Corpseburg Is Zombie Survival On A Google Map

I live in Bath, England, a Georgian city with an abundance of coffee shops and places to buy hummus, but a real lack of hardware stores. This is a problem when I need to buy nails, but also when playing Corpseburg. It’s a free browser game in which you attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse, the trick being that it’s played upon a Google Map. You provide the starting address, and the locations you’re then looting and dying inside are the real shops, pubs and schools nearby.

The game splits Google Maps into grid squares and each movement between those squares puts you at danger from zombies. In each square, you have the option to scout for locations, to fortify a location, or to try to sleep. Scouting for locations is what reveals the nearby restaurants, shops and other businesses that can be broken into and scavenged.

Hardware shops are important because they’re a useful place to find weapons and tools for fortification, without which you’ll be vulnerable while travelling and vulnerable when sleeping at home at night. I’ve yet to find a usable weapon in Bath, though I was able to break into my local pub and nab a crate of beer, and to steal some protective boards from the toilets in a local nursery. Hey – it’s an apocalypse. See the image above; Jane Austen described Charlcombe as being “sweetly situated in a little green valley,” but things have changed.

It’s a simple game but fun, and your inevitable demise is more interesting for it having happened in your actual neighbourhood. It almost makes me glad that Google Maps is shit enough to think there’s a Debenhams in Woolley, a village of about 12 people.

Corpseburg was released in September and has an official site, but the version on Kongregate linked in the first paragraph is the newest.

Thanks, Free Game Planet.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    It was a bit rubbish because it didn’t come up with half the places that exist in my small town, and every movement was a slow degradation towards death, as zombies were always encountered. Nice idea though.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I just tried and didn’t see my local boozer the first time I scouted. Died, started again and found it the second time. I think it’s just a random selection of places each time – t’others are presumably either destroyed or undiscovered.

  2. diseasedcrow says:

    Ah only down the road XD

  3. floogles says:

    I’ve often wondered how awesome it would be to have multiplayer games set in your own neighborhood. Imagine left 4 dead based around your home.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I’m pretty sure that 50% of first mapping efforts are the mapper’s school/local area.
      It turns out the Doom engine was pretty rubbish for mapping my multiple-story school.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Hmm… there’s a very comprehensive hardware store on Moorland Road, Graham. I’ve been using it frequently for DIY purposes. I’m now going to have to play the game just to see if it’s in there!

    • MacBeth says:

      …and it’s not featured. Disappointing. I did loot my favourite curry house and find a cleaver, though.

      • Mortomes says:

        It seems to randomize which buildings are available in each grid block per game. Would be a bit overkill to have every single building available.

        • Premium User Badge

          Graham Smith says:

          Google Maps can be a bit shite when it comes to businesses and their positions. Often depends entirely on whether businesses themselves have filled in details.

          And Moorland road is the other side of town! i) I’d be beaten half to death by then and ii) There is no easy bus route.

          • DrollRemark says:

            I think it’s safe to assume that buses would probably be running at a fairly reduced service.

          • Thurgret says:

            He doesn’t mean in the game. Those Bath tourists are fearsome.

    • Premium User Badge

      Sihoiba says:

      There’s also the very useful Hardware Store in the guildhall market, and one up in Combe Down though that’s a bit out of the way.

      Also hi fellow Bath based RPSers!

      • Premium User Badge

        Graham Smith says:

        Guildhall is the one I use, but it’s small enough that, though packed, it doesn’t always have everything. In which case it’s a trudge to Homebase.

  5. Raoul Duke says:

    I doubt it is possible to be more bored with a thing than I am with zombies. I thought we all agreed to have a sci fi renaissance? At this point I’d even settle for a high fantasy phase. Just please, no more bloody zombies.

  6. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Now to do a Google search for “most remote places on earth” and starve to death on Google maps!

    • ZPG Lazarus says:

      It’s all fun and games living in Alaska until you’re mauled by zombie bears.

  7. dorobo says:

    If It starts while at work I would get myself evacuated!

  8. klops says:

    Nice idea.
    Poor game.

  9. benkc says:

    Rural seems easier than town. Every cell is guaranteed at least one lootable, and the “abandoned cars” are pretty decent loot; combined with the much lower zombie density, you can live quite a while out there.

    My first two games I died in the city around 10 days in. My third game I made it north to rural areas. Explored to the northwest corner, then made it to the northeast corner around day 30, with tons of weapons and food and defense material. At which point, the extraction zone spawned in the middle of the bay in the southeast corner. >_<

    After a bit of dawdling around I decided to try to make a swim for it. Making it through the densely populated coastal area took out most of my health, and, it turns out the bay has plenty of zombies too. I died while moving onto the square with the extraction point. Sad.

    • benkc says:

      Also: I’m glad this exists, but it’s not quite what I was hoping for. The pacman-on-google-maps from earlier this year (and the older tower-defense-on-google-maps, I forget what it was called) had me wanting to play (or make) a survival game on google maps.

      The way that this just cuts the maps into squares without using the streets at all was a disappointment, though.