”. Rather uninspired, really.

    I look forward to the singleplayer, I guess. I loved the recent Wolfenstein games, so if it’s more of the same, I’m on board. I hope this time around they at least have the forethought to remove the hardcoded 60FPS cap they had on ID Tech 5.

  11. klops says:

    Doom sure sounds better than Doom 4, but still: There already is Doom! Annoying annoying annoying annoying

  12. Stardog says:

    This just looks dull.

    It should be Brutal Doom with graphics from 2015.

    • klops says:


    • Mr_Blastman says:


    • wcq says:


      Brutal Doom, as a mod, goes with the “everything and the kitchen sink” approach to game design. The more you play it, the more you begin to see how it’s a big uncoordinated mess of thrown in features that breaks the tight design of the original game.

  13. Turin Turambar says:

    “It’s fast; it’s certainly fast.”

    Well, about that…

  14. suibhne says:

    It’s not that fast – certainly not like id’s older shooters.

    Look, it might be ace. At the very least, it looks more interesting than any MP we’ve seen in awhile from other mainstream shooters. The movement system looks really straightforward, aside from the parkour-lite stuff, but Doom never had UT’s or Quake’s movement flexibility anyway. Regardless of how it all wraps up, I generally have confidence in id’s ability to deliver accurate mouse tracking (an area where Bethesda has historically been terrible), and the weapon set looks compelling.

  15. John O says:

    It’s probably a good game, but I lost most of my interest in it. The demon designs are nice and close to the original, but the gameplay looks weird, more like a Quake title than a Doom game should. They don’t offer a full level editor from the looks of it but only the one that allows cross platform custom content. It’s been the subject of more than one heated debate on reddit and elsewhere.

    Yes, it looks like Doom, but it doesn’t quack and run like Doom. Which is alright and it’ll probably sell, but not to me. Maybe at 5 € sometime 3 years later when people made a makeshift level editor and the game has been tweaked to feel like it should.

    • Barberetti says:

      The lack of a proper editor combined with what I’ve seen of the game so far is enough for me to not even bother with Doom 4. I can’t believe that id have gone from being the pioneers of modding to the point where they encouraged people to learn the structure of
      their data files so they could write complete level editors, which in turn allowed the mappers to go as wild as their imaginations and the game would let them, to this. A stunted Bethesda-esque dungeon builder kit.

      Mapping for Doom / Doom 2 allows for more creativity than this shit.

  16. Abndn says:

    Not sure why you’d call this fast. It’s much, much slower than all the classic arena shooters.

  17. der_Zens0r says:

    Hmm, looks fun and fast paced for me. Just as fast as you can play with a controller… I’m looking forward to this. Can’t understand why everybody is bashing Doom 4. But maybe its me. I also can’t understand why folks like brutal doom over the original.

    • rgbarton says:

      Here’s pretty much an imitation of the haters for you:

      Doom isn’t colored like a rainbow unlike the original which was full of colors like this
      link to
      Not to mention since the doom marine isn’t going 90 miles per hour it will suck!!”

  18. sebagul says:

    The problem with almost all multiplayer shooters is the absolute lack of progress.

    It is like a nightmare dream, running only to stay in the same place. It rapidly becomes a pointless repetitive work.

    Maybe it worked for the first ones doing that, but at this point in time they get boring very rapidly.

    • Xzi says:

      I disagree. A multiplayer shooter should stand on its own two feet and should be enjoyable without any gimmicks, IE “rank” progression, weapons hidden behind rank unlocks, etc. When it comes right down to it, you’re just making the player wait to get the full game experience, because you know they’ll get bored once they reach that point and realize it isn’t any better at rank 100 with all the samey weapons unlocked.

      Neither Quake 3 Arena nor UT2004 needed a multiplayer progression system because they were fun to play straight out of the box. That’s how you design a multiplayer shooter.

      • sebagul says:

        You do not disagree. You agree with me.

        You call all those “gimmicks” because there is no progress. Is the same in disguise.

        • MD says:

          What sort of progress are you thinking of? For me, the sense of ‘progress’ I want from multiplayer games is the improvement of my own (mechanical and tactical) skills. If a game is fun to play from the start, and deep enough that the learning curve is effectively infinite, I’m happy.

    • Unclepauly says:

      You could say the same thing about sports then.

  19. engion3 says:

    Aww man I’ll be out of town this weekend or I totally would have participated, anyone know where you find your code from wolfenstein on steam?

  20. HotSoapyBeard says:

    Looks like slowish quakey UTish but with fire pits. But that could be really fun. Hopefully optional turbo mode?

  21. Hedgeclipper says:

    Doom: Cashing in on that Investment Edition

  22. Premium User Badge

    garfieldsam says:

    So is the stuttering the most obnoxious game trailer/demo editing technique yet devised or is it just my internet connection acting weird?

  23. Catweasel says:

    It feels weird when all press calls any footage of Doom 4 fast and the fans all say it looks rather slow.

    • MD says:

      They’re probably both right :)
      It looks pretty fast for a modern, mainstream FPS, but very slow compared to Doom 1 and 2 and Quake & its descendents.

  24. Sinjun says:

    I think it looks great, and the pessimism is very annoying. We have a new Doom and a new Unreal Tournament, what a time to be alive.

  25. Stevostin says:

    So Slow. So Slow.
    Mandatory Q3 comparison:

  26. CaptainH0wdy says:

    Ahh, Q3, the king of FPSs.
    They just don’t make em like that anymore..

    Sadly, I find I can’t enjoy UT for the reason i’m just so conditioned towards quake regarding the movement. :/

    Need a new arena only Quake..

    • MD says:

      Need a new arena only Quake..
      That’s more or less what Reflex is going for, and (IMO) it’s coming along really nicely!

  27. Protester19 says:

    I just want a 3d Skulltag, is that too much to ask for??

    Otherwise, i think this looks great, i just wish the speed was just a little, tiny bit closer to the original 67+ mph, and those cartoony “damage numbers” be sent straight to the garbage can.