Total War: Warhammer Out April 28th, Bringing Chaos

The wait for Total War: Hammer [official site] is far from over. Creative Assembly’s strategic take on the Warhammer Fantasy world will be with us on April 28th but, as is traditional, the preorder incentives and collector’s edition malarkey has already begun. Below, you’ll find a video showcasing the Chaos Warriors, growly-voiced corruptions intent on spreading their unholy powers across the world. They’ll make up the first DLC for the game but if you’re willing to put down the money before release, they’ll be included with your copy of the game. Details of that and a preposterous special edition (it includes a drinking horn and functional whetstone) below.

Before I gripe about preordering in general and day-one DLC as ‘reward’ specifically, here’s what the Chaos Warriors pack includes:

The Chaos Warriors Race Pack brings a new race with its own new Legendary Lords, units, mounts, items, quest chains and mechanics to Total War™: WARHAMMER®, such as:

• Three new playable Legendary Lords.
• New Chaos Warrior mounts, units and monsters.
• New quests, magic items and abilities.
• New horde campaign playstyle.

The quest chains are attached to the three Lords, as with the Empire Lords. We’ll no doubt learn a great deal about Total Warhammer’s changes to the TW historical strategy formula over the coming months, but the inclusion of personal storylines and quests within the broader campaign sounds like a smart addition. A bit of fantasy RPG thrown into the mix that should help with worldbuilding and context for the characters leading your armies into war.

Obviously you’d be a fool to preorder anything unless you’re happy to lose the dough on a dud. No that I’m expecting Total Hammertime to be a dud – Attila showed every sign that Creative Assembly learned the appropriate lessons after the release of Rome II, and the sprawling unhappiness of Rome was much-improved by the Emperor edition. I’m as excited as anyone about Total War: Ham and I hope to the gods (chaos and otherwise) that it’ll be a corker. But even if it is, the DLC might not be up to scratch and you might be able to find the game PLUS DLC cheaper than a preorder if you’re willing to wait a little while after release.

Also keep in mind that you might grow out of Warhammer between now and April. I loved Games Workshop right through my teen years but didn’t care for elves and dwarves at all in my twenties. As a thirty-something nerd, I’m back on board, of course, but taste is a fickle thing. If you really do want to go all in on this prepurchasing business, however, meet the High King edition, available to preorder now and produced in a ” single, extremely limited run”.

Modelled on the legendary Book of Grudges, the High King Edition will ship in a large ornate presentation box, featuring metallic gold and 3D sculpted detail in the iconic Dwarfen style.

The Book of Grudges, as far as we understand these things here at RPS, is an exercise book that dwarves traditionally nick from the school supply cabinet during their early teens, and fill with angry doodles and notes about all the people who don’t invite them to parties or acknowledge their good beard days. Inside this particular Book you’ll find a copy of the game, with those Chaos Warriors included, and Quite A Lot Of Stuff. There’s a ring that is also a six-sided die, a drinking horn, a map. Loads. You can find all the details here.

The slightly less impressive Limited Edition, which I’d have called the Low King Edition, contains a metal case and guide, as well as the DLC. Roll on April, I say, though I won’t be greeting the release with a dwarven horn toast.


  1. GernauMorat says:

    So they cut a faction out of the game 6 month before release. Classy

    • DarkFenix says:

      Oh I think they were chopping up this game for DLC before the ink had even dried on the contract with Games Workshop.

    • 2lab says:

      Pre-orders with no system specs make me wanna…

  2. Nevard says:

    That’s a pretty incomprehensible narrator. Can’t really hear a word he’s saying.

  3. gunny1993 says:

    Hype for this but not being mentally infirm or having a severe head trauma recently means there’s no way in seven hell’s I’m pre ordering it.

    Hell probably gona wait for the GOTY edition or whatever now.

    • d3vilsadvocate says:

      If Rome 2 is any indication, this game will be finished one year after release.

      • DarkFenix says:

        Except this time it’s supposed to be three games that sort of ultimately merge into one, so more like 4 years until it’s finished.

  4. Tyrmot says:

    Way too much DLC bullshit coming from CA these days – I’ve really lost interest in the TW games because of it.

    Thought about buying Attila the other day – £30 for the game, another £24 if I want all the factions to play with. Ridiculous.

    • xyzzy frobozz says:

      I only play the Romans.

      So that’s saved me a stack of cash on DLC over the last two TWs.

      Why would you want to play anyone but the Romans? They’re fucking Romans!

  5. XxBrentos9xX says:

    I enjoyed Battle March and Mark of Chaos. Also looking forward to Mordheim. I played almost all of the Dawn of War series as well. But, I’m not sure Sega is going to do Justice to the series, although I’m hoping to be surprised.

