Before/After – Divinity: Original Sin’s Enhancements

In a typically laid back yet pleasantly upbeat and enthusiastic dev video, Larian Studios have detailed all that is new and fresh and shiny in their Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition [official site] ahead of its release next week.

Adam was impressed by what he played of the Enhanced Edition at Gamescom earlier this year, and now you can see many of its improvements side-by-side with the original in this here video below:

If you’re already in possession of the original you can look forward to the Enhanced Edition free-of-charge, which is nice. Nicer still is the fact that it comes with a whole batch of new stuff – a 360-degree view perhaps the most notable of additions from the above video. Nicer, nicer still are improved graphics, better enemy AI, a permadeath Honour Mode, a reworked story, and an uber-challenging Tactician Mode, not to mention bonus artillery and auxiliary fare in grenades, wands, and new crafting features.

One thing that should be taken into consideration by owners of the original is the fact that the Enhanced Edition will be a new game in your Steam library and not an update. Which means you can’t carry over save files from the first game. Which isn’t as nice, sadly. Still, Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition is due for release October 27.


  1. DrMcCoy says:

    Still, Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition is due for release October 27

    Except for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X folks, where it has been pushed back. Especially for GNU/Linux, this is really annoying, because that one didn’t even get the non-enhanced version, despite being a promise of the original Kickstarter campaign. And lots and lots of broken “it’s coming at X” promises.

    • felis says:

      Looking over the KS I find:

      The game will initially be available for PC. If Mac and Linux versions -and other languages- become available they will be free to owners of PC copies (digitally). Digital copies will have to be downloaded via your preferred digital retailer such as Steam or if available.”

      That is hardly a promise. Looking forward to playing the enhanced edition anyway!

      • TillEulenspiegel says:

        I searched my email; look at update #10.

        Anyway, it’ll only be about two years later than the estimated delivery date. By Kickstarter standards, not so bad.

      • TillEulenspiegel says:

        On 4 September 2013:

        It’s about time, but we are extremely happy to announce that Divinity: Original Sin will now definitely be coming to Mac & Linux. We will do everything we can to ensure that the release dates are going to coincide with the Windows PC release, but if that doesn’t happen, it will be shortly after.

        • DrMcCoy says:

          Yes, and there were several other such promises when they failed to deliver. Again and again. The last promise from a few months ago was “It’ll be a day 1 release with the Enhanced version”, a promise they back on a few days ago.

          • montorsi says:

            You told him to look up a specific update, which he did, and it promised no such thing (apologies if you are not a “he”). I’m going to guess the rest of the “promises” were you reading exactly what you wanted to read.

          • Unclepauly says:

            To Montorsi – How do you know if he looked into it? He hasn’t even replied.

    • Rhodokasaurus says:

      I have to admit to enormous schadenfreude whenever I see Linux users complaining about a game not supporting their poor life decisions. It’s made all the sweeter when you really believe game devs who say they’re going to devote months of development to an insignificant number of users (who are basically too elitist to use windows). It’s like a food snobs complaining that their goose liver patte didn’t come out until way after the other appetizers.

      So thanks for the laffs.

      • DrMcCoy says:

        Shorter Rhodokasaurus: “I am a horrible person. Throw eggs at me.”

        • Rhodokasaurus says:

          An egging sounds better than the usual “Where’s my Linux version?” conversation. Consider that the first comment (and every single comment afterward) on a news post about all the free enhancements Larian has done is a whine. I just want to know when my FreeBSD native version coming out.

        • vahnn says:

          It was a dickish way to say it, sure, but he’s kind of right. Believe me, I’d much rather use Linux than Windows, but I don’t because games. Linux releases are almost always delayed, and that’s if you even get one at all. So Windows it is.

          • hypocritelecteur says:

            It doesn’t have to be a binary choice. You can run both.

          • Apocalypse says:


            And yeah, you can run both, but if you run both you do not whine that hard about it, and most ironically the statistics from the eve-native client are telling us that a lot of people who are running both will using most of the time actually the windows client, simple because windows is the os loaded when they game ;-)

      • Superpat says:

        Well that was hardly a nice thing to say. Or a useful thing to say either. I stopped using windows mostly after having an indepth class on how windows works, so I would’nt call it a “poor decision”.

