Crowtel: You’re A Crow Running A Hotel, See

It’s called Crowtel [official site], right, because you’re a crow and you’re working in a hotel. But wait, this pay-what-you-want game has more than a cute pun and a cute crow! They’re also a lazy crow, so the hotel is in an awful state when the health inspector cats come calling. The short platformer will have you fixing toilets, dodging giant balls of laundry, and dealing with slighted skeletons. I haven’t finished it yet, but I will once I finish, you know, writing a news post about it – it’s pretty fun!

It’s a simple platformer – you run, jump, and chirp to shoot – but it’s quite charming, from the way Crow scrawls their name on sign-in sheets to the simple bead of sweat on their brow when the inspectors turn up. You do a lot of weird things, flooding the hotel trying to fix a toilet, having a boss fight against a skeletal guests you unthinkingly offend, and… it made me smile, and it might make you smile too. I like smiling.

(Top tip: Z and X are your action keys, and don’t press escape because it will close the game, not return to the menu. Also, it’s a shame the upscaling options filter the image and make it all blurry.)

Crowtel is a pay-what-you want download for Windows on Itch. It’s made by ‘Sink’ with music from ‘Capt Beard’. Here, look at all these crows:


  1. John O says:

    I wish developers would notice that x and z are next to each other on qwerty-boards, but not on qwertz-boards. And I have no clue how it works in other countries. I think they throw mice at the screen? The live ones.

    • mukuste says:

      I usually keep a US keyboard layout installed in Windows for that reason, you can then toggle between them with Alt+Shift at any time.

      • John O says:

        You know, it never occurred to me to use the hotkey to switch for a game. I usually hit it by accident and get annoyed when the backslash disappears.

    • Author X says:

      As an American, that had never once occurred to me. But now that I’m looking it up, XCV would be much more reliable than the usual ZXC (aside from being configurable, of course).

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      It’s pure cargo cultism from Japanese PC games which use those keyboard controls as a crap substitute for a gamepad. No one actually thinks it’s good, just slightly better than nothing.

      • aspexParsec says:

        Just use a joy2key and a gamepad or change the controls in the ingame options. It’s literally in the settings.

  2. Ross Angus says:

    Yellow beak? Hang on – that’s a Blackbird.

  3. Monggerel says:

    For some reason, my brain assumed this was about a crow running a drug cartel instead, with kind of a “No Country for Old Men” feel to it. That would be interesting too.
    But ghost hotels are also cool, so.

    • John O says:

      And I needed a second to figure out that it was not bats doing the health inspecting. Which would have been a lot better.

  4. Freud says:

    Does it have a crowbar?

  5. GWOP says:

    Crows are great. I like crows.

  6. dethtoll says:

    Played this the other day. Platforming wears a bit thin, bosses are a bigger pain than they should be, but it’s a cute game with cool music.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    This was delightful. Thanks, Alice!

  8. Samwise says:

    It’s too orangey for crows

  9. Khaza says:

    I actually played this the other day and it’s a fun little game but damn did the controls get me frustrated! Controller support would have been much nicer. link to