What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

I sometimes feel slightly bad about these posts acting as if weekends are wonderful times we all escape work and can do whatever we jolly well please – as if nobody works weekends. Heck, I’ve got a bit of work to do this weekend myself. If you yourself are differently-weekended, you can just talk about your next stretch of available gametime. You know, whatever. It’s not like I know. You could all be lying about this, for all I know. So tell me: what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re into:

Adam: It’s a Witchery weekend for me. I’ve barely touched the game since spending two solid weekends (day and night) with it around release time, but the release of the expansion and the ensuing conversation among friends who I can’t speak to because SPOILERS has convinced me that there’s nothing I want to do more than watch Geralt’s beard grow while sitting at a riverside somewhere in White Orchard. The fact that I enjoy hanging around in the starting area so much is almost certainly linked to my lack of progress. It’s such a gorgeous world; don’t want to rush through it like an express train.
Alec: Oh God, I’m still planning to play Undertale, which I suspect is something I’ll be writing every week for the next decade. Realistically I suspect I’m more likely to take a peek at Warhammer: Vermintide, as Adam’s summation of it as ‘Left 4 Dead with Skaven’ instantly appealed to my baser interests. That said, I’m feeling increasingly guilty that I haven’t played Life Is Strange, and really need to get on that before someone completely spoils it for me. For the rest of the weekend, I will be attending tea parties with my two-year-old daughter and her new imaginary friend named Tin Opener. It’ll be like Metal Gear Solid V, but with more cake and sudden urine puddles.
Alice: To clear out some skullspace, I resolve to finish either MGSV: The Phantom Pain or The Witcher 3. I’ve been picking at both for ages, with hundreds of hours between the two, but am still a day or two away from completing either. I’m feeling very behind on games lately, with many big and small that I want to play – but struggle to fit into a life also big on being around trees and obsessing about work. I normally don’t mind having too many games, but this is bugging me a bit lately.
Graham: I am going to play Nom Nom Galaxy. Here is what I know about Nom Nom Galaxy: it looks colourful in screenshots; it seems like Terraria if Terraria replaces the Cthulhu references with soup; I have had it installed for months but not yet made the effort to click Play on Steam. This weekend I will do it. I will.
John: [John’s still missing – John, we worry, where are you? – but please do submit your sightings in the comments. Reader ‘MiniMatt’ spotted him recently:

“Could have sworn I saw him playing a one-man Shelter LARP in Tescos, snuffling through the fruit section whilst nervously eyeing some tweed clad farmer types.”]

Philippa: This weekend I will be watching the League of Legends semi-finals. When I’m not doing that I shall be standing in an illuminated cloud at the Wellcome Collection. Neither of those things satisfactorily answer the question “what are you playing this weekend” but the answer to that is “probably nothing because I won’t have time because of the esports and the illuminated cloud”. As an even less relevant aside, I’m glad I now have a waterproof phone because some friends created a cloud of vaporised rum and coke for an event once and I accidentally ruined my phone camera by taking a picture while inside it. I’m cloudproof now.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. dethtoll says:

    It’s Halloween time so it’s that time of year for Cry of Fear. I’m shooting for all 5 endings, ‘cuz I’m weird. Though it does mean I’ll have to do the game in full at least twice to get the last ending.

  2. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Back in to the Witcher 3 big time. Ooh, it’s good. Got a little bored of Novigrad after the majesty of Velen, but coming back to it after a break I’m blown away all over again. It’s such a real place. The muddy tracks, the taverns, the sheer number of people you can actually talk to (and play cards with). It truly is world building of the highest order.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Aside: vaporised rum and coke you say? What is this magic and how can I recreate it?

  3. Pich says:

    My legs are ok
    My pockets are full of brouzoufs
    And I’ve killed a thousand enemies in my first mission.
    You can guess what I am playing.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Attack on Ant Hill?

    • HuvaaKoodia says:

      E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy?
      That is the only thing that comes up with a quick search at least. I never got over the messy interface and random crashing. The first mission did have infinitely spawning enemies though, if I remember correctly.

    • anHorse says:

      Ah EYE the greatest mess ever.

      Such an ambitious game

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Aaaah, E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, one of my favorite cyberpunk games. For the ones who think it’s still a mess, it got really stable and smooth after a few patches, and the UI now is completely functional; I finished this game 3 times already, and it has a good Source-like multiplayer too.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I love E.Y.E to pieces, and I feel like everyone with even a passing interest should play it through at least once, but it’s still a mess. No, it doesn’t crash all the time, yes the UI pretty much works, but it’s still a mess. It’s just an amazing, content-rich, fun-as-hell mess.