        • trashmyego says:

          It’s a decision though, and one made when there’s no secret it’s at the bottom of priority for developers. So then, why do people always complain and demand support as if they’ve been slighted? Especially when that support is rarely worth the cost for developers? There’s good reason why it’s always a delayed thing.

          • Superpat says:

            But if the dev’s made the decision to promise linux support, then why should Linux user’s be blamed for asking where it’s at?

          • trashmyego says:

            Have they canceled the forthcoming Linux release? No. I’d just expect that a user base that holds awareness and understanding of what they use to such a high standard would comprehend why it isn’t a priority. Or how the small effort to port the original version would be put on hold in light of the Enhanced Edition, which pushed the port back again since they only recently completed work on it. And I’d expect to see less Linux users posting in protest to every new indie title, demanding they all support their platform. If gaming is that important, invest in a separate boot disk, or accept the truth of the situation.

        • hpstg says:

          Wow, how in depth was that class? You even saw source code? Which version of Windows? There is nothing worse than the average Linux hipster that has no idea of neither the differences between Unixes, nor the way Windows (and its various versions) approach things.

          • Superpat says:

            Look it wasnt a fully in depth course, it was only the first semester of my computer science program, but it was enough to make me dislike it’s command line interface and the way it’s system’s interact (I’ve also been using it since win 95).

            And as for linux, I’ve just been using it for a year and half, but I would hardly call myself a ‘hipster’ (As if that was a thing). Before assigning tags or anything consider this: Maybe some people dont like the same things other people do?

            And I would never go complaining to a dev about not making a linux version, but it seems to me that theres nothing wrong in complaining a bit if they did say they want to make a linux version, but had not done it yet.

      • neonmosh says:

        “who are basically too elitist to use windows”, well then here is some food for thought: “Privacy concerns were also voiced by critics and advocates, as the operating system’s default settings and certain features require the transmission of user data to Microsoft or its partners.”

        Perhaps you got this whole Elitist thing mixed up with the preference for a modicum of privacy not afforded to the Windows crowd. You make the call.

        • Rhodokasaurus says:

          I’m the elitist? This changes everything.

          • schlusenbach says:

            Well, apart from privacy concerns: Linux is free. If you don’t want to pirate your OS, it’s the cheapest solution to get a modern OS. That’s hardly elitist.

            And when I think of other reasons to use linux there is also nothing elitist about them: safety, privacy concerns, more independence from corporations, interest in open source… all good reasons that I wouldn’t call elitist (and I’m a windows user btw.).

        • trashmyego says:

          But you’d expect any of those non-elitists not to complain like children whenever their chosen platform isn’t supported. Although like clockwork, here we are.

          • Borsook says:

            In this case it is not about supporting Linux, if they do not want to do it that’s fine, but here we have a list of broken promises and that’s never a good thing, being happy that somebody promises something to their customers and then goes into the endless delay mode is not a smart thing to do.

          • trashmyego says:

            This ‘list’ of broken promises keeps being brought up instead of being listed. I’m curious what else they didn’t follow through on that wont be included in the Enhanced Edition? When it comes to game development, what we’re getting with the Enhanced Edition is impressive for less than three years. And it’s not as if the Linux version is canceled, it’s just rightfully a low priority.

          • MercurialAlchemist says:

            Clearly there is a big difference between complaining that the latest AAA game does not support Linux (which I think most Linux users can completely understand and will either not play it, try to run it under Wine or dual-boot), and people asking for your money and specifically promising to make it available for your platform. If that’s the reason you backed the game, and the studio didn’t deliver, that’s a legitimate reason to feel ripped off.

            Much like if an author kickstarted a book, promised a translation in your native language, and promptly forgot about it.

          • trashmyego says:

            That promise wasn’t included in the campaign’s actual pitch. It was something offered gratis on top of the development of the game for Windows. It was made clear during the campaign that both Mac and Linux were taking a backseat until after release – there’s a reason every funding tier had a noticeable (*) next to Linux. And guess what? The Enhanced Edition release on consoles became a reality, there was no point in them wasting their resources on the vanilla port when they could wait until after its completion. It’s a large overhaul of the game. They didn’t trick anyone or rip anyone off. It’s still coming. It’s not something that slipped their mind, it’s just rightfully not a priority versus everything they’ve been working on up until this point.

      • JFS says:

        Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Myanacondadont says:

        If you truly think linux users choose linux just to form an elitist group, you’re an idiot.

