Fractured Space Gets Single Lane Mode In New Update

Fractured Space [official site] is the team-based capital ship shooter that launched onto Steam Early Access late last year. It’s still there, waiting for a full launch next year, where developers Edge Case Games have recently released a pretty expansive update that includes a new game mode. “Frontline”, as it’s called, will take place in a single lane marking a distinct flip of the script as per Fractured Space’s standard multi-lane combat.

Regardless of what you might have unlocked before now, Frontline will assign players random ships from the game’s full roster of vessels in a mode which essentially encourages recklessness. “Aggressive play is recommended”, says the game’s website. A countdown timer governs the duration of each game, whereafter a sudden death mode – where respawning gets switched – kicks in and then it’s an explosion of messy shooty-bang-bang panic until there is but one winner.

Besides Frontline mode, the update ushers in some new features including the new Displacer and Overseer ships – a tactical support craft and a cannon-wielding sniper – new audio, and tweaks to the HUD – not to mention an extensive list of bug fixes. Here’s the new trailer that released alongside the update:

In-keeping with the Early Access dev-to-player reciprocal spirit, Edge Case Games can be reached to discuss Fractured Space on their Twitch channel, Thursdays 7pm-9pm GMT. That is until it goes free-to-play at launch next year.


  1. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Got this in a free weekend, but never quite got into it despite enjoying the actual shooty bang bits. Most (PUG) games seemed to end up with on team grouped up after the first engagement and the other unable to stop them – if you waited to group up yourselves they’d push so far you’d lose in 5 minutes, if you attacked them in dribs and drabs you’d lose in 5-10 minutes. A curious game, the combat itself is fun but the combination of ship speed/respawn time/team size meant it just didn’t really work as a lane pusher/MOBA/whatever.

    That was a while ago though. Anyone played it since then, has anything changed?

    • neoncat says:

      I had the same impression from the free weekend – teams were so small that whichever team grouped up first would typically win. (Also, support ships were useless.)

      The combat itself was interesting, but there was so little of it during a match. Anyone else played more recently?

  2. DutchLaw says:

    I want to like Fractured Space so much but… it seems a tad too ‘jittery’ – those promo vids etc look all twitchy. I need Marvin Gay-X-Parliament smooth, cosmic experiences and I just ain’t seeing Fractured Space delivering the same.

  3. KDR_11k says:

    One rather annoying part was that all servers were running only this mode, has this changed yet?

  4. Sacarathe says:

    Well, if this has improved to scratch the star battle itch, I might be in.

  5. vahnn says:

    I picked this up during what I believe was the beginning of its a steam ea release. It was a clunky, jittery, ugly, barely functional piece of junk, and I absolutely loved it! Every few months I’d revisit it after the latest big patch. Last time was earlier this year. It’s come a long way. It’s smooth and buttery, the ships are sexu, everything is smooth and handles nicely.

    But for some reason I’m not compelled to go back and try it out this time. I should do it anyway. Right?