    • ButtonDownMind says:

      Oh man, E.Y.E. I remember its questionably ambitious description catching my gaze during a steam sale. I’ve had a go at it numerous times but could never get past the first level and being suddenly thrust into the complicated UI. Maybe I should give it a shot again with a proper guide…

  4. rahji says:

    Taking a break form Witcher 3, so I just started The Last of Us. I think it is a bit overhyped because I like it but it is not a game that sucked me in right at the beginning. We will see if that changes.

    • Terragot says:

      My gripe with TLoU is that it’s hyped for doing what cinema does entertainingly, rather than doing anything really interesting as a game.

      I mean, It has it’s tiny sparks of agency (try repeatedly walking into a guard in the starting area) but I was strapped thin to find more.

    • anHorse says:

      TLOU is a bit shit at the actual game parts. The shooting is subpar, the stealth is total crap and the platforming fiddly but it has a nice story so it gets treated as the greatest thing ever.

      I’d imagine your experience would be infinitely better without all the gushing about it

      • jonahcutter says:

        Shooting with a controller is always going to feel a bit shit to me personally. The fun would improve immensely with m/k. But it is one of the weaker parts.

        The game has strong writing that tends to dominate the conversation. Some other strengths though are:

        The world building is beautiful. Art design is excellent. Considering the console limitations, it’s really impressive.

        The battle AI can really shine at times. Some of the more confused fights with humans really evoke a brutal, brawling struggle between desperate people.

        The inventory system is pretty cool. Managing to allow multiple weapons and items carried, but limiting immediate access to evoke some realism, but also making accessing them smooth mechanically so the game isn’t getting in the way itself. It all happens without pausing, which really adds to the game’s more tense moments.

        It has its share of flaws. But it also has some really smart, creative design elements (artistically and mechanically) to go along with its strong writing.

      • Blackcompany says:

        anHorse nailed it. Completed the first mission and never went back. Typical Naughty Dog production: Would have been a far better movie than game. Because as a game its very, very mediocre mechanically, at best.

    • welverin says:

      I picked it months after it was first released, and put it down for a while after first starting it, but after getting back to it and going along with how things worked instead of fighting it I plowed through to the end and really liked it.

  5. subedii says:

    Assuming I get the chance, spending some time running through the various settings and configurations on the Steam Controller to see what works best for me for different game types.

    Yes I can download profiles, but I like to tweak things just right. And there are so many things to tweak.

  6. jon_hill987 says:

    Probably some more Blood Bowl, both the PC game and assembling*/painting my Wood Elf team miniatures. Also some Rocket League and DOTA2.

    *the Treeman is in several parts, while I put it together I figured I would add some extra details like fungus using the putty I have for filling gaps.

  7. Anthile says:

    Depths of Fear: Knossos. It feels like a less refined Eldritch, which is itself not exactly expansive. Gameplay is pretty repetitive and there’s not much difference between running away from a centaur or a cerberus.
    It’s also pretty buggy. Some levels literally cannot be finished because the exit spawns under the floor. Sometimes bosses just turn invincible for no apparent reason. Also glitchy animations.
    I honestly expected something a bit more involved.

  8. Jekadu says:

    Knights of the Fallen Empire and Iron Brigade. One for soloing and one for co-op.

  9. dangermouse76 says:

    Today I will mostly be playing the first call of duty modern warfare. On the top difficulty I find it presents a genuine challenge of positioning and gun play. Without turning. The enemy into bullet sponges.

    The opening levels still stick in mind to this day. A great opener to a solid fps.
    And that moustache……

  10. gunny1993 says:

    Playing the game of searching ebay for someone selling a 670 gpu who hasn’t recently smoked a bunch of crack, seriously some people asking 130 quid for a 3 year old GPU

  11. Zach Fett says:

    Whole lotta Warhammer: Vermintide for me. Been having a blast with it!

  12. Yachmenev says:

    Got a great selection of games to choose from:

    *Pixeljunk Shooter: Ultimate – Everyone just buy this gem.
    *Broforce – considering the impressive sales, I guess every has bought it.
    *The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone
    *Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 4 and 5.

  13. Ufofighter says:

    MGS V, and maybe I will return to The Long Dark just to see what’s been added in the last three months.

  14. Spacewalk says:

    Not long to go in Deus Ex: Revision now, I’ll have it done by Monday morning.

    • HuvaaKoodia says:

      Gee, you’re fast. I’ve been playing it one or two hours about every evening since it came out and I haven’t even got to Hong Kong yet!

