Cor, That Was Fast! Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 2 Today

The second chapter of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode [official site] is out today, which is a little surprising considering the spin-off episodic storyventure game only started a fortnight ago, on October 13th. Telltale’s last few series have gone two, three, even four months between the first and second episodes, so coo-ee, aren’t you fancy?

I’m not playing Minecraft: Story Mode myself and am not sure who it’s even being made for but, here, I can tell you some words about Episode 2 and show you some moving pictures (a talkie) with a few snippets:

As for what’s going on in all that, Telltale explain:

“In the second chapter of our story, time is running out for our intrepid heroes. The Wither Storm looms ever closer, consuming everything in its wake. Depending on their decisions, Jesse and friends are off to explore either kingdoms of chaos or wondrous Redstone marvels in search of Magnus or Ellegaard, the remaining known members of The Order of the Stone. Can these legendary figures help our heroes stop the impending threat?

“Your path in ‘Assembly Required’ will differ greatly depending on your choices made in ‘The Order of the Stone’, so more than one playthrough is definitely recommended after your season concludes! Did you choose to save Gabriel or Petra amid the Wither Storm? Did you choose to seek the help of Magnus the Griefer or Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer? This is one of our most divergent episodes yet depending on the paths you’ve chosen – and many players will have completely different experiences depending on where they’ve decided to go!”

I wonder what the schedule will be like for the rest of the series. Presumably kids – this game is made for kids, right? I don’t really get it – have less patience, so perhaps Telltale are sitting on a lot of mostly-finished work. Or maybe they were only sitting on Episode 2, and may slow down with the final three. Who knows!


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    What even is this game? Like I’m so confused over what is it all about, why is it developed, who plays it, just what the hell.
    This couldn’t have been foreseen back when Minecraft was mostly just creative mode on a browser.

    • Nevard says:

      Honestly, I am not that surprised that this exists.
      Kids these days spend as much time watching Let’s Play series as actual cartoons, you can buy action figures of youtube series avatars in Toys-R-Us, and no game has more of that than Minecraft.
      I’m sure it’s not the serious fare a lot of us are looking for, but there’s definitely a huge young market for this kind of thing.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    I guess we know why Game of Thrones was taking so long.

  3. Wowbagger says:

    I’d say it was niche, but I think it’s actually that I am in the niche and this is the massive room in which the kids reside.

    Frankly, if it is well written/designed and has some comedy element I’m all for it. I won’t be playing it but as long as it isn’t turd then it can only be good for young minds to be expanded outside of a total ‘minecraft in one dimension’ fixation.

    • Enso says:

      Started watching a let’s play and it was incredibly boring and I don’t think there was even anything intended to be a joke.

      Don’t cut it slack just cause it’s for kids. Tons of wonderfully written stuff for kids such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, even Gumball.

      • Wowbagger says:

        Well yeah that’s the cardinal sin, I’m not saying it should have leeway for being for kids, but just being aimed at kids doesn’t make it bad per se.

        Gumball is great by the way :)

        • Enso says:


          Sorry. Realise I may have sounded quite blunt.

          • Wowbagger says:

            No, not at all, just wanted to make it clear I wasn’t condoning rubbish stuff for kids. :)

  4. NeutronSoup says:

    Wow, what’s up with the elitism here? Yes, the game is for kids, but my 5 and 7 year old are loving it, and frankly I’m thrilled that there’s something new they can play and I can enjoy with them. I wouldn’t play it just for myself, but it’s far from painful to play with kids, especially when you see them bouncing around with excitement at getting to make the choices in the story.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s elitism, more like cynicism. It’s yet another Telltale series which recycles the same gameplay mechanics and structure. It’s a Minecraft game where you don’t get to craft or mine anything. It gives a story to a game which has been praised for its openness and sandbox nature. It’s aimed squarely at children when the game itself appeals to all ages and audiences.

      I’m sure it’s not a bad game, it’s just that it feels a bit… off?

      • demicanadian says:

        Millions of kids watch minichima-like (or quake demo-like) story videos of youtube streamers. They don’t play, they don’t craft – they watch. Guess it’s for their “niche”.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Eh, personally I’m just disappointed. Its writing compares very poorly even to Friendship is Magic, much less the fantastic stuff like Steven Universe. It isn’t funny either.

      I was hoping that a Telltale kids game would have a great story or characters or something considering how well they can write stories which are exclusively for adults. But it’s mostly just good enough for kids, and good enough not to be tedious for adults.

      • Premium User Badge

        Phasma Felis says:

        As long as Pixar has been around, you’d think people would have realized by now that stuff with kid appeal doesn’t also have to be kinda dumb.

        • Enso says:

          Yeah but whether they care or not is another thing. They’ll make loads on this no matter what.

  5. DrollRemark says:

    I find it odd that people wouldn’t think there is any kind of crossover market between Hugely Successful Game Series A and Moderately Successful Game Series B

  6. Tycow says:

    Is it me, or does the character in the article picture look like Meg from Family Guy?

  7. alms says:

    So what you’re saying is they may have finally learned from the past second episode related mistakes?

  8. Robmonster says:

    I don’t know why people are being so sniffy about this game. Its basically an interactive machinima ,those things were /super/ popular. My daughter just loves it, and I find it fun to watch.

    No, it isn’t Minecraft. It’s using Minecraft to tell its own story in the same way as The Lego Movie