Friday The 13th: 1v7 Multiplayer Murder On Kickstarter

A 1v7 multiplayer game with a near-supernatural killer hunting down hapless teenagers at a summer camp sounds grand to me. Third-person murderfest Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp was announced earlier this year, but has since picked up a license to the slasher movies it’s riffing off and is simply Friday the 13th: The Game [official site]. I’m not bothered about the license – Braindead and Hellraiser were more my type – but dang, the game idea tickles my murderfancy. If that’s up your (Elm) street, hey, it’s now on Kickstarter for funds to finish development.

Friday the 13th is being made by Gun Media, the folks behind Breach & Clear, along with IllFonic Studios, whose work includes the commercial version of Nexuiz and prototyping Star Citizen’s FPS module. Neither has produced something truly great, but they have released games. They’ve also dragged in horror makeup maestro Tom Savini, Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini, and recent Jason actor Kane Hodder. Having landed the license, they decided to expand their plans, hence Kickstarter.

The role of Jason Voorhees is pretty clear – murder everyone brutally with melee and environmental kills – but what about the camp counsellors? Their objective is to find a way to escape, such as repairing a boat, and maybe they can slow Jason or even kill him. They’re class-based and come in classic horror victim archetypes, so the nerd might be better for repairing phonelines to call the rozzers or the final girl might have a better chance to kill Jason. It sounds grand, if they can balance it.

They’re looking for $700,000 (£450,000) on Kickstarter and, with 11 days still to go, it’s almost at $600k. Pledging $30 (£20) would get you a copy of the finished game, which is due in October 2016. Stretch goals are, ah, interesting – mostly adding violent new murder animations for Jason. They’d like to make a single-player mode too, but don’t promise one. Here’s the pitch:

If you dig slasher movies, do also have a gander at the traps and antics of Lakeview Cabin Collection. My only other point of gaming reference for slasher movies is Horrorshow Quake, and I suspect Friday the 13th will be nothing like that.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Lets hope this isn’t anything like the Friday the 13th on the NES.

  2. sandineyes says:

    Personally, I think it would be more thematic like this: the seven players play teenagers that can fend off the murderer in 1vs2+ melees, but have the scoring like this:
    – the seven teens score points by partnering up with one other teen, heading to a private place away from the others and engaging in a long PG13-rated fornication animation that leaves them vulnerable to the killer, who can kill at least one of them if he finds them, and is magically gifted with the ability to sense nearby teens fornicating.
    – When the teens screw, each gets a point; when the killer kills, he gets a point. The teens team score is the sum of all the teens points. When a teen is killed, their team loses the points that that player accumulated and the teen respawns (as a different teen). When the killer is seemingly killed, he waits to respawn, but does not lose points.
    -The game ends when a timer runs out. The team with the most points wins.

  3. Kefren says:

    I’d be interested if it was first person. The perfect perspective for being snuck up on, and feeling paranoid, and feeling that there is danger all around.

    Third person means see the toy in black move towards your toy in red. Move away from toy in black. Try to remember what was scary about the films.

  4. Jerppa says:

    “the nerd might be better for repairing phonelines to call the rozzers or the final girl might have a better chance to kill Jason.”

    What about the black guy?

  5. airtekh says:

    Sounds similar in concept to Damned.

    This kind of asymmetrical multiplayer is my kind of thing so I’ll definitely keep an eye on this.

  6. socrate says:

    Hate these video all about people talking and hyping an vision…and more multiplayer only game…just what we need…you already have a pain of a time trying to find 4 retard that can actually work together….so 7…yeah that sound SOOOOOOOOO fun

    • a_thief says:

      I totally agree. It seems they only show concept art and an ambient demo – no actual gameplay. I’m not sold at all – have they actually built a prototype to, well, test the gameplay? Because it doesn’t sound fun to me.

  7. Doghaus says:

    I loved Horrorshow Quake! We had so much fun with that at LAN parties, I always hoped someone would make an updated version.

  8. Daiz says:

    Reminds me of this HL2 mod called The Hidden that I used to play back in the day… pits a team of special ops soldiers against a knife-wielding dude who’s almost completely invisible. It was a lot of fun.

  9. metric day says:

    Illfonic? Those people are terrible.

  10. nps says:

    Elaborate to explain why? I didn’t find any controversy stories about them.