      In my defence, I have been playing the stealthy, look into every nook and cranny type. On top of that JC has been carrying the unconscious body of the terrorist leader (and later Lebedev) with him as proof that he didn’t kill either.

      I’m quite annoyed by the fact that, even in Revision, everyone fails to take into account that unconscious does not mean dead. Oh well, it would also be nice to continue working with UNATCO, but that would require even more development time and voice acting (which is the impossible part I reckon).

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        But… But you don’t even HAVE to knock the terrorist leader out. You can just take him in alive!

        As for Lebedev, eh. Your orders were to kill him. UNATCO really wanted the guy dead. Do you really think if you just knocked him out, that’d stop them from having someone quietly put a bullet in him while he’s napping? And then it’d be easier just to say it was you.

        Still, even this short passage has been enough to convince me what I’ll probably be playing again this weekend.

      • Spacewalk says:

        Well I have been playing it all week. But it’s still Deus Ex and I’ve played DX enough times that it would only take me five hours to get up to Paris even with maps that’ve been change this much if I wasn’t messing around which I’ve been doing lots of because these are really good maps.

  15. Thulsa Hex says:

    I had the same worries as Alec about having Life Is Strange spoiled for me so I started it yesterday and found myself sucked-in immediately. I love the setting, and despite that each area is basically a diorama, I’m amazed at how alive it feels. I properly love that it gives you so much space to soak everything in!

    I kind of fell for Oregon when visiting briefly earlier in the year and this game is reminding me of why. I wouldn’t be surprised if my wife and I ended-up in the PNW some day. Anyway… I’m not there, but I am in Minnesota. Where it’s approaching 4:30 am. I’ve just finished episode 3 and trying hard to resist starting-up the next one as I know it’ll suddenly be 8am and that’ll be another lost Saturday… Damn you, cliff-hanger!

    • SuddenSight says:

      Life is Strange probably feels the most like small town america out of any game I’ve played. It makes me wish I lived in forest country right now.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Even more so than Deadly Premonition? I jest, but genuinely love Deadly P.

        Yeah, I’m pretty stoked about the increasing number of games that are able to transport you to quieter, more relatable places – whether contemporary or nostalgic. I took photography in art school so starting-off in that class properly affected me. It just felt so authentic, even if the American academy setting differs a lot from the Irish college experience. It’s cool that a French dev was able to capture the essence of the PNW, too. If love it if they tried the same sort of thing in a Euro setting.

        Gone Home was another that did a good job at this sort of thing, I think, albeit in a different way. It was a world away from my own childhood in a lot of respects, but the living room, for example, could have been my own. Those taped-from-TV VHS tapes in the cabinet. X-files circled on the TV guide. Brilliant.

        I’m also really looking forward to the setting of Firewatch, even if I’ve yet to make it to Wyoming/Yellowstone. It just looks great. (I should really go to Wyoming in real life. Or Montana.)

  16. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I’m about to replay the old Back To The Future games (i.e, the ones originally released alongside the movies in the eighties, not the Telltale ones from a few years back) ahead of re-watching the films. All three games were impossibly rank so it should be a hell of a ride.

    Tomorrow I’ll probably procrastinate important things by playing 80 Days and maybe give Downwell another try to see if I can figure out why it’s not clicking with me.

  17. SuicideKing says:

    Arma 3 as usual. Also got a WIP mission to complete.

    Apart from that, maybe some Xenonauts, Race the Sun and MGSV.

    MGSV is kinda repetitive, I’m only 7% through. :/

    • welverin says:

      I’m 40-50% of the way as I recall, and call it repetitive all you like, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and I’ve got 160+ hours according to Steam.

      I shall be continuing on with that, naturally, and will undoubtedly be playing some TF2 as well.

  18. Strangely Brown says:

    At long last Spintires has been updated with a couple of new toys and tweaks, so I’ll be mucking about with that.

    That, and/or Witcher 3, as I’ve yet to tackle the new DLC.

  19. edwardoka says:

    After that heartbreaking “what happened to Gordon Freeman next” article that was posted during the week, I got an overwhelming urge to revisit HL2, so I’ve been doing that.
    Got as far as Sandtraps in a single sitting. I think I may have got the urge out of my system, and I can’t envisage me summoning the energy to push on to Nova Prospekt, to be honest.

    Also, Rocket League. Always Rocket League.
    And possibly a bit of Rimworld and Life is Strange. But mainly Rocket League.

