World Of Warcraft: Legion Gets Shiny Launch Trailer

After being announced in August, Legion – the upcoming World Of Warcraft [official site] expansion – has received a launch trailer ahead of its summer release next year. It’s pretty and shiny and so CGI-infused that it could give the series’ real-life movie cinematic that dropped on Friday a run for its money.

Check it out in all its four and a bit minutes-long glory below.

Very pretty, I’m sure you’ll agree, but the downside of trailers like these is you don’t get much actual in-game footage. In fact none, in this instance. Nevertheless, highlights of what to expect on that front include: a new melee-leaning hero class named Demon Hunter; a new explorable area named the Broken Isles; The Order Hall, a hub to gather NPCs to then lead into battle; and a PvP honour system, which is a talent point-based system that sounds equivocal to Diablo 3’s paragon system, or at least along similar lines.

As you’ll no doubt have spotted above, the trailer mentions a tentative “Summer 2016” release date for the Legion expansion, however internet chatter did at one point suggest September 21. To me that’s well past summer, so if you’re big on Warcraft I’m sure you’ll want to hang your hopes on Blizzard’s official line.

Personally, I’ve never been massively into WoW, but as a huge Sopranos fan this advert will forever be my favourite.


  1. Heavenfall says:

    Who is the main character? I haven’t played since the burning crusade. I recognize Sylvanas Windrunner, ofc, but I have no idea who the human guy is.

    • Oridan says:

      That would be Varian Wrynn, the king of Stormwind. He’s been a major character since, I think WotLK?

    • Koozer says:

      Varian was missing during the time of the Burning Crusade I think, with his young son Anduin in charge. Well, technically in charge, I vaguely remember some quests involving his inevitably treacherous advisors.

  2. Cinek says:

    So much better if the whole movie is done as a CGI instead of being mixed like in the Warcraft Movie.

    • DiiGiiTAL says:

      Blizzard have (or have made for them by another company, I think it’s Blur Studios) such good trailers. The WoW movie should totally have been all CGI.

  3. trjp says:

    Let’s be honest, that’s the Warhammer trailer we were waiting for ;0

    Blizzard really are king of the CGI cutscene – since the WC3 intro ‘bird eye’ they’ve shown everyone else how it’s done.

    link to

    That’s from 2002 – over a decade old, still looks fantastic

  4. Turkey says:

    Someone should make a super cut of every scene in a Blizzard cinematic where shit rains from the sky.

    • LionsPhil says:

      In this case there was a very literal risk that it could hit the fan!

    • Premium User Badge

      DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Just like somebody should make one of every movie in recent years to feature a beam of light that goes into space.

  5. Rizlar says:

    The Banshee Queen looking surprisingly badass.

  6. Stevostin says:

    This look a zillion time better than the movie trailer. Even the writing is not as awful.

  7. PsychoWedge says:

    this actually looks pretty awesome. not that it would ever make me want to play WoW again… xD

  8. Dances to Podcasts says:

    When you do pre-orders you have go give a date before which you’ll deliver the product at the very latest. That’s the September date. They actually expect to release in ‘summer’. That’s the difference.

  9. Bull0 says:

    I’d love a traditional action-rpg type game set in this universe, where you play as the lore characters rather than generic WoW hero #338. It feels like a waste now to use this universe just to trot out more WoW. Do something new, Blizzard!

    • socrate says:

      ive given up on being stronger then thrall at this point he seems to lvl faster then me and reach higher lvl then im allowed all the time…whats is damn secret!!

      • Bull0 says:

        He has a bowl of frosted orgrimm-o’s every morning. They’re great!

  10. Hunchback says:

    Well, this video looks much better than the Warcraft movie…

  11. Dominitus says:

    Have Blizzard ever said, definitively, why they won’t make a feature-length cinematic?

    I can think of many reasons why they might not; they take years to develop, cost a lot of money, and Blizzard don’t have the contacts in the industry unlike Legendary, so it makes more sense to sell the license to an established company and let them do most of the work, and reap the benefits.

    All that said… that trailer is so ridiculously good that it just kinda makes me sad that it seems like I’ll never see a feature-length Warcraft animation created by Blizzard. :-/ And a quick google search shows me people echoing this sentiment at least as far back as 2010.

    • lomaxgnome says:

      The last time a game company tried to do that, it almost destroyed them (Square and the Final Fantasy movie). Now, I think there would be a place for more short films, even a TV series perhaps. But movies are a whole other ball of wax. I love Blizzard cinematics as much as anyone, but that doesn’t mean they’d magically turn into Pixar if they tried to make a whole movie.

      • Dominitus says:

        I don’t think anyone would expect them to “magically” anything, creating films takes a heap of planning, money, and hard work. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it; they already have experiencing managing aspects of content creation that overlaps with film. Just because Square tried and failed, doesn’t mean they would too; lots of film ventures have bombed, but studios and production houses still make movies. Can’t let fear of failure stop you. It’s worth remembering that at least Square did produce something that saw a theatrical release, even if it wasn’t a commercial success.

        Having said that, since I’m pretty sure they COULD do it and have chosen not to, there must be some pretty solid reasons for it, such as the ones I’ve already listed. Which is a shame, because I’m sure that what they came up with would be awesome. As you say, though, it does seem like a lesser stretch to expect short-form stuff… hopefully that does eventuate one day! :)

        • lomaxgnome says:

          Blizzard absolutely would let fear of failure stop them, they are arguably the “safest” developer in all of video games. The chances of a project like that being profitable are phenomenally low. Very few full CGI movies have been successful, and almost all the ones not named Shrek are from Pixar. Even the live action movie is a big gamble, but that gamble is being made with someone else’s money.

          Maybe the cinematics team could make a great move, maybe not, it’s a lot harder to write two hours of interesting content than one four minute long scene like this (one that actually would flow pretty poorly in an actual movie if you think about it). I’d like to see more short form content from them, more high quality cinematics associated with patches for instance instead of just machinima stuff. But a movie made by them is just never going to happen.

      • Apocalypse says:

        I would go one stop further and say hiring pixar would be a much more sane solution than creating your own movie, but I still would say an animated movie would suite the IP better.

        • manny says:

          Haha, warfare through the pansy as eff Pixar lens. That would be something to see.

    • Dominitus says:

      Well. I guess this new post has answered my question! link to

  12. Bugamn says:

    Are humans and undead now allies? Times are changing.

  13. blainemono says:

    Does anybody else find it weird that Wrynn is the only living person on that huge ass flying ship? Same with Sylvanas.

    • Oridan says:

      Did we see the same cinematic? There’s plenty of soldiers on Varian’s ship.

      Admittedly, I don’t see any on Sylvanas’ ship however.

  14. Amake says:

    I’d recognize that shaky enunciation anywhere. Mikael Persbrandt, still embarrassing my country with his middle school level English. Not to indulge in any doomsaying, but if that’s the caliber of voice acting they go for I doubt Blizz cares about this game very much anymore.

    • friik says:

      Well, I’m a dane, so naturally I don’t hear the small awful things you hear. But I thought it was an awesome cinematic as always and it definately succeded in building hype in me.
      I’m pretty sure Blizzard still cares deeply about their flagship game.

  15. Shaftburn says:

    Sylvanas actually looks… dead for a change. Instead of just being a hot blue chick.