This Grand Theft Auto V Hulk Mod Looks Incredible

“We all have these reservoirs of anger: how do we deal with them? Deny them, so that they flare up? Or do we incorporate them into our being in an even fashion so that they are present and not prominent?” asked Joss Whedon, the director of Marvel’s The Avengers, when explaining how they wrote The Incredible Hulk’s personality in the 2012 film. The answer? Well, aye, all of that, probably. But also smashing up Los Santos, ripping lamp posts from the ground, and tossing cars hundreds of feet into the air. That feels pretty good, too.

This Incredible Hulk script mod for Grand Theft Auto V [official site] is the best.

Here, just look at this:

It’s not the first GTA V Hulk mod, but this Patreon-backed number from JulioNIB is above and beyond the best I’ve seen. Naturally, picking up cars and launching them at helicopters circling above, playing golf with street lights and artic lorries, and bounding stories above buildings before crashing back to earth sending shockwaves in every direction is tremendous fun; but even pausing for a second to let out of those almighty belligerent and rapturous ROOOOAAARRRRs the Hulk is best known for spread joy across my face quicker than it took the green machine to dropkick a tank three streets over.

Weldon’s right, at times we all have reservoirs of anger. If you want The Hulk to help you ease your stress, though, check out the Incredible Hulk GTA V mod here.


  1. TheAngriestHobo says:

    This looks better than any licensed Hulk game ever released. If Rockstar didn’t steadfastly refuse to put GTAV on sale for any reason ever, I might even play it.

    • TTex says:

      Good things come to those who wait. If you’re patient, you’ll outlast them.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      Oh come on, it’s less than £22 for a Steam key.

      That is a lot of excellent game for the money.

    • Jakkar says:

      You’ve never played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction? It’s this, but smoother, with a huge variety of moves and better animation, minus the quality of the pre-established city simulation and the quality of the physics. It was Gamecube/Xbox era.

      Prototype was by the same developers and more or less a direct feature port reskinned for ‘edginess’ with most of what made it work missing >.>

      • Spakkenkhrist says:

        Edginess? Or was it not having to pay for a licensed character? No it must have been edginess.

        • Eight Rooks says:

          Given their non-licensed character had one of the most pathetic CRAWLING IN MY SKINNNNNNNN I want to kill everybody in the world designs imaginable, with the ridiculous backstory to match, I’m going to guess “edginess” was very much responsible for it, too. If people mock Rob Liefeld so readily then no self-respecting website should have done anything with Prototype other than laughed it out of the door. Oh, no, wait: you can dropkick a helicopter in midair, OMG!!!11!1!1!

          Christ, I despised that game. Ugh.

          • EhexT says:

            They subvert the awfulness of the main character brilliantly at the end.

      • Jay Load says:

        I did play this recently after someone else mentioned it. Decent enough, fun in short bursts, but has that “early-3D” fragility to the environments, animations and abilities. The above looks fantastic.

    • Baines says:

      Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is looking pretty dated at this point, but since its release it has pretty much been considered the best licensed Hulk game.

      Allowing for its age, Ultimate Destruction looks better than this Hulk mod. This mod has the advantage of GTAV’s city, more people, and a Hulk model presumably ripped from a modern Hulk game. But other than the jumping and landing, it also looks more like a GTAV mod than a Hulk game, no different than any other GTA mods that give you characters like Iron Man, Superman, a killer R2-D2, and the rest.

      • Eight Rooks says:

        Yup: I very much admire the work that goes into these things, but… it’d be fun for me for about five minutes, then I’d start getting bored. I beat V on PS3, and pretty much hated it, by and large. No mod I’ve seen so far could possibly make me buy it again.

        This isn’t meant to be overly negative; I just really don’t get the excitement over GTA mods. Hey, all my cars look like real cars now! Hey, I have a skin that gives me a few mildly entertaining special moves! Big whoop. It does nothing to the game world or the systems therein, much less the godawful story and worldbuilding and so on. I seriously can’t see how they’re good for anything more than some mild clickbait and wiling away a drunken evening when there’s nothing on TV, for all the man hours they obviously took to create. Maybe taking a few screenshots to show off how badass your SLI’d Titans are or something. If I’m missing something really obvious, please, feel free to correct me – I’d honestly appreciate it.

    • bill says:

      Ultimate Destruction was awesome.
      This looks pretty good for a mod, but call me when you can run up the side of buildings and break cars in half to use as metal fists and leap onto helicopters and punch them in the face.

      they could basically re-release Ultimate Destruction in a modern graphics/physics engine and it’d still be just as awesome.

      • Willium_Bob_Cole says:

        I have literally been dying for a new, GOOD hulk game. Ultimate destruction was perfect for the time, it is obviously dated now, but this mod doesn’t come close to the FEEL of just BEING the hulk, it was incredible (hulk)! If someone made a true remake/remaster or full sequel that plays as good as that did, I would be sooooo happy!

    • socrate says:

      Their was one on Ps2 that was quite fun..sadly it was at that time that it was so flooded with these hero free roaming game that people got really tired of these game and i think it didn’t do that great in sales and reviewer at that time were the kind that if you didn’t pay them under the table they would give you horrible review and basically people being what they are trusted any review at that time for some dumb reason….not as if it changed in anyway..the thing is today everyone loves everything and thing everything is a good game…and if you have the audacity to say that something suck you will be lapidated verbally or in writing on any forum that exist.

  2. thedosbox says:

    Those lamp posts are tough.

  3. Fiatil says:

    I just started having the most fun with this mod by spawning an enemy hulk, turning on invulnerability, and leading enemy Hulk around the city to get in battles with the police.

    Say what you will about GTA5, but I was just able to watch the Hulk throw cars at police while someone drove by playing Cat Stevens.

  4. Jay Load says:

    Hulk Mod + GTA V = win
    Hulk Mod + Red Faction: Guerrilla = EPICNESS BEYOND EPICNESS.

  5. Urthman says:

    The world and physics are great of course, but the terrible Hulk animations kind of ruin it. Good animations are pretty key to making you feel like you’re in the world doing super things rather than just watching a bunch of physics chaos.