  20. Bernardo says:

    After four weekends basically working, I’m playing Kingdom to relax. Also, I haven’t gotten much sleep lately because I’m stupid enough to keep returning to Alien: Isolation in the evenings.
    But most importantly, I’ve convinced my girlfriend to play Divinity: OS in co-op with me, which turns out to be a really good way of doing something together when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Though we both agree that the choice of underwear for character builds is… disappointing.

    • Vandelay says:

      If you aren’t too far, it might be worth hanging on with that. The Enhanced Edition is coming out this week (27th I believe.) Looks like it is going to add quite a lot, but that means you won’t be able to use it from mid-game.

      • Bernardo says:

        Oh right, I totally forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder! We just started yesterday, so that’s not going to be a problem.

  21. DrWayward says:

    I’m playing ‘Girlfriends parents staying over all weekend’, and honestly, wouldn’t recommend it.

    On Sunday night I’d like to get enough time to quickly finish something, probably either Life is Strange or Valiant Hearts.

  22. Risingson says:

    I finished Dragon Age Origins, at last, and its last 30 hours have been simply boring. I just needed to end the thing to uninstall it, but I ended up hating the characters, the music and the many bugs and glitches. And the writers.

    So I will need to begin another RPG. Maybe I will restart Alpha Protocol for the tenth time.

    • JamesStAnthony says:

      I’m glad someone else found the last 3rd of Origins fairly dreadful. Denerim has to go own as one of the least inspired cities in an rpg to date.

      DA: Origins is not Inon Zur’s best work.

  23. Fuzzyaardvark says:

    I finally bought Renowned Explorers: International Society, after it sitting on my wishlist since I first heard about it.

    I love this game, and it is a real shame it has not got more notice. I myself had forgotten about it until TotalBiscuit was saying how much he loved it on his Co-Optional podcast.

    If anyone fancies a charming eploration, turn based game, with FTL style random events, then give it a look.

    • Fuzzyaardvark says:

      I am pretty sure I meant exploration…

    • anHorse says:

      Cheers for mentioning this

      I saw it once and thought it looked quite interesting but promptly forgot about it

    • teije says:

      Oh yeah, this is a fun, very polished game from a small dev. A complete game is maybe 2-3 hours and it has tons of replayability.

  24. Grobmotoriker says:

    Dirt Rally. I just bought it this week and it is so addictive.
    Already joined RPS-League and probably check out the Multiplayer this Weekend.
    Wasteland 2, because its polished and playable now.I thought I get through it till Fallout 4 comes out but its too seducing to switch to the game above when I got stuck again or frustrated. But thats ok :) Both are a lot of fun

  25. finchch says:

    A three-day weekend where I am, so a little Black Flag, some Skyrim with more plugins, finishing off Tales from the Borderlands, and maybe some Curious Expedition to goad myself into purchasing Renowned Explorers.

  26. Yargh says:

    Halloween combined with release date for the new expansion means a lot of time spent with Guild Wars 2.

  27. Vandelay says:

    I’ll be continuing with betraying the beige box by playing Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii U. Currently in the mines leading to Colony 6 and enjoying the romp. It captures the feel of a classic adventure story and the characters, albeit fairly generically , all go on their own personal journeys.

    The gameplay itself is really great when everything clicks together and the way new elements are incorporated into the combat makes the initially simple mechanics expand without becoming overwhelming. I would say that I wish that the regular combat encounters were a bit harder. Far too often I am encountering 2 or 3 lone enemies that are 5 or 6 levels below me. I would think that I have just over levelled myself, but ever so often I will encounter larger groups with a couple of enemies that do match my level and the fights are tense and exciting. This is then followed by wandering around areas with lots of low level enemies again. I hope that these larger group fights become more regular, as they are really, really good.

    As I said last week, I am now really interested in the soon to be released sequel. I hope that they expand upon the ideas here and start using the extra bit of power that the Wii U offers over the Wii to create bigger environments to make it a more open world experience.

