Boo! Outlast 2 Announced For 2016

Not a dracula.

Outlast was one of the first shiny-polished horror games to rise from the growing trend for first-person unarmed spooky walkers in 2013. It was pretty good, Ben said when we gave him a pair of extra-strong pants and sent him into a spooky asylum.

Developers Red Barrels today announced a second round of spookings for autumn 2016, though it looks like Outlast 2 [official site] will be headed somewhere quite different. Judging from the short teaser trailer and a few bits of artwork, I’m going to guess… a reclusive religious community in the American South, and perhaps a little The Hills Have Eyes-y? See what you make of it:

Here’s what Red Barrels have to say:

“No conflict is ever black and white. But once the dust has settled, the victors get to decide who was right and who was wrong. Who is good and who is evil. Human nature pushes us to extremes of violence and depravity, which we then justify by divine inspiration and a promise of paradise to come. Horror rises from desperation and blind faith. Outlast 2 will test your faith, pushing players to a place where going mad is the only sane thing to do.”

Ooh, mysterious! It’s not much to go on but hey, a horror game can hardly skip International Spooky Week. I wonder if can do that theme justice. Faith is a mighty strong thing but video games often handle it poorly, boiling away the power and conviction and hope to leave quotes from the sexy, dangerous, fire-and-brimstone bits of the Bible. Seems a waste, really. Not that themes of mental health and asylums fare any better, mind.

2016 is when Outlast 2’s due on Windows and Mac. Red Barrels confirmed a sequel a year ago, but didn’t have much to say, and are only now formally announcing it.


  1. Minglefingler says:

    There is a very good chance that I will buy this and never finish it due to being terrified by horror games that don’t give you a weapon. If this happens (let’s face it, it will) then I’ll be a little cross with myself.

  2. Jalan says:

    Looking forward to this. I had a lot of issues with the plot of the first game (the main game, not the Whistleblower DLC) but once they released Whistleblower I was ready to forgive them. Whistleblower I found to be arguably better than the main game itself, even if it was a shorter experience overall.

    The only thing I expect from this sequel is a clearer narrative focus (even if it has to drop into ridiculous pseudo-science and techno malarkey like the first game did) that doesn’t need a piece of DLC to help put it into better context.

  3. racccoon says:

    Nice video, the fire was nicely created and animated. but, needed a few touches to base, the ground needed some fire n smouldering too. ;)

  4. Faults says:

    I don’t know… I’m still not sure how to feel about Outlast. Loads of my friends tried to get me to play it after telling me it was ‘legit scary’ and ‘like Amnesia but better’, but I really could not get into it.

    Everything from the tired and hackneyed ‘SPOOKY ASYLUM’ trope, to spending upwards of half an hour in one area, running around in circles away from some supposedly scary monster that couldn’t even catch up with me just totally eroded my suspension of disbelief. The camcorder mechanic felt like a total contrivance, as did having no means to fight back – one of the early encounters is literally an angry old man with a plank of wood as a weapon, are you seriously fucking telling me the protagonist isn’t even going to attempt to overpower him? COME ON. At least in Amnesia you were facing off against unspeakable abominations that drove you insane if you looked at them directly.

    It was kind of just like Red Barrels looked at what Frictional were doing and thought ‘hey, there’s a scary game that the critics loved, let’s try to replicate that’ while failing to understand anything about what made Amnesia so fun and scary.

    Basically, I really hope they up their game for the next one.