Sword Coast Legends Mod Support Due In December

Alec, Graham, and John ventured into Sword Coast Legends [official site] with hearts full of adventure and hope, but trudged back out disappointed. They wanted grand co-op D&D adventures, they found unremarkable dungeon-crawling. Well, developers n-Space say they have a few words for folks who were disappointed: “We hear you.” Wait, come back, they have more words too. They’ve detailed plans for a few future updates fixing complaints and bugs and adding new stuff too. That all kicked off with a Halloween-y update on Friday, and leads to mod support in December.

The Halloween update brought spooky bits and pieces for DMs to place, as you might expect, along with a few tweaks. Another update next week will bring 150-ish ‘nature’ objects and a new outdoor area for DMs to play with, along with opening companion-specific skill trees to players, respeccing, and an item stash. The end of November will bring Drow Elves, a village area and bits for DMs, and more options in the death and party wiping rules. As for the mod support coming some time in December, n-Space say it’ll include a tile-based level editor, a dialogue editor, and “adjustable game systems” like the “round timer, loot tables, etc.”

They’re also planning to release for free Rage of Demons, a tie-in to a new tabletop storyline which was originally announced as paid DLC – and offered as a pre-order bonus. Expect demons and Drizzt Do’Urden.

It doesn’t sound like all this will help folks who essentially wanted a different game – I tried to explain to them what Sword Coast Legends actually was, I did – but it sounds like it’ll do a fair job of making the game bigger and better.


  1. HONESTMAN1 says:

    I do like the game. In general I would have preferred if the game was turn based. Making the game turn based would make coordination between players a lot better and would allow for a lot more interesting use of abilities. There are abilities that are difficult to use in real time.

  2. MeestaNob says:

    Of all the games to have mod support you’d think this one would have it on day 1…

  3. Evilution says:

    I am reserving my review of the game until February because I believe the creators will listen to the players. The only thing I ask is the ability to have more conversation options in DM mode instead of just fetch quest dialogue. I want a breathing world without limitations on speech.

  4. KillahMate says:

    On a semi-related note, has anyone had any recent experience with the BiG World Project unifying mod for the original Baldur’s Gate games? It’s been a while for me, how’s the bug count these days – worth getting into again?

  5. ffordesoon says:

    If they follow through on these promises, I might be halfway interested.

  6. Neurotic says:

    It seems to me that it was made with absolutely the best will, but to a too-tight schedule that forced them to have to release a hugely limited product, if they wanted to release a largely bug-free, un-Arkham-like game. Something like this should be designed for twice as long and built for three times as long, at least.

  7. JabbaButt says:

    This article is wrong and misleading in at least one key respect.
    Rage of Demons is NOT free. It is free only for those who pre-ordered the game. If you buy the game now, you’ll have to pay for the DLC separately.

    Moreover with respect to mod support, they plan to include a number of the features described in the article, but this is NOT a guarantee. Each of those editors will invariably be more limited than players are going to expect. Remember that N-Space has a small team and has an aggressive update schedule planned. What players will get will help, but we’re not looking at NWN level bells and whistles here. Datamining has also shown that the only tilesets in the game are the dungeon tilesets. As of now, the outdoor maps are handcrafted, not procedurally generated, so good luck if you expect to build a good looking new city.