The Technomancer Makes First Contact With New Trailer

So, cards on the table, I’ve heard of technomancy but I’m not entirely sure what a technomancer is, nor what falls under the remit of such a title. If you’re in a similar position, this trailer for The Technomancer [official site] tells us that front man Zachariah is “a warrior that’s able to harness his bio-electric power into powerful skills and abilities in combat”. Huh, there you go. The rest of the vid shares a lot of new information about French outfit Spiders’ upcoming game, with a focus on combat.

I wouldn’t normally pass comment on how a promo trailer is voiced, but there’s something weirdly hypnotic about how this one’s narrated:

Yes, it is set in the same world as Spiders’ Mars: War Logs but no, they’re not calling it a sequel. They’ve barely mentioned the connection, probably because War Logs wasn’t that great.

Anyway, plenty of “fact bombs” in that trailer, as Alice might say, most notably around the fighting stances you’ll adopt as you fight your way across Mars, now ex-communicated from Earth. ‘Warrior’ marks highly mobile long-ranged melee attacks with enough scope to hit multiple targets; ‘Rogue’ arms you with a knife and gun with a focus on rolls and dodges and similar gymnast-a-thon twists and turns; and ‘Guardian’ hands you a mace and shield and allows you to block and beat foes to death with powerful advances.

Outwith the brutality, there’s plenty of the Red Planet to explore on your lonesome, alongside companions or, if you get close enough, hand-in-hand with lovers. The game’s crafting system pokes its nose in towards the end of the trailer, but we can expect to see more on that before now and The Technomancer’s full release. And that big bastard ant thing with the pincers and the claws and roaring at the end there. No doubt more on that too.

The Technomancer is due in 2016, published by Focus Home Interactive. They’re responsible for that hypnotic voice.


  1. JohnGreenArt says:

    I only played the demo for MARS: WAR LOGS, and I enjoyed it for the most part. I’d been meaning to pick it up when it’s been on sale, but just haven’t gotten around to it, as the world in the game is the kind I like running around in. This new game looks to be VERY much MARS 2, which seems promising. Whatever faults the previous game had, hopefully that means Spiders has tweaked and corrected them. It’s always frustrating when a game comes out that is pretty much mediocre but interesting enough that you want to see where the developer takes it next, because usually games like that do so poorly financially that the developer tackles something completely different. It’s nice to see Spiders hasn’t abandoned the MARS: WAR LOGS universe.

  2. lomaxgnome says:

    I enjoyed Mars: War Logs, mostly because it let me play as a technomagemancer. And to the devs credit, they went back and completely updated the English translation, which is probably why players seemed to like it a lot better than reviewers. I’m a little worried this one looks like it is pushing more towards just being an action game with only melee options and a de-emphasis on the “magical” aspects of technomancy, but we’ll see.

  3. lizzardborn says:

    That creature looks disturbingly like tyra..zerg.

  4. snowgim says:

    Hey you’re right, that narration is weirdly hypnotic. I think it’s because his voice keeps rising and falling, like watching boats bob up and down on the ocean waves, or perhaps a tree swaying in the breeze…

    • April March says:

      The narrator sounds equal parts documentarian, youtuber and auctioneer.

  5. frightlever says:

    Did these guys make Bound by Flame? I gotta wonder why that guy is bashing everyone in a Science Fiction game, where I would expect there to be, ya know, guns.

  6. racccoon says:

    FLAW: warrior looks exactly like the starwars kid moves link to

  7. socrate says:

    yay more horrible melee combat,in a futuristic post apocalypse game at that,just what we need these days

    • Sonntam says:

      Oh, please, as if we don’t have enough terrible sci-fi shooters already. Spiders had been improving this combqt system over the last two games (Mars: War Logs, then it had bern ported to Bound By Flame). Now I expect the combat system go deeper and make club & shield gameplay finally worthwhile. A shame magic/technomancy will take a lesser role, though. (As for lore: Maes is not all that technologically advanced, bizzarely enough. Couple this with few resources qnd you get this anachronistic melee combat. I personally find it more interesting than your typical futuristic combat with unlimited ammo.)

  8. Harlander says:

    I rather enjoyed War Logs, despite its general mild ropiness and terrible name, so I’m on board for some more.

  9. Necrourgist says:

    Technically *hurr* the correct term would be Technourgist or Technomagus because Whatevermancy simply means divination through whatever. Well, i guess he IS divining stuff through technology for shits and giggles, but the stunts he is pulling off lead me to believe he is more of an actual Technougist/Technomagus. TL;DR: Herpa Derpa smartass -> -mancy means divination, -urgy and -magi means willing into existence, creation of and manipulation of -, Whatevermancy is a misnomer that’s been sticking around for far too long.

    • MrUnimport says:

      Are you suggesting that this man’s specialty is not in fact cybermancy?

      • Necrourgist says:

        Its no -mancy at all :P Its all -urgy and -magi ;)

        • MrUnimport says:

          Okay, but bear with me — what about — DIVINE cybermancy?

        • MrUnimport says:

          Okay, but bear with me — what about — DIVINE cybermancy

          • Necrourgist says:

            DIVINE Cybermancy *hurr*, if you go just by the word combination DOES mean that the Cyber*mancy* has a divine source, but only if it is depicted as divining therefore foretelling events and movements is it CyberMANCY in the true sense of the word. Otherwise, if it is shown as creating or manipulating/wielding powers connected to technological/electronical energies/components/apparutes it is CyberURGY or CyberMAGI ^^

  10. zarosio says:

    I played Mars war logs and thought it wasnt that great. I went and played Bound by flame which is a fantasy RPG made by the same people and thought it was really good and definitely worth a buy when on sale. I am hoping this one shapes up to be similar to bound by flame.