Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Coming Feb 2016

Multiplayer shooter Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 [official site] is not the game I’d want next from PopCap’s (former?) tower defense series, but a fair few folks popped up in the comments to say they dug Garden Warfare when John griped about the shift. So hey! For folks who want more, or those who fancy pelting zombies with fruit, here’s news: Garden Warfare 2 will launch in Europe on February 25th, Electronic Arts have announced (two days after its US release, because that ocean really slows downloads you know).

This release date reveal comes from a new trailer showing off… its zombified take on Mass Effect?

Garden Warfare 2 was announced with a release window of spring, which begins on March 20 next year, so it’s actually been bumped forwards at least a month.

If you’ve missed Garden Warfare, you may be lost now, so I’ll explain. It’s a team-based third-person shooter with plants and zombies from PopCap’s tower defense games throwing down. It’s class-based, with e.g. zombie Imps being zippy little scamps, and the Rose a support class with teleporters and shields. It does have a spot of co-op too.

Garden Warfare 2 will cost – crumbs! – £50. That’s £10 more than, say, Cod Blops 3, Fallout 4, or most other big games from AAA publishers. Hmm. There’s always FRuiTDooM. (And yes, GW2 will require Origin, yes, I know you have strong feelings about that.)

Anyway, here’s a trailer with some actual gameplay:


  1. Anthile says:

    I had no idea the first game was even out yet. I guess I’m getting old.
    However, with a price tag like this it’S guaranteed to bomb. There’s just too many F2P games that do more and cost less.

  2. mukuste says:

    Weird, that link shows €60 in real money, why would they charge an extra €10 for the benefit of living on a large island?

    That’s basically the standard AAA price for us, but still feels way too much for this.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Other than the Thriller-like zombie, there wasn’t a whole lot of explicit references in the original game to specific things. Now there’s a trailer talking about how hard they’ve worked to shoehorn in Mass Effect style gameplay because REFERENTIAL HUMOR WAS WHY YOU LIKED THE FIRST GAME, RIGHT GUYS!?!

      This is why I’m not even mad at EA anymore (at least, for the moment). They’re merely demonstrating the incompetence of committees attempting creative work, and meanwhile Vivendi is obnoxiously trying to eat Ubisoft alive and I have much stronger feelings about that.

      They’re bringing out Garden Warfare 2, but I can’t even muster the irritation to complain about the lack of PvZ3. Because PvZ3 would be on Origin and have microtransactions and not even be made by the last team, let alone the original team. So I don’t even care.

      Plus, EA isn’t currently trying to actually fucking take over the country in real life with a “trade agreement”. (Is EA involved? Well not as directly involved as Microsoft, certainly.) I really can’t spare any anger for EA with shit like that going on.

      Sorry, EA. I just have more important things to do.

  3. Turkey says:

    Keep chasing those massive layoffs, EA.

  4. rondertaker says:

    just came to say i read all alice posts even if i dont care about the stupid game

  5. Jalan says:

    While I didn’t necessarily dislike the first Garden Warfare, seeing the videos here has done nothing to get me interested in going back a second time.

    It has made me a bit depressed that despite this turning into a franchise (Plants vs. Zombies overall, that is) it isn’t showing any potential and seems to be reliant on referencing other franchises and desperately clinging on to those who were gracious enough to stick with the series at large once EA acquired PopCap.

  6. aliksy says:

    I didn’t even know the first one was out. No one in my (admittedly limited) extended circle of friends and people-who-talk-about-games has mentioned it to me. Was it good?

    • foop says:

      It was surprisingly good. I’ve played it quite a lot with my son, as there aren’t many multiplayer shooters out there with a low PEGI rating.

      It has nice, diverse classes. It’s fairly well balanced. It’s easy to get into. Unlocking sub-classes is a bit of a grind as you collect coins to buy virtual collectable card packs, but it keeps kids interested. The netcode seems reasonably solid, although we occasionally had problems with lag. Even though it’s been out a while the community is still active and it’s easy to get a game.

      It’s not a genre I play a lot of, but if you gave me a choice between playing Garden Warfare or playing BF4, I’d choose Garden Warfare any time.

  7. racccoon says:

    Its about time people woke up, & stopped moaning grass effect should be legal its only a game.