Helldivers: Magicka Devs’ Co-op Shooter Coming To PC

With Magicka, Arrowhead Game Studios showed when four well-meaning but inept wizards try to save the world: co-op antics with a whole load of fun and friendly fire. Surely four sci-fi futuresoldiers would fare better? Ha ha.

Good news, fans of friendly fire: Arrowhead are bringing their Helldivers [official site] over to PC next month. Released on assorted PlayThings in March, it’s a twin-stick shooter with hordes of aliens, mechs, and a great many ‘incidents’ that would require difficult questions and mounds of paperwork. Look at this:

Not bad, that. For those who can’t or won’t watch right now, that’s four-player co-op twin-stick shooting with big aliens, big mechs, and big accidents. It looks like an interesting balance of challenging shootyfun and accidentally landing your orbital drop pod on a pal. Our chums at Eurogamer dug its PlayStation incarnation, and those nice people tend to be sensible – do read for more on antics, persistent progression, and whatnot.

Helldivers is coming to Windows via Steam in December. Arrowhead initially only announced it for an assortment of PlayStations, way back in 2013, so this is pleasing. But no, it will not support cross-platform play with PlayThings. Oh, and while Arrowhead created Magicka, they only made the first game – the second was by Pieces Interactive.


  1. jasta85 says:

    was interesting game when it came out but i’ll most likely wait and see how it does before deciding whether to pick it up

  2. nailertn says:

    YES! Been hoping for this since they announced the game. I wasn’t going to buy a console for a single game but needed something to scratch the Alien Swarm itch that the Steam remake didn’t manage to satisfy fully.

    • Wisq says:

      Ditto. This was my Killer App to consider getting a PS4; now, that decision just got a lot further off, if ever.

    • Sacarathe says:

      Original mod still has servers!

  3. DaceX says:

    Oh yes, thats nice.Enjoyed watching the Hellduffers (Matt and Quinns),but was quite sad to hear about its exclusivety.I´ll happily accept wall-sniping of the Not-Protos in my life :)

    Now hoping it actually runs on my poor lil´ Laptop…

  4. flibbidy says:

    Cool Ghosts did a nice let’s play of the PS4 version that gives a good idea of the game, lots of fun with chums, probably much less so on your own or without voice..

    link to coolghosts.net

    • iainl says:

      I picked it up hoping for co-op fun, but haven’t really had much chance to play it multiplayer yet. And my couple of goes demonstrated that it’s a tiresome waste in solo. So bear that in mind.

    • artrexdenthur says:

      Ooh, that was a good LP… And for those who don’t know, half of Cool Ghosts is sometime RPS contributor Quinns, whose passive agressiveness shines through like a flamethrower :)

    • LionsPhil says:

      “I can do it for you if you’re rubbish.”

      Top Quinns.

  5. Belsameth says:

    No crossplay? Thats a bit disapointing.
    Good fun on the PS4 tho. Also very different from Magicka.
    Friendly fire, for instance, is not encouraged at all since its fairly difficult.

  6. Ansob says:

    Seeing a Playstation logo at the end of a PC game trailer is still very weird.

    I’d love to know if this is going to have mouse controls, though, because that will probably make the game ever so slightly easier than the capped turn-rate stick aiming on PS.

    • Jekhar says:

      Capped turn rate? I thought this would work just like any other twinstick shooter. You flick the right stick in the required direction and let ’em have it, no turning required.

      • brgillespie says:

        That’s the way it works with some weapons. The heavier weapons are saddled with a capped turn rate, most noticeable in vehicles and walkers. It’s fine, it helps balance their destructiveness.

        • Jekhar says:

          I see. But i can’t imagine that capped turn rate not existing with mouse control. Seems to be a deliberate game design choice.

    • Snidesworth says:

      I imagine that moving the mouse will tell your character to start turning that way. Firing before you’re actually facing that direction reducing your pal to mulch in a hail of machine gun fire is an important feature, after all.

  7. Kollega says:

    The trailer looks like like Starship Troopers: The Unlicensed Game of the Movie. Although arguably, Super Earth is an even more hopeless case than the Federation, because their symbol is a skull.

    And since Belsameth above said that friendly fire is not encouraged, the question is, does