        Monopolous corporations are a threat in our modern globalism-oriented society. A threat which can be governed somewhat by global governments. Sadly this is not always the case, especially when certain operating systems like Windows or Android have such a high global usage rate that they simply cannot be easily stopped. De facto, this allows aforementioned corporations to break competition laws and European Union treaties because of their market power. Then they take it one step further, add in data mining to increase ad profits and increase prices and proprietary elements in their software so their userbase is forced to abide by their rules.

        Linux is one of many ways to allow people to choose for Free software and GNU licenses, to choose for freedom and to avoid proprietary software. It’s a necessity if you want to keep your privacy somewhat intact, if you don’t want your information to be used for ads and if you want to fight monopolies in the software market.

        You might think this is all bullshit, but just remember: Economy dies where monopoly thrives.

        • Tacroy says:

          If you truly think linux users choose linux just to form an elitist group, you’re an idiot.

          Monopolous corporations are a threat in our modern globalism-oriented society…

          oh man i mean i use linux as my primary operating system for getting things done but the total lack of self-awareness here is simply hilarious

          • Myanacondadont says:

            Well I’m glad you replied. It’s a sad thing that you lack an education, but at least this shows that linux IS for everyone.

            You only read the first two sentences before giving up, didn’t you?

          • Jeremy says:

            Sometimes two sentences is all you need.

          • Myanacondadont says:


        • derbefrier says:

          now thats funny. use linux, save the world people.

          • Myanacondadont says:

            Linux provides a free alternative for people who don’t have the means to purchase other costly options, but who wish to partake in the information age. So yeah, using Linux does increase its popularity which in turn makes it more useful for everyone else who HAS to use it. It will increase living standards for those that are forced to use it.

        • syllopsium says:

          Android? That’d be the Linux based operating system, with libc from BSD, and a runtime strongly based on Java?

      • Sirius1 says:

        Oh, right. With your clearly more extensive experience of the OP’s situation and decisions, you call it a ‘poor life decision’. Please, tell me how to live my life, oh wise guru.

        Choice is a good thing, especially in operating system – we’ve had precious little choice about OS for far too long. I’m quietly hopeful for linux to become at least on par with Windows for gaming purposes, for many reasons. There’s no reason that it can’t be. It would vastly benefit current Windows gamers, if only they could look past their ‘Windows FTW!’ mentality – the future of Windows as a gaming platform is being held to ransom by the whims of Microsoft, and they are making some increasingly unhinged choices about it. The sooner we get some independence from that, the happier I’ll be.

        With that in mind, I’m all for linux users (and maybe future linux users?) making as much noise about alternatives as possible, *particularly* when such an alternative has already been promised, but is not being delivered.

    • d3vilsadvocate says:

      Install Windows for the love of god…

      • rustybroomhandle says:

        Wrong response. Wrong attitude.

      • nottorp says:

        To all the “install Windows” answers, here’s an executive summary:

        I will purchase a game when they deliver for my platform of choice. Which is not Windows. I will not pay money to game developers based on vague promises of Mac or Linux support only to get burned. Did that with Torchlight II thank you, will not do it again.

        Motivation? If your time is worthless or only use your PC for games, go ahead and use Windows. I have better things to do with my time than troubleshoot the OS when it stops working out of the blue again.

        Thus, Larian will get my money when they deliver a Mac version. End of story.

    • waltC says:

      Let me guess…Mac people never heard of Bootcamp (even though it’s a standard feature in OS X), and Linux people never heard of dual-booting…? Why Mac & Linux people would want to wait years-to-eternity on an OpenGL port of a D3d game beats me. If you want a game when it releases then try running Windows. It’s difficult to believe that people insisting on OS X/Linux ports of D3d games are people all that interested in gaming in the first place.

  2. Jokerme says:

    Yes, that’s an enhanced edition.

  3. Gilead says:

    Pleased that they’ve apparently done some rewriting and improved the dialogues/story. The writing was really kind of clunky — hopefully in the process of getting the dialogue fully-voiced they’ve picked up how awkward some of those sentences were.

    • Rizlar says:

      As a whole I really liked the writing though there was definitely room for improvement. Ambivalent about the full voice acting, like I said I enjoyed the writing and hope the voice work isn’t too dreadful.

      Generally though:

    • teije says:

      Great game, but the writing was definitely the weakest part of it IMO. I’m not expecting great improvements on that in the rewrite, I’ve come to expect some wonkiness in story & tone as part of the Larian package.

