Late-Night Treat – SC2: Legacy of the Void Unlock Times

“Look, I don’t know if you know,” you say, tapping your watch, “but I have a homeworld to reclaim and a galaxy to save. Yes, I know that Legacy of the Void comes out next Tuesday, November 10th, but when?” Cool your jets, Chad. If your question is “May I play an hour or two before bed?” then the answer is yes, you may, as long as you’ve got tomorrow’s clothes laid out and have already brushed your teeth.

Blizzard have detailed the unlock times and, for us around the RPS Treehouse, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [official site] is actually unlocking at 11pm on Monday.

Some folks will get it even earlier – congratulations to those on North America’s west coast, who’ll get to play from 9pm on Monday. Hey, you lot, if you haven’t visited the redwoods yet, absolutely do. Shame about the Mariners, right? And other such Pacific time zone references. Keep Portland weird while I’m gone, okay.

StarCraft II has been pre-loading chunks of Legacy of the Void for a few weeks now, so it shouldn’t have too much to download one the game goes live. Fire up the client to get that rolling, if you haven’t in a while.

If you want a bit of Protoss action now, Legacy of the Void’s free three-mission prologue ‘Whispers of Oblivion’ was released last month, free to all players.

While I’m around, here’s a trailer from last week showing LotV’s co-op missions:


  1. Zanchito says:

    So, same day as Fallout 4? Well done everybody, well done.

    • Xzi says:

      Yeah, I don’t know who’s idea that was…but they should probably get a demotion.

    • Thants says:

      And the day after is a national holiday, it’s perfect! At least in Canada and America.

  2. 1Derby says:

    What an odd coincidence… No client meetings next Tuesday. Think I’ll “work” from home. Fallout 4 for me!

  3. davethejuggler says:

    I had no idea this was even out soon. And i just started Witcher 3 …. which was stupid. I think i’ll play that and hold off on this and fallout for a while! (meaning until i have a weak moment and buy fallout about 2 days after it’s out)

    • Zanchito says:

      Should start a support group for “this game + the DLC is way too expensive and I have a huge backlog to go through, I really need to wait for the GOTY edition”. Sign me up as first member!

  4. kool says:

    The pricing on this expansion just seems absolutely ridiculous to me. My interest in StarCraft faded several years ago, even before the Heart of the Swarm expansion, but since Zerg is kind of my race i bought it and enjoyed it a lot, for about 2-3 weeks until i stopped, since i had no friends to play with (most of them didn’t give a shit about SC2 anymore).

    This time around there really isn’t anything that could make me pay that much for the game, and considering how Blizzard rarely or never dumps the price or has huge sales i might never care enough to buy it.

    • Shadow says:

      They do have significant price drops on games/expansions when a new expansion is about to come out.

      But it’ll be a while before Legacy of the Void gets a discount.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      Blizzard’s pricing model definitely sucks, but they’ve been able to keep selling their games at a premium for so long that it will probably never change.

      I held off on buying Starcraft 2 until this week. Been waiting for years, until I ccould buy the complete collection. 59 Euro is actually pretty reasonable for all three titles. Sucks for people who bought it piecemeal though.

    • vorador says:

      In exchange for a almost full price, you get a pretty meaty campaign, almost as long as the original game if it’s the same than HotS. So it’s pricey, but it’s not highway robbery.

      While ActiBlizz will lower the price of the digital release when hell freezes over, the retail copy usually sees price drops in less than a year.

      Or you can try your luck with sketchy sites that sell cheap keys.

      • socrate says:

        While not bad the campaign wasn’t what i would call “meaty” since ive finished it in 2 days in HoTs…and while im not bad at SC2 im not really good with zerg they are just my favorite race…on the other hand i dominate and have an insane W:L ratio with protoss yet…i hate playing them…

        The fact that they were slow to fix clear unbalance in WoL then in HoTS for multiplayer aggravated me even more…then you look at how i feel when i play SC2 and i don’t feel like someone who controls an army…i feel like im playing a game…the whole kiting thing is integrated deeply now and i just feel its “gamey” as hell and not immersive at all…

        and in my case no one else is getting it apparently also…people seem less and less interested in blizzard product around me and me included for really good reason…their quality is not the same as before and they are more into stupid Esport and mass profit then fun and gameplay imo

        Not to mention that their story in Warcraft,Diablo and SC are all ending up in the same way to make sure that they can have a future milking D1 and 2 you actually felt like you actually accomplished something…but in all these new game…it always end up with something that could be replace with a “to be continued”

        And yes at this point the price of blizzard product is off putting..i have the money for it..its just that i don’t think their product are worth that much at this point..i feel like im getting milked more then anything…not to mention November is filled with release and december also.

        Wish the co-op thing was in the actual campaign also..maybe it would give me more reason to push somebody to play with me…but queuing with random idiot?…i have had enough of that stupidity in vermintide to last me 10 year

        another BIG problem i have is they released it in 3 part…its just that i don’t feel like getting back in after that time…of course i could replay the campaign…but i really don’t want to.

        I also just finished both supreme commander and supreme commander:forged alliance so that didn’t help since i finished it with every race…im pretty much filled with RTS for awhile.

        • kool says:

          I agree with a lot of what you say, but i just want to mention that i still believe that every product blizzard has officially out as of right now (that means i disregard their demos that i know nothing about), is of extremely high quality gameplay-wise, even though there is very little creativity in it and mainly ridiculous cartoonish stories backing it (which i actually enjoy in sc2 and D3, because i care more about the tight gameplay motor).

  5. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    To get in early on What Are You Playing This Weekend, my plan had been to try and smash through the HotS campaign in preparation for this. I’ve avoided spoilers so far but I know my ability to resist the New Shiny Thing is limited, so getting through the story seemed a good idea.

    But, as I’m here, would y’all say it’s actually worth it, is there stuff I really don’t want to spoil? Or will I not miss too much if I wander into the next campaign before finishing the zerg one?

    • Shadow says:

      I’d recommend playing through the Heart of the Swarm campaign, yes.

  6. jrodman says:

    I admit it, I just came to this comment section to rubberneck.