Have You Played… Din’s Curse?

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I’m not sure this place is worth saving. The townspeople are complaining about roaches in their food supplies, it never seems to stop raining and a couple of local idiots need a helping hand having wandered into the dungeon to grab some loot. I’d abandon the place if it weren’t for the big ghostly fella who’s keeping an eye on me. He’s Din. I’m a reluctant hero. This is Din’s Curse, my favourite action RPG.

That’s just one of the randomised towns in Din’s Curse. Every playthrough is different and every playthrough feels alive.

Imagine Diablo if the monsters could escape from the dungeon and attack Tristram. In fact, imagine Diablo if just about anything that was mentioned in a questline was actually happening in the world. Someone mentions a specific monster who has committed atrocities? That monster exists somewhere in the world and will commit more atrocities if you don’t shove a sword into its face. Or perhaps a person, with a name and a job, needs you to gather some items so that he can create medicine for a family member. If you don’t find the stuff in time, that family member will die and you’ll have one miserable and perhaps resentful NPC on your hands.

Soldak’s games can’t compete with the slick polish of a Blizzard ARPG but the stiffness of the animations and occasional clutter of the screen fades into insignificance as soon as the dynamic nature of the world gets its claws into you. There is urgency – threats are active and growing – and there is life beyond your cursor.


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    Qazinsky says:

    I quite like Din’s curse myself, but I do feel that the skills are a bit unbalanced. I seem to remember that as a melee class, you kind of had to choose one of two trees or you would lack decent AoE and kill that much slower. On the other hand, it’s quite fun to see your brother crush himself with debris from the ceiling due to his earthquake spell.

  2. Telkir says:

    No links for people to visit?

    link to soldak.com

    link to gog.com

    Din’s Curse is one of those games that I’d love to buy and try out but my never-shrinking backlog just grins and says “nope!”.

    • Woodwork says:

      Currently 75% off in the sale at gog.com – main game and DLC

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      picniclightning says:

      The demo is worth a go! link to soldak.com

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      I’m in the same camp. And with the sale at Gog (€2.29 currently) it’s just screaming for a spot in the billion hours RPG back log. :/

      On the other hand I still haven’t finished any of the Infinity engine games, Bethesda games, Vampire Bloodlines, Fallout 2, Dragon Ages, Witchers, Arcanum, Ultimas or pretty much any other good RPG (or sub-genres) anyone can name. I’ve sunk countless hours into a ton of them though. I’m the master of switching RPG’s before the 50% mark of most playthroughs and would rather restart if more than a week has passed.
      There’s probably a UN court being prepared for me somewhere.

      • equatorian says:

        Oh god, are you me? I do exactly the same thing, though I seem to switch them at the 70% mark. I always mean to come back and finish them, but by the time I do I always forget what’s going on and have to start over, rinse and repeat.

        There has to be some cure for this malady, somewhere.

  3. Arathain says:

    The structure of the game is fantastic, no doubt. The moment to moment stuff is decent too- animation is a bit clunky, but the dungeons are nicely interactive.

    I really don’t like the skill trees, though. Theoretically very flexible, but it’s very hard to look at them and have any idea of how to build a character. Lots of skills that do similar things, or overlap in function, distributed along the level tiers without a whole lot of purpose.

    Skilling up your hero is so important to the genre. You want to look at those trees and see possibilities, and have some idea of how you might realise that. This is just confusing and frustrating.

    Diablo’s moment to moment action with Din’s Curse’s meta layer would be a dream game.

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    gritz says:

    Din’s Curse is one of those games that I feel like would have flourished in this Kickstarter/Greenlight/Early Access era.

  5. Dorga says:

    What’s the best Soldak game?

  6. scottossington says:

    Din’s Curse is one ugly game that stole my heart. Love this game regardless how ugly it is. Please, no wive jokes

  7. Kaeoschassis says:

    Yep. It’s my fav ARPG too. Much as I still get hooked on Diablo from time to time, Din’s Curse grips me far harder, both with its real possibility of failure and the consequences of those failures. I play for those times when you drag the smouldering, rat-eaten town that’s been gradually falling to pieces around you from the absolute brink of destruction.

    It also kicks ass in co-op, especially with one player using a stealth class.

    I can’t in good conscience not recommend Drox Operative, though. Much more than just “Din’s Curse with spaceships”, but that’s a good starting point. If you fancy playing an ARPG in a game world that’s playing a 4x space strategy game autonomously around you, give it a look.