      Now just have to finish up my current playthrough of Age of Decadance in time for this!

  4. aircool says:

    I will most definitely play this again after the update. The only thing that stalled my second play through was the wordy quests in the first town. However, I will be avoiding a certain dog in a certain location as it made me cry. Even now I can’t think about it… I wish the devs would make a patch or mod where you can adopt him and make him happy again.

  5. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Is there anywhere I can read an actual changelog or official list of changes?

    Maybe CDPRed has spoiled me with their patch documentation, but Larian has been pretty tight-lipped about what exactly their “Enhancements” will be. The devs will make a post that “everything is rebalanced” without actually talking about what those changes are.

  6. anHorse says:


    Especially RPGs, release some more stuff in summer ffs instead of everything interesting in a 2 month period

    • socrate says:

      well it is an insane amount of work they’ve done you have to understand that this take a huge chunk of time to do.

      That said…for those that already finished it is it really gonna make them replay this ALL over again?…this game ain’t exactly baldur’s gate 2…very few game like these will make people replay them over and over again…even BG2 wasn’t replayed a tons of time for me…once you’ve done it its a magnificent experience but…redoing it all over again? even if its enhanced…i don’t know about that.

      • BTAxis says:

        Heh, I never got far with any of the Infinity games. Awful UI combined with awful systems repelled me right quick. D:OS, though, was pretty great, and I’m looking forward to replaying it.

  7. nanotechnics says:

    I would want to play this game someday.

  8. caff says:

    Crikey, that’s an insanely huge update. And a console/Mac release at the same time. They must have been busy.

    Well done Larian!

  9. pasports31 says:

    Man I can’t wait to play this game…hopefully it drops in price soon enough. Last steam sale i think it was still only 33% off or something. Already have enough crpgs in the backlog where I can’t really justify spending too much on this.

  10. Alto says:

    I’m not sure that more voice acting is a good thing, at least if it is of the same style and quality as the current voice acting.

    I had to turn the voices off very quickly because the NPC barks are so repetitive and so annoying.

    “Not in the mood for cheese! That excuse has more holes than this slice of fine Gorgombert!”

    “Let’s see, sheep’s cheese, halibut, tomatoes…”

    “Are you JOKING! I’ve been mauled! I’ll be scarred for life!” (In an EXTREMELY annoying Irish-esque accent)

    • Rizlar says:

      Actually was just playing a bit earlier and the ‘she bit my FACE’ line had me cracking up and reconsidering my unease towards the full voice over. Also pretty sure she sounds Glaswegian.

      But yeah, hopefully the rewrite has improved pacing, particularly around Cyseal, and that the barks are better paced too!

      • AndrewYF says:

        Indeed. If I hear “Cy-seal! Cy-seal! Shiver me timbers and slither me eels!” again I’m shutting off the sound.

  11. SuicideKing says:

    I haven’t played the game, just read about it here on RPS or watched the videos occasionally. I must say, that’s a lot of improvements, and the dev team seems pretty cool.

    That split screen thingy was really cool, never seen it done before.

    Not sure it’s my kind of game though, but a few friends play it so maybe someday.

    • Elgarion says:

      Split screen : Lego(tm) games made it very well and IMO are the finest example of a good split screen management.

      • Jay Load says:

        It’s criminal that it took the LEGO franchise to come up with that. Huge props to Larian for including it, particularly after release.

        • haldolium says:

          I hope it will support dual monitor splitscreen as the LEGO games do (btw. they too did evolve, the early LEGO games splitscreen isn’t nearly as good as it is today). Maybe even without the HUD stretching…

          I don’t have a huge TV and playing local coop on two dedicated monitors while still enjoying the company of friends or my gf is pretty much the ultimate coop experience in my opinion.

          Anyways, sounds all great. I loved Original Sin, it fits my taste perfectly and was imo very well executed in its first instance alreay. Larian is a great developer which I am happy to support.

  12. Flea says:

    The guy in the video constantly lacks enough oxygen to finish everything he wants to say in a sentence, but he made me want to replay the game again. Considering the fact it will be free for the owners of the original game, it’s just a matter of time before I do it. Gotta take care of a certain RPG coming out early November first…

    • eggy toast says:

      He’s not out of breath, he’s speaking off the cuff in his third best language.