Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Not Coming To PC

I had something jolly clever and awfully funny to say about the first trailer for Crytek’s virtual reality dinogame Robinson: The Journey [official site], and it was great and you would’ve loved it. Those Crysis folks never actually confirmed a PC version, though, we’d just assumed. So yesterday they announced it’ll be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for PlayStation VR goggles, and that’s us out. That’s disappointing, both because we won’t get fancy dinosaurs and because, you guys, that post would’ve been so good.

“Exclusive” is a very flexible word, especially when consoles are involved, but a string of tweets from Crytek’s CryEngine account seem pretty clear that no, this won’t be on PC or Oculus Rift. Crytek’s Back to Dinosaur Island for Rift was clearly the spark that got them started on Robinson, but was only a tech demo. Anyway, until we hear otherwise, Robinson is no longer our concern.

Instead, let’s delight in how I would have started this post if a PC version were coming:

After some foolish experiments in the ’90s left dozens of people dead, scientists have mostly stopped trying to resurrect dinosaurs. It’s fine, don’t worry, now dinofans are only resurrecting them electron-sized within the secure confines of computers. Look at Crytek and their Robinson: The Journey, a first-person experience sort of thing with a dinosaur island safely inside y- wait, what? You have to put on virtual reality goggles and get shrunk down and travel inside your PC to confront the dinosaurs? Reader dear, do not do this – it is not safe.

Probably don’t even watch this new trailer showing a snippet with hordes of dinosaurs. I cannot guarantee your safety.

I guess we don’t get to live in a world with such sparkling wit. Thanks, Crytek.

Fine! Whatever. This trailer makes Robinson look like an on-rails quick-time event-o-rama anyway. NO YOU’RE BITTER.


  1. frightlever says:

    I’ll say this for Crytek, Far Cry was good.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Up until and including the one on one fight with the Korean commander in the mountain I enjoyed Crysis a great deal.

      • Ross Angus says:

        Is it better than that AssCreed fight, where you punch the Pope in the basement of the Vatican, Fight Club style?

      • KesMonkey says:

        For the most part, I enjoyed all 3 Crysis games immensely. Crysis 3 was far too short though.

        • Herr_C says:

          I thought all Crysis games were great up until aliens started showing up. At that point I always suddenly start loosing any interest in the game.

        • Hitchslapped says:

          I only played Crysis 1 at a friend’s computer for a while because I didn’t have the horsepower back then. Years later I bought Crysis 2 and DEAR GOD. I deleted that game after an hour. The controls where abysmal. I can honestly say that I find it much easier to hit a target with a rifle in real life than in that game. What a clunky mess

  2. unacom says:

    Yeah. Put some Dinos in it. Give us some hefty Guns and we┬┤ll be fine for some hours.

  3. FunnyB says:

    Alice’s intro reminds me of the Tenacious D song…

    “This is not the greatest song in the world…. This is just a tribute…”

  4. GWOP says:

    Last I heard, Crytek’s in a bit of a rough spot financially, so whatever helps them out.

    • Bradamantium says:

      I don’t know that releasing exclusively on a console VR platform rumored to cost as much as a whole new console will be quite the shot in the arm they need.

  5. Dr_Nick says:

    Remember when Crytek was a PC-centric developer?
    Remember how quickly they jumped over to consoles?
    Crytek was good for two things, the original Far Cry and Crysis.

    …also Warhead.

    • Sgt_Big_Bubbaloola says:

      Remember when *insert most AAA devs here* was a PC-centric developer?

    • tnzk says:

      Crytek jumped to consoles because (hardcore) PC gamers weren’t covering their costs.

      Crysis 2 & 3 = EA giving them upfront money in turn for multiplatform release
      Ryse = Microsoft giving them upfront money in turn for Xbox One launch release.

      It’s as simple as that.

      • socrate says:

        pretty much that also their dumb game suck,i lost interest in farcry like the other in a top post when they introduced bad alien stuff in the game

  6. Caiman says:

    I’m not sure that I feel any great loss over this news. For a start I’d never heard of it before your opening sentence, and now that I have… well, it’s Crytek who haven’t really produced anything innovative or interesting in years.

  7. EhexT says:

    Here it starts. Get ready for a lot of games you assumed to come out on PC to be PS4 exclusive – especially VR stuff.

    • Jay Load says:

      Feels like business as usual to me.

    • Sakkura says:

      VR stuff will look like crap on consoles, they just don’t have the graphics horsepower to do the job.

      • Hitchslapped says:

        I wonder why they even bothered to try. 1080p with 30fps is a newsworthy achievement for the current consoles and VR is so much more demanding.

