Seasonal Bargains: GOG Autumn Sale Now On

Fog is rolling across Edinburgh, this morning I slipped on a wet leaf and almost impaled myself on a fence, smoke curls out of chimneys in the evening, tomorrow Britain LARPs V for Vendetta, and video games are on sale. Ah, autumn! GOG have leapt on that seasonal feeling by launching their ‘Big Fall Sale‘ this afternoon.

Along with loads of discounts, daily deals, bundles, and all that, the virtuous virtual vendors of vintage (and virgin!) video games are offering bonus games free if you buy more. Spend £3.29 on anything and you’ll get System Shock 2 free, for starters.

Sales and deals are splattered all across GOG’s site. They explain it’ll bring “11 days of new daily deals every 12 hours, a new set of bundles every 24 hours and free games to unlock.” Crumbs. You’ll want to check in often if you want maximo-bargains, then.

As they say, there are free games too. Free-ish. Free if you buy stuff. Spend at least $5 (£3.29) during the sale and you’ll get excellent vintage FPS-RPG System Shock 2 (have you played it?), fun FPS The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (read Wot Jim Thought of it) comes if you spend $15 (£9.79), and buying at least $30 (£19.49) of games gets you town-builder Banished too (here’s Wot Alec Thought). If the sales are worth it, those aren’t bad bonuses.

The sale’s launch lineup includes half-price Pillars of Eternity, 30% off The Witcher 3, half-price TIS-100, Gone Home for £3 [disclosure: I’m chummy with some of its makers], Far Cry 2 for £1.69, and plenty of other games old and new. I’m obviously not listing everything, so do sound off in the comments if you want to point something out to everyone; tell us why you dig it!


  1. Chris Cunningham says:


    • April March says:

      Hey, I fixed your punctuation:


      Ha ha, easy there buddy! The sales won’t stop any time soon and you’ll get plenty more games!

  2. DrollRemark says:

    Why is GOG in German? Why does it show me prices in dollars after I log in? None of this makes any sense!

  3. mukuste says:

    Very nice deals on the Wadjet Eye adventures. Any recommendations on where to start with those?

    • Premium User Badge

      Risingson says:

      The Dave Gilbert ones are still the ones I like most: the Blackwell ones and The Shivah (this one is VERY short, though). Technobabylon is generally brilliant as well, Gemini Rue has LOADS of problems in characterization and writing but the puzzle design is brilliant, Resonance goes downfall in the end but I liked it anyway, and I still have to play Primordia and A Golden Wake.

      • DevilishEggs says:

        Primordia is good. It’s one of my favorites of theirs. I liked its slower pacing and characters, even though they were talking robots. <3 Crispin

      • revan says:

        Primordia is definitely good. Although you can guess what happened around the middle of the game. Haven’t tried Blackwell yet. I’ll probably wait to see if some sort of a bundle will pop up before buying.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      I can also recommend the Blackwell games, The Shivah and Technobabylon. In contrast to Risingson, I liked Resonance the entire time, so I can recommend that as well. Gemini Rue is nice too, but from the Wadjet Eye games I played, I liked it the least.

      If you only want to get one, get Technobabylon. Not because it’s the best, but because the Blackwell games should be played as a series.

      If you go with Blackwell, be warned that the first game (Legacy) is not as good as the other four. It’s still a charming adventure game and I like it a lot, but the others are a lot better. It is possible to start the series with the second game (Unbound), since it’s a prequel and works as an alternative introduction.

  4. gunny1993 says:

    Hey, I still need to play the Witcher 3 expansion (Waiting for my new gpu, fed up of looking at the glory of W3 @ 1080p because 30 fps @1400p makes me cry)

  5. FriendlyFire says:

    Also worth noting: $5 for World in Conflict and its expansion. Well worth a try and the singleplayer campaign is actually fairly good!

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      Sell me on it. I have no idea what it is.

      • Jason Lefkowitz says:

        Imagine if they turned the movie Red Dawn (the original 1984 version, not the reboot) into a decent RTS and you’ll have the general idea.

        • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

          So I get to be Patrick Swayze?

          • Jerkzilla says:

            It’s Massive’s brand of Real Time Tactics, an Rts with no base building, economy reduced to a single “reinforcement points” resource refilling at a fixed rate to a fixed amount. Light and fast controls reminiscent of FPSs (you can even pan up at the sky!) with the emphasis on tactics. Sigleplayer is defititley a strongpoint, IMO probably the most human characters an RTS type game has ever featured. Multiplayer was excellent too but doubt its still active.

  6. Michael Fogg says:

    Good deal on Legend of Grimrock II. I’m waiting for Invisible Inc. also.

  7. mattevansc3 says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on Legend of Heroes: Trails of the Sky for some time and at 50% off I was tempted, then I read about what was going on behind the scenes and that purchase feels like a must.
    link to

    • yonsito says:

      Buy it. It’s very good.

      • mattevansc3 says:

        Just did. I’ll hold of buying the second one until over completed it. The save carry over sounds a bit like Golden Sun.

  8. Goodtwist says:

    I bought Gothic 2 and Gothic 3.
    Seems like I’ve recently got to love RPGs since I started Dragon Age: Origins for the first time.

    • karachokarl says:

      Gothic 2 is fantastic. Gothic 3 is a huge mess and I would highly recommend to first play Gothic 2.

      To all others interested check out the review by Durmin Paradox. Very funny and informative:

      • Goodtwist says:

        But I already bought Gothic 3 D:

        • Jay Load says:

          It’s…an interesting experience. The game is insanely difficult, in my opinion. And you’ll want to apply the community patch to ensure it behaves:

          Link to link to

        • karachokarl says:

          You can still play it, of course, but make sure to try Gothic 2 first. It is vastly superior in all aspects except graphics.

          Also, unless you are willing to invest time to learn the fighting system, look up cheats. I have seen many people be put off by the clunky fights and it’s a damn shame.

        • baozi says:

          I liked Gothic 3 quite a bit, but I only played it a couple years after release I think, when it was patched. Felt less dense than the previous games, and otherwise different, but still very good.

          As a counter-opinion, I definitely advise against looking up cheats…Gothic games are hard in the beginning, but it’s part of the games. You’re not meant to be able to go everywhere and defeat everyone at first, and you’ll still have monsters that you can’t seem to defeat for large parts of the games. Like, okay, now you can defeat scavengers and later on even a pack of wolves, but if you accidentally stumble across a troll…you’ll still want to run away. Cheating would remove a lot of the tension I think.

          Do save a lot.

    • oceanclub says:

      I do recommend Gothic 3; it’s the game I most changed my mind about, from thinking the broken demo was tosh to, years later playing the patched game on a high-end machine, loving it, despite the still remaining flaws (ropey animations and dialog, abysmal gender representations etc). In fact, I lost my saves after many hours of playing yet went back, started again and finished it – something I’ve never done.

    • Goodtwist says:

      Thanks to everybody giving his and her input. I know about the required patching because of the GOG forum. I believe I’ll be fine regarding modding and patching the games.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Risingson says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I find the Interplay large bundle a fantastic deal.

    • Dugular says:

      You are not wrong. The Interplay deal was one of the best deals I’ve seen in ages. It has an amazing mix from so many different genres. It has games I lost and wanted again, games I always wanted to play, and games that OTHER people love but I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. That last point is quite magical.

      Thank you for your comment and highlighting this deal to me. I have given my £17.04 over to GOG for the £166.04 worth of quality games.

  10. Czrly says:

    I just bought a handful of games but it never updated my progress towards the free ones. (Not that it matters; I already own System Shock 2 and Banished and have no interest in a Riddick game.)

    I wish there was a way to collect games into a basket as the daily deals are announced and pay once, at the end of the sale. I wish that these stores allowed you to mark games as “owned elsewhere” so that you could easily see which ones you already have on your bookshelf, on Steam or on Humble.

    • panda says:

      Same here, I put a few games in my basket but it didn’t add System Shock 2 as it was promising it would. So I didn’t end up buying anything.