    I might also squeeze in a bit more Deus Ex Revision. I’m ultimately hoping to play through the other two games in the series before Mankind Divided being released. I’m particular interested to see how Invisible War holds up. I remember enjoying it originally, but there were clearly flaws. To be honest, I felt similar about Human Revolution (although more positively,) so I’m looking forward to compare and contrasting.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      All right, that’s it, I’m getting back into Xenoblade this weekend. I love the game but stopped playing in part due to a real-life move roughly 2/3 of the way through the game — judging by a cinematics playlist on Youtube and that I’m a relative lul after a traditional JRPG “oh snap!” point. I’ve caught up on the story via those cinematics and gotten further excited after going though my game journal (local text file), so yeah, I’m totally playing it this evening. :D

      Keep looking forward to the game! Even 2/3 of the way through, the trickle of new gameplay elements/strategies/skill lines/characters continues, and I remember the complexity being enjoyably ridiculous. Similarly to Chrono Cross (which I keep comparing it to in my journal), I haven’t found the need to farm experience, but closer to the TES games, I end up exploring areas before doing the story stuff and ignore/flee the low-level and super-high-level critters (when they don’t obliterate me). However, I do occasionally go on a fetch quest clearing rampage, and that’s less fun. At least you don’t have to return to the quest giver unless there’s something interesting that happens as a result! (One particular example I’m thinking of involved killing the leader of a group of baddies, and they took revenge when I handed in the quest, resulting in one of the most exciting battles I can remember. I almost died several times.)

      I have a vague feeling those really good just-within-your-grasp battles you mention increase in frequency, and the solid examples I can think of (including the bit in the parenthesis above) were mostly side-quests I found by exploring optional areas. You’ll probably also find yourself remembering or getting quests to return to miniboss battles you were previously forced to skip. Not sure how you feel about the associated backtracking, but I loved it since I usually ended up exploring previously ignored areas as a result.

      I was originally crazy excited upon hearing news of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s existence, but I’m actually less excited the more I see of it. I’m hopeful regarding the exploration aspect, and I’m sure the battle system’s still great, but I’m not liking most of the music, the serious-business/E3 feel of most of the trailers, and the setup of the world. On the latter point, I’m still in awe of the original’s “running around on dead gods” world and the vistas it spawns — especially during lightning storms. I also can’t imagine the characters being much better than the first game’s: They’re just so darned optimistic (granted, sometimes face-palmingly), and at times downright reasonable! There have been a few times when my angst alarms started blaring, but they were always promptly reset by someone being reasonable or humorous.

      Bah, I was going to try to keep it short, but so much for that. Have fun, and thanks for the motivation!

      • Fiatil says:

        Xenoblade Chronicles is fantastic. Fantastic in that it captured a bunch of JRPG nostalgia that was terribly hard to find for years before its release, and has a fantastic soundtrack to boot. Toss in combat that is lacking in random battles and an open world, and they managed to make everything I wanted in a modern JRPG. I’ll confess to really enjoying the story, but it’s not something I would expect someone entirely new to the genre to enjoy.

        It’s probably also worth mentioning that my experience was definitely helped by being able to play it at 1080p on our platform of choice.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Ah, interesting! I didn’t know there was a general dearth of JRPGs at the time. The last one I had played was Solatorobo, which was out only half a year before on the DS, so it never even occurred to me. That game was pretty much a hack-n-slash, but it still had the usual story trappings, excellent music, and enough character customization for me to mentally file it away as a JRPG.

          And yeah, that extra resolution is great to have. I’m stuck on the Wii since my computer can’t handle the game at full speed*, but once I upgrade, I’m totally copying my save file over so I can run around and oggle the landscape and probably make more panoramas. (That one was made from photos of the screen. -_- ) Now, if only it were possible to mod the out-of-battle interface on a functional/structural level…

          *I haven’t tried it in ages, though, so the myriad optimizations made in the meantime might be just enough.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          *edit button*
          Oh, actually it kinda sounds like you’re talking about a more specific/personal bunch of nostalgia than “general JRPG”. Now that I think about it that way, for me Xenoblade captured a lot of MMO nostalgia, sans the crowds of jumping nudes, the…zone chat, and most of the excruciating trips back to fetch quest givers.

  28. melnificent says:

    I’m playing organise my steam library by year of purchase and it’s made me realise how unwieldy my backlog has become. So once I’ve sorted the remaining 877 games I’ll be playing whatever I purchased in 2012 using the steam controller… Amnesia does look like fun.

  29. caff says:

    Dwarf Fortress!

    I’m so happy – after years of loading it up and staring at it in confusement, I’ve finally spent a couple of days watching videos and following guides enough to build a basic fortress and make me delve further into it’s systems.

    I plan on starting a new fortress this weekend that will have: 1. A drawbridge, 2. A mushroom alcohol brewing operation and 3. A gay bar.

    • tayete says:

      That’s why I’ll be playing Rimworld: it’s Dwarf Fortress, but you can easily get it working in just an hour. It also has graphics instead of ASCII, which is always an advantage.
      I played a couple of years ago DF and now I cannot even remember how to destroy the initial wagon…

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Now hang on just a minute sir and/or madam. I’d be the first to agree that Dwarf Fortress has a nigh-impenetrable learning curve. But saying that graphics are ALWAYS an advantage compared to ASCII? Them’s fighting words.

