Murdertown: Hitman Trailer Explores Sunny Sapienza

A fine place for a murder!

“That’s a nice swimming pool; I could drown someone in there. What a cute caffetteria on the plaza; I wonder if I can poison its coffee. Ooh, golf; I bet I can bash someone’s head in with that golf bat. Hmm boats; might I chop someone up with their propellers?”

A video showing off a sunny Mediterranean town takes on a sinister tone when it’s from Hitman [official site]. It’s more than sightseeing: this is here to remind us that the next sandbox stealth-o-murder simulator is supposed to offer larger levels than its predecessor, the disappointing Absolution, and with more freedom. See:

Aye, sure, that definitely seems more interesting than Absolution. Interesting options and unexpected opportunities are what makes Hitman run, rather than necessarily sheer size, but Adam’s time with Hitman suggests it may have both. The level he played was set during a fashion show in Paris, where he found:

“Within the large building in which the fashion show is being held, there are backstage areas with electrical equipment to tamper with, gas heaters on balconies that could prove that smoking kills, and death from above can come in the form of light rigs and chandeliers. There are foodstuffs to poison, towers to snipe from, fireworks to cause distractions, NPCs with schedules to follow, and numerous ways to smuggle weapons into restricted areas.

“If every area in the game is as thick with potential subplots and experimental ‘accidents’, Hitman will be a rich game.”

The first slice of Hitman will arrive in March 2016, having recently been delayed. I say “the first slice” because it’ll only have half of the game’s locations (Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh). Each month through June, they’ll add a new location with new missions, and all along support it with temporary ‘live events’ like one-off assassinations. It’ll be sold several ways: $60 for the full game with new bits as they’re added, $35 for the initial three-location ‘Intro Pack’, and $30 to upgrade the Intro Pack to the full thing. Publishers Square Enix swear blind it’s not an episodic or early access game, but it seems a bit of both to me.


  1. Dorga says:

    Bummer, I hoped that by Sapienza they meant Rome’s university..

    • KastaRules says:

      That would have been cool.

      • oyog says:

        While it would probably make for a great game environment killing things in a school would probably risk alienating the American audience.

  2. FoSmash says:

    This is a potentially far more compelling reason to get a new system with 16GB of BatRam..

  3. amcathlan says:

    Yeessshhh…..gimme that sweet bloody-money scent again, let me become part of the scene, and then let that scene turn methodically into a charnel house. You silly Danes pull this one off, and I will swear an oath to pretend that Hitman: Abortion never happened, and then all will be right with the world once again.

  4. jezcentral says:

    At last, a less serious disguise: the priest.

    I’m still looking forward to the chicken costume, or dinner jacket with sheer tights and high heels.

  5. gorgonaut says:

    Parts of that video look magnificent, yet parts of it look super-duper weird.
    Take a look at the roof and the walls from 0:38 to 0:50- it’s distracting how low-res some parts seem.
    I love me some assassinating, and I recognize that graphics aren’t everything, but this sort of stands out.

  6. Sinjun says:

    I seriously got fucking chills when Bateson came in at the end with “Check, please”. Really excited for this, and IO makes the best god damn trailers. 2016 is going to start out awesome with this, Doom, and Deus Ex.

  7. Det. Bullock says:

    As a Portofino-like (the inspiration is definetively there, though the town itself seems bigger than its real-life counterpart) place it looks even fairly realistic so far, there are even the forests of antennas and electric lines that are so common here and are often omitted for the sake of picturesque.

  8. Penguin_Factory says:

    This looks like exactly what I wanted Absolution to be.

  9. Guy Montag says:

    You’re probably seeing LOD textures there. Someone took that shot from far away and they didn’t notice the detail loss during editing.

    • Guy Montag says:

      Of course, this is meant to be a reply to gorgonaut. RPS commenting system strikes again!

      • gorgonaut says:

        I think you’re right- The angles on most of the problematic shots indicate a low FOV/high focal length.
        Good thinking!

  10. Banks says:


  11. grimdanfango says:

    Thank god, after the previous generic mess, it actually appears they greenlit production of a Hitman game this time!

  12. silentdan says:

    I have very high hopes for this game, but not high enough to buy it before the whole thing is released. When it’s finished, if I’ve heard good things, I’ll pick it up, but I’m not inclined to pay $60 for half a game, or $30 for a DLC platform.

  13. apa says:

    I believe I’ve been on holiday in that town, or one very much like that.

    • v21v21v21 says:

      If you would just step this way please and tell us where exactly were you on the afternoon of August 15th, at around 3pm?

  14. heretic says:

    These Hitman trailers are really well produced (thumbs up for glitch mob song!), can’t wait to play it.

  15. DancesWithPotatoes says:

    Golf… bat?

  16. Renegade says:

    I won’t be pre-ordering with how burned I felt by Absolution. Still I really want this game to succeed as the true sequal to Blood Money.

  17. racccoon says:

    I prefer a more larger city world like Russia, London, etc, it would make it more spectacular. The old terracotta roofs in this look plain and ordinary like the norm played before, the game environment has to be better as from the the video so we hope! I love any hitman game as long as it works. lets hope so.

  18. Frosty Grin says:

    What’s with the colors? Look sad and washed out to me.