  8. suibhne says:

    Sony must have paid a pretty penny for that deal up front, because any Crytek percentage of back-end sales revenue will be virtually non-existent. The target market of “PS4 + Sony VR headset” must be vanishingly small.

    • Jay Load says:

      Which makes it interesting that Crytek would go that route again after the Vista/DirectX 10 exclusivity of Crysis (you could play on XP but only with DX9, unless you cracked it…)

      • suibhne says:

        Definitely lends credence to speculation that they have serious cashflow difficulties, because it seems like they’re trading away long-term revenue and market impact for an up-front sum of money.

      • Henjin says:

        Umm… Crytek didn’t make DirectX 10 version of Crysis exclusive to Windows Vista because they wanted that. DX10 is only available on Vista and later, so if you play games on Windows XP, you have to use DX9 versions no matter what. I’m not trying to defend Crytek, but it’s not their fault here. It’s M$ who decided to not make DX10 available on XP.

    • Seafort says:

      Same thing happened to Ryse as well.

      They went exclusive to Xbox One but it almost broke Crytek till they released Ryse on PC.

      Crytek are a wannabe AAA developer with a pretty good engine behind them nothing more.

      In 2015 they are pretty much an irrelevant development studio.

      • socrate says:

        The cryengine is nothing to be proud about its extremely demanding for what it does offer and the other engine are just more efficient and worth it and can pretty much do whatever you want to do in the cryengine…not to mention its cost which they had to eventually undercut their price and ask for no royalty which is nice but its probably because they are doing poorly and nothing else

  9. SMGreer says:


    The T-Rex-alike has just got a whole Brachiosaurus to itself…but it’s still eyeing the wee kid and his tiny robot?

    Pffft…talk about forced drama!

  10. Darth Gangrel says:

    “This trailer makes Robinson look like an on-rails quick-time event-o-rama anyway” That description makes me think of another recent Crytek title, Ryse: Son of Rome, but perhaps I’m being too hard or totally wrong about that. Oh well, I’ll always have Crysis 1.

  11. TheManfromAntarctica says:

    Wheatley is that you?

  12. Hitchslapped says:

    The ps4 can’t handle anything like we’ve seen in the trailer with an acceptable framerate on a TV screen and it gets even more demanding on a VR-headest. People really shouldn’t get their hopes up because the final result won’t even come close to the trailer.

  13. Hedgeclipper says:

    Bad news for some I’m sure but they haven’t done anything I’ve wanted to play in a decade.

  14. Spuzzell says:

    I’m finding it hard to envisage any scenario where VR on PS4 works well enough to be worth buying for even a significant minority.

    There’s just not enough processing power there to make it work properly.

    Frame doubling is great for perceived gains, but since even 60 fps is beyond the reach of many PS4 titles currently, there can only be huge compromises to try and get games to actually work in VR.

    I’m not saying VR isn’t the future for consoles, but it’s absolutely not the future for this generation.

    • Nereus says:

      Not only that but what Crytek is known for, visually impressive games, isn’t going to work when you barely have the hardware to power one screen let alone two. AAA development for VR just isn’t likely to be viable because the console market can’t do it, not without serious attention to substance over style which hasn’t been AAA’s focus for a long while.

  15. ninenullseven says:

    It’s okay actually. VR will be a flop inevitably (especially on PS4). Crytek isn’t there for sales, they are doing it for Sony’s moneys directly. ‘Exclusivity’ means good paycheck (god I hate this word, it means ‘artificial restriction to make idiots feel good about being ripped off’). Sony ain’t good at decisions last couple of years, the only thing that actually works – their aggressive PR. So Sony rips off customers, Crytek rips off Sony, and we PC folks are too free to be ripped off. So there is no point in trying. Business man is cold b***h.

  16. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Yes, because if there’s any platform that’s currently booming with hyper-lucrative survival simulators, it’s the PS4.

    Because if there’s any platform that has a playerbase who might remotely remember Robinson’s Requiem, it’s the PS4.

  17. Nereus says:

    Part of me yearns for a Crysis 2. Not the Crysis meets modern warfare we got. I just want lush jungles and beautiful beaches. I spent a good hour or two frollicking on the beach in the first level of that game.

    Another part of me isn’t bothered in the slightest that Crytek’s latest disappointment won’t be gracing my shores. If it was developed for consoles I have no doubt the limitations of the hardware will have stripped most of what I loved about the original Crysis game away. Oh well.

  18. Pelicashka says:

    Yes! Actually my first thought was that I would like a Robison’s Requiem with these shiny new graphics. And I do own a PS4.

  19. racccoon says:

    Seems Crytek has opted not to code anymore.
    Going one single system means Crytek can’t code at all.