      • caff says:

        I love Rimworld too. Played maybe 10+ hours of it so far, but decided to leave it on hold until the full release.

        Part of me has just always loved the stories of other DF players. I’ve become obsessed with the idea of it, without actually playing it. So my joy is currently learning DF – faults and all.

  30. AriochRN says:

    A few hours of the single player mod for Battlefield 2142, a bit of 80 Days on the iThing and a knock on the door has just delivered link to boardgamegeek.com fresh from the colonies, so a bit of Kerbal-esque multiplayer this evening.

  31. qbnmichael says:

    I will knock over Deus Ex:Invisible War this weekend.I have played an hour already, though I have never played it before. Having just finished Deus Ex:Human Revolution DC I thought it is high time to give it a go. It is dated, but I am still enjoying it. I really liked the original and DEHRDC and if I only get a glimmer of the pleasure I have had with the other two then all will be good.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      You’ll get plenty of glimmers, and depending on your disposition, possibly a lot more. It is not a triumphant classic, but it is a heck of a lot of fun.

  32. Vorrin says:

    Hey Philippa, how did your friends vaporize the rum and coke to make it be such a dense cloud?

  33. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    Finishing up WET/Lula: The Sexy Empire (from GOG) after all these years (good grief 1998..). Currently a bit into Act 2, the “good” part of the game.

    It’s not good. It’s too easy and not much of a business manager. I have no idea how my 14 year old self found it titillating, the character sprites are just Bad, and the FMV crap…

    The soundtrack missed the opportunity to be comedy porn-bad. Instead it’s just some generic 90’s stuff and repeating riffs, plus random slurpy sex noises and moaning on top of that. My SO thought I was watching a porno. Sound off recommended.

  34. JiminyJickers says:

    I’m currently addicted to Rebel Galaxy, playing the pants off of that right now. Maybe some Kingdom as well, but getting a but frustrated with that one.

    • anHorse says:

      Rebel Galaxy’s loads of fun

      My only worry is that I’m spending way too long doing stuff in the first area so I’ve resolved to clear my current missions and try to move on with the plot a bit

    • Zenicetus says:

      Playing it here too. It’s a lot of fun. The the 2D limit on movement (or “pizza box 3D” as I heard it called on the Steam forums) doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. It’s the closest thing to the Freelancer experience I’ve seen since, well, Freelancer. A great bang for buck, I think it’s priced just right.

      I must have spent a couple of hours yesterday just finding MP3’s from my collection and setting up custom music, which is a great feature. Lots of old Ry Cooder, Sonny Landreth, and Jerry Douglas to fit the slide guitar theme.

      I’m just hoping it doesn’t get too repetitive or grindy. I’m already getting just a hint of that in the first system, but it’s probably because the combat is starting to feel too easy. I’m still in the first system, upgraded to an Icarus and moving up through the weapon tiers, so it’s time to move into other systems.

      • jonahcutter says:

        The ability to play your own custom music and playlists from within a game is a weirdly overlooked feature in gaming.

        Sure you can just do it by alt-tabbing and playing iTunes or something. But having it actually start up on the proper moments triggered by the game itself really adds to the experience. And I’m no programmer, but I at least imagine it to not be an overly difficult feature to add in.

    • Fiatil says:

      I’m also on the Rebel Galaxy train (devil train, the soundtrack tells me) this weekend. I’m kind of shocked it was so under my radar, but I think a glut of kickstarter-ey games that looked similar and didn’t pan out probably built up a bit of a filter over time.

      It checks a lot of boxes for me. Sid Meier’s Pirates, Freelancer, and Assassin’s Creed 4 naval combat is a fantastic combination. Add in a soundtrack that I didn’t know I needed in my life until I experienced it and I’m pretty hooked.

      I’ll probably be taking breaks by playing a bit of EU4 and possibly The Witcher 3 as well.

  35. Andy_Panthro says:

    Have been reading a few Elder Scrolls retrospectives over the past few weeks, so I’ve finally decided to try Skyrim (after many, many hours of Metal Gear Solid 5, which I’ll probably also play).

    I’d got kinda burned out on Bethesda RPGs after playing Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas (I know the last one is Obsidian, but it really doesn’t differ that much in gameplay), so even though I’d had Skyrim for ages I just ignored it.

