Go To Bed: Survive The Night Now Spooking PC

Go To Bed: Survive The Night [official site] is the gamification of all those childhood nights you spent cowering under the covers completely convinced the monsters under your bed were real. They’re not real. They’re not real. They’re…ah, sorry, old habits die hard. It looks simple, but there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye.

It’s a straightforward proposition: protect the young boy who’s tucked up in bed from the things that go bump in the night. These take the form of ghouls and shadows and spider-like creatures at first, before morphing into weirder and wilder horrors as the lad’s cruel imagination begins to run away with itself. All you need to do is click them away in a sort of Whack-a-Mole meets Missile Command type setup. Have a look:

In essence, Go To Bed: Survive The Night is a clicker game at heart, but what makes it exciting is how it forces you to figure out each beast’s weakness in real time. At first, the shadowy demons that crowd the young fella’s bed require just one click in order to be banished. As you progress they might require two or three whilst others split into groups. Some will fade into the background as you hover over them. Individually this is no bother, but when you add them all into the irrational hypnagogic hallucinations of a child at once, against the clock, it becomes a real challenge. There’s some additional perks and bonus systems in there too, but the real joy of Go To Bed is seeing how quickly you can cramp up your hand in a click-cluster frenzy.

Scared? Of course you’re not, tough guy. Me neither. (They’re not real, they’re not real.)

Go To Bed: Survive The Night was initially released for pocket telephones last year, and comes to Windows a new challenge mode. You can snag it from Steam at a discounted launch price of £2.16.


  1. anHorse says:

    Um why is an atrocious game that wouldn’t have even been a good newgrounds entry getting coverage?

  2. Psyduck says:

    This was covered by Jim Sterling… And is total crapware. I have been following RPS for at least a year… But things are getting strange. Your article quality has plummeted recently, and this is, unfortunately, the nail in the coffin.

    • SprintJack says:

      I have been baffled by some articles popping up on this site lately.
      Been reading RPS daily since around 2011 and I am getting feeling its going downhill for some time now.

  3. KreissV says:

    So RPS reviews shovelware now? And compliments? To google for a new site! Any recommendations?

    • Dicehuge says:

      Recommendations for google? “google.com” usually gets you there. You can add the .uk if relevant, but it’s essentially the same site.

    • mouton says:

      I agree, gaming sites should only ever talk about games I approve and like.

  4. unit 3000-21 says:

    Damn, I was really hoping for a game about a hardcore pub crawl with Wire’s drummer.