    • anHorse says:

      Mordheim looks exceptional, much more interested in that than TW which will cost £200 for the whole game the way the dlc is going

      • XxBrentos9xX says:

        Didn’t know this. That’s beyond ridiculous…

        • Chiron says:

          Its exaggeration and hyperbole, not actual facts.

          But it is true that the DLC for TW games is out of hand, people bitch about Paradox DLC but its a lot better and more value for money than CA’s (or indeed most peoples)

  6. yabonn says:

    Once I preordered one of their games.

    There, I said it.

    … Never again, of course.

  7. arioch says:

    One of the races is really release day DLC… what the holy hell.

    Think I’ll give this one a miss in that case until I can pick it up in a steam sale or humble bundle or something…

    • Jenks says:

      Would you have bought the game the day it came out if it included this? Is buying it the day before that big of a difference?

      I buy 90% of my games years after they’re released so it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around all the preorder animosity.

      • XxBrentos9xX says:

        I understand how you feel because I do the same thing. However, I am also getting tired of getting into games a year after my friends have already played and grown tired of it, which makes having the game new and fresh a lot more appealing

  8. EhexT says:

    ” Attila showed every sign that Creative Assembly learned the appropriate lessons after the release of Rome II”

    And Napoleon showed the same for Empire and whatever the Medieval 2 one was called that came after Medieval 2 showed it too and the same happened with Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai. To expect that THIS TIME it is going to be different and they’ll have learned for reals now, is ridiculous and flies in the face of all past history.

    The base game will be shit. It’ll take 6 months of patching to bring it up to decent state. Then they’ll release a standalone version at expansion price or more that’ll be the actually good version the base game should have been a couple months after that. That has literally been their MO since Medieval 2.

    • klops says:

      But they’re so pretty!

    • socrate says:

      Not to mention that Rome 2 had like 2 or 3 gold edition to confuse people even more and make you buy stuff that are basically empire edition,ultimate edition,etc…but are missing tons of DLC.

      Then again we’re talking about people that hype stuff all the time when in fact they should be doing actual gaming journalism…yet they still sound like hyper 12 year old boy.

  9. Jorum says:

    Sorry what? Chaos is a DLC race?

    Chaos, one of the cornerstones of the warhammer lore from the very start. Chaos, pretty much the single most important faction responsible for 90% of the Big Event Stuff that happens in the Warhammer world? Chaos, inarguably the most original and richly depicted, non-Tolkien rip off idea that Games Workshop came up with in the early days.

    Are a DLC?

    So what are the actual factions in base game? Humans, Dwarfs, Orcs & Goblins? I presume also elves will be in there, then everyone else DLC if you’re lucky.

    • durruti says:

      whoops, reply one below…

    • socrate says:

      Chaos being Original and all is a bit silly…good guys turning “evil” or to the “dark side” is one of the oldest story ever and is nothing really original…

      That said seeing how end time ended up with them making a vote and thinking chaos would win then having to still make Chaos win although they weren’t the race chosen yet GW having no backup plan and basically doing what they do best and screwing up yet a million time in a row…chaos do have a big part in Warhammer….then again this is GW and also Creative Assembly were talking about…the total war game have not really changed all that much for the better and still use the same dumb tactic and is just a repeat over and over all the time…the only “improvement” they did over the year to me was always the world map which lets put it frankly is just a reduction of territory and castle to make these game not tedious and as repetitive but they still sadly are even with that change…not to mention the DLC and the imbalance in these game that keep happening over and over again…i don’t even get why they keep putting multiplayer in these game…other then maybe co-op that sounds fun but really isn’t.

      Game workshop,Sega and creative assembly isn’t something i associate with quality in any ways nowadays.

      Not to mention Dragon ogre is one of the most stupid unit ever made and that the fanbase is beyond retarded for Warhammer…guess this will sell like hotcake then.

      • Josh W says:

        The thing is that games workshop took Morcock style chaos, as an antagonist, tied it to five four distinct characters with recognisable traits and internal antagonism, dived heavily into the proto-metal potential of it, and produced a classic set of antagonists that are still causing them problems today with their target market’s parents.

        • Cleave says:

          It’s a bit worrying that they’re calling the race “Chaos Warriors” rather than “Chaos”. I hope they’ll still have daemons and beastmen and that you can align your army with one or more of the gods.

          • Krupp says:

            No such luck, the faction being advertised here is human and unaligned. No Demons or Beastmen.

        • Jorum says:

          Yes this. If you look at Chaos as presented in “Realms of Chaos” and “The lost and the damned” books they mixed up Mervin Peake gothic, UK heavy metal, Moorcock and pop culture into something with unique and interesting texture/flavour. And also some fricking awesome Miller artwork.

  10. Redcoat-Mic says:

    Lots of people seem to be getting this wrong. It’s not the entire Chaos faction that’s DLC but a unit pack for the Chaos faction.

    Not that I approve anyway.

    • durruti says:

      from the total war warhammer website:

      “Command four wholly different races: the Empire, the Dwarfs, the Vampire Counts and the Greenskins[…]”

    • durruti says:

      so you’re saying chaos is in the base game as enemy but not playable? got any proof?

      • Max Planck says:

        It seems Chaos is in the main game, but not playable.
        From the Steam store page:

        “This pack makes the entire Chaos Warrior race from the main game playable in the Grand Campaign and multiplayer matches; as well as adding entirely new Legendary Lords, Lords, Heroes, Units, Magic Items and more.”

  11. Ufofighter says:

    Day one dlc? I’ll buy the complete version in a couple of years, no more that 20€, preferably steam sale or something like that, fully patched and with good mods developed.

    Fool me once…

  12. Ur-Quan says:

    Ok this is beyond shady even for Creative Assembly and their silly DLC policy. Cutting out a WHOLE faction as preorder DLC?
    I was thinking of getting this close to release if reviews and let’s plays look promising but now… no thanks.
    50% Steam sale it is at the earliest then.

  13. durruti says:

    hm, going by the cinematic trailer, who would expect chaos in the game anyway, right?

  14. Carlos Danger says:

    Extra races were always going to be DLC, they had stated that from day one. The fact they are giving once of them for free as a pre-order is nothing but good news imo.

    Many ill informed children wailing at the wall about things that were fairly obvious does not surprise only confirms.

    • Ur-Quan says:

      I think you don’t really get the problem here:
      This game has only four playable races without Chaos so they are holding a whole fifth of the game as ransom if you don’t put your faith in them and preorder.

      Also it’s Chaos.
      That’s like making a Lord of the Rings strategy game and selling the forces of Mordor as DLC.

  15. kud13 says:

    Yep, holding out till the GOTY with all the DLC races in a Steam sale for under 50 bucks.

  16. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Eh.. I’ll just play Medieval 2 Kingdoms for my Total War fix until they release an all-in-one package. Or when it’s all on sale. Or when it appears not to be so extortionately bad after all. But I doubt that last one will happen.

  17. Scrobbs says:

    Bah. Pre-ordered Medieval 2, it was broken, lost interest before the patching worked.

    Learned somewhat form my mistake and ignored Shogun 2 totally.

    Failed to learn properly, however, and pre-ordered Rome 2. Hated the new interface, also was broken. Lost interest before it was fixed.

    Tried the demo of the multiplayer one that was out recently, not that bothered.

    Have now learned properly, and will probably ignore this totally.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Missing out Shogun two was a big mistake, it’s easily the most technically proficient game they’ve ever released even with its flaws.

    • Nouser says:

      You missed the best one, Shogun 2 shipped graphically kinda broken, but unlike Rome 2 mechanically it was completely functional at release. And right now it’s the best entry in the franchise since the original Rome. You did well ignoring Empire.

  18. Werthead says:

    “Not that I’m expecting Rome II to be a dud – Shogun II showed every sign that Creative Assembly learned the appropriate lessons after the release of Empire, and the sprawling unhappiness of Empire was much-improved by Napoleon.”

    He who does not learn the lessons of the past is doomed to repeat them.

  19. Mister_Inveigler says:

    I pre-order collector’s editions, and I’ve been really excited at the thought of a Total War Ham CE.
    But I preorder through Amazon and the like; I pay my cash on release date thankyouverymuch. It helps me with budgeting for such a frivolous item.

    The second I saw the option of a CE here, I rushed to find the Pre-order button, before running into a wall upon which the words were written “Payment is taken immediately.”
    The force of me hitting the wall caused a brick to come loose and hit me on the head, revealing the shipping costs ontop of that. (I live in New Zealand).

    Maybe it will come out on Amazon later, or some other service. But for now…
    Hell no.
    And damn you, I wanted this.

  20. Josh W says:

    Total: Hammer

    or possibly


    or possibly

    some hammer,

    or possibly

    a hammer

    or possibly,

    poor acting.

    An uncharitable but efficient reduction.

  21. mariandavid says:

    I pre-ordered all the Total War games and only had issues with one (Rome 2 of course) and that was fixed perfectly playable within six months. And will do so again since I rank my pleasurable anticipation far above my infrequent disappointment.

    • Chris Cunningham says:

      So you’re the one that’s encouraging developers to pull this shit. Good to know.

      People pre-ordering a game six months before release from a studio that usually releases games broken. Star Wars 7 breaking box office records two months before it’s released. People are imbeciles and shouldn’t be allowed money.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I just hope you don’t mind more unfinished games being released by the larger publishers with reams of over-priced dlc along with it.

      This, this is obviously cut content. The faction being Chaos warriors.. Chaos is arguably THE most important faction in the game.

      The more people buy into this, the worse this’ll get.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      fixed perfectly playable within six months

      Jesus Christ on a pogo stick.