    So far I’ve gone through the not very good and overly long introduction section, and arrived in the first town. It has that odd mixture of looking great and also awful, I love the wildlife running around but the houses and people look pretty poor (I guess it is old, but I can’t really mod it because I doubt my PC could handle it looking much better).

    The UI is as awful as everyone had said, not sure if it’s worse than Oblivion or I just got used to that one. Perhaps I’ll get used to this. The combat is still pretty poor, but that’s pretty much a given for TES, I don’t think any of them had particularly enjoyable combat (which is of course odd when they stuff their games full of it).

    They’ve borrowed a couple of ideas from Fallout 3, but I don’t think they’ve done a great job of integrating them. The perk system is a good idea, but not particularly well executed and the slow-motion finishing moves just look really poor (but then I was never a fan of FO3s bloody mess either).

    Need to give it a bit more time and explore some more, I’m on my first quest now (finding a stolen item that is inevitably in a nearby dungeon). Will see how I feel after a few more hours.

    • basilisk says:

      I’m not a huge fan of modding, but I do consider SkyUI essential for Skyrim, regardless of whether you play with m&kb or a gamepad. The vanilla UI is just wrong, and there’s no need to get used to it when you can simply replace it.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        I have installed SkyUI, so hopefully that will make things more tolerable.

      • welverin says:

        I installed that used it for a bit and then uninstalled it and used the original UI with no complaints for 200-250 hours. It works just fine.

        • Fiatil says:

          Yeah, it’s not quite the game killing cancer everyone made it out to be. However, I would say SkyUI is better in every way and offers a lot of useful features that I don’t want to get rid of just for argument’s sake.

          • Andy_Panthro says:

            I played through Oblivion, Fallout 3 & New Vegas with their default (very similar) UI, and that was tolerable but the Skyrim one I would argue is much worse.

            SkyUI makes things better, but only in certain ways and it’s really going to take me some getting used to. The perk/constellation system is particularly bad, as are the occasional crafting prompts which require you to click or press Y/N rather than enter/tab that are used elsewhere (or E/R).

    • yogibbear says:

      +1 to SkyUI for Vanilla playthrough, then off with you to the Thieves Guilds & Dark Brotherhood for the best quests in the game. (& all the Daedric god ones as well). Everything else is INCREDIBLY lame lame lame lame lame lame lame.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        Dark Brotherhood will be first on my list when I’ve had a bit of time to explore a little and get some decent gear.

    • fish99 says:

      You just need to get past that initial stage and get doing some quests. I stopped playing Skyrim twice at that same spot in the first village, then came back to the game a few years later and ended up loving it. I’ve done 2 full playthroughs now.

      The guild quest-lines and the DLCs are the best bits of the game I’d say, but there’s tons of little quests and stories to discover, plus a ton of fun dungeons, caves, camps and places to find.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        I’ve killed my first dragon, and the game has opened up a bit. Much better now, after the slow opening bit. I’m never going to be someone who plays it for 100+ hours, and I certainly won’t play it multiple times though.

  36. csbear says:

    I will be playing Lords of Xulima, which I am really enjoying. Also, Wasteland 2 DC with a fresh start. And some Blood Bowl 2 with my Dark Elf team. I just purchased a Witch Elf and she died immediately the following game :( What’s ironic was that she was frenzied off the pitch from what I remember. That’s the magic of BB for ya. Now I have a demoralized team with essentially no assets in gold. Good news, my best player, a DE Blitzer, got MV+1 and has been a menace.

    • teije says:

      I tried Lords of Xulima a couple times, but bounced off it hard. And I usually enjoy old school RPGs. Combat was unsatisfying and story didn’t grab me one bit.

      • csbear says:

        For some reason it has grabbed me. Can’t pinpoint what it is exactly; maybe nostalgia taking over. I wouldn’t have even considered it if it weren’t for the Codex recs. It’s supposedly a pretty long game, so we shall see how long it holds my attention. I do have Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Dragonfall which I am more eager to get to.

  37. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    I’ll be playing the ‘should I buy the Steam controller’ game. There are only two possible outcomes, but I’d rather not spoil it for anyone. Although, I’m eager to hear any recommendations or discouragement on the matter.

  38. yogibbear says:

    I have completed MGSV (73 HRs), and Kingdom (8 HRs), and am now considering playing either SOMA or doing another Fallout: New Vegas playthrough. I will probably do both. As well as play endless DOTA 2.

  39. Perkelnik says:

    Just finished Max Payne 3. It has been in my backlog for ages, now I got to finally play it. And man, what a pleasant surprise. Once I got the controls under control, I had a blast till the very last shot. Next is NFS Hot Pursuit and Black Mesa.

  40. fish99 says:

    Addicted to H1Z1 BRs at the moment. It’s not a great game mechanically, and it’s buggy, but it’s still super fun.

    If I play something else it’ll be Shadows of Mordor which I started a few days ago. The story/lore side of the game seem to be pretty weak and I think they could have done a lot more with the license, but the combat is fun, and it looks pretty.

  41. Munin says:

    After wittering on about it in the past finally finishing off my Trails in the Sky playthrough on PC. Sequel is finally coming out next week and I am hyped up for it.

    As an aside, Someone further up mentioned Renowned Explorers and I’ve seen an LP of it and it does indeed look cool and good. It is on my list of games to have a go at along with the other games recently added to that list which are Undertale and 80 Days.

  42. teije says:

    Going through Age of Decadence on a completely non-violent playthrough. Loads of fun so far working with the Commercium to manipulate everyone else and great story – can’t believe how much work went into every single piece of writing in this game. Once done, will try a completely violent playthrough – it’ll be a whole new game.

    Also will dip into Renowned Explorers since a game is a couple hours in that, and it’s so damn cheery compared to AoD.

  43. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Been playing through Dark Souls for the first time so I will play more of that. I am coming up on The Super Fun Time Twins so we will see whether I keep playing it or not.

    I have Broforce and Downwell to keep me occupied when Dark Souls starts to piss me off.

  44. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    It was totally going to be Mushroom 11 with its spiffy new difficulty-smoothing patch, and maybe some “being terrible at Pixel Galaxy” while rocking out (leaning back and forth in the chair) to its soundtrack, but someone got me excited about Xenoblade again. Tomorrow will probably be TESO pvp due to friends having time available, and because it can be pretty fun.

  45. jonahcutter says:

    Vermintide. It’s really good. Almost great.

    The combat system is basically simple in its mechanics (weak and strong melee, block, push, weak and strong ranged) but provide just enough variation in the move sets and enemy attacks that there is plenty of need to be constantly shifting tactics. There’s even a nice sideways skip/dodge move that adds to the positioning and flow. It’s really well done. Even more impressive that it’s all fps, including the melee.

    Art and audio are excellent. Great animations and lots of variation in how the Skaven die. Voice acting is excellent. The barks are well written, but inevitably get repetitive. In their favor, they’re also triggered off of your status and immediate circumstances, so it’s not just random noise. Some are pretty clever and funny (jump around in front of a Bright Wizard and you might face a scolding).

    The maps are well done for the most part. Some are on the short side (though still play well). I’d like to see more of the long, multiple stage maps like L4D had. The long maps really add to the atmosphere and tension. And the safe houses made for a nice break to recharge mentally.

    The loot system is decent. Basically you collect dice and tomes/grimoires to increase your loot roll chances at the end of successful runs. Grimoires actually lower the parties’ health, but guarantee a max roll, which is a nice risk/reward to balance.

    The loot itself doesn’t get in the way too much yet. You can do fine with basic gear if you play smart. Hopefully it doesn’t devolve into gear inflation and a treadmill grind. The one big current issue I see is that considering health is precious on harder difficulties, gear that provides supplementary health gains outclass just about any other bonus.

    All told though, they’ve really nailed the Warhammer atmosphere and a solid melee/spell version of the L4D gameplay. I’ve been sucked right in.

  46. derbefrier says:

    Warhammer: Vermintide.

    green man gaming had a 22% off voucher that worked with it so it was the right price to take a chance. Its fun. the melee combat is pretty good, the mage class is a blast, and hacking skaven in half is pretty rewarding. played some pub games on easy difficulty last night while getting the hang of it and had a lot of fun.

  47. Boult Upright says:

    Settled into Mad Max now. But I intend to clear Jeets Territory before moving on. Enjoying it to date.

  48. dawnmane says:

    Vermintide all the way!

  49. cairbre says:

    Witcher 3 for me on pc. Started MGSV on pc but am further ahead in the PS4. I regret buying the pic version now I think. Don’t want to replay those missions again. I was hungover and it made sense at the time.

  50. DevilishEggs says:

    Still fiddling with Transcendence, the space sim roguelike. It’s surprisingly rich. Although there can be too many factions. Does there really need to be pirates and outlaws and marauders on the same map?

    Also conducting an investigation in Make It Good. I’m becoming less and less confident of accomplishing what appears to be the main goal.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Congrats on discovering Transcendence! It always makes me happy when another soul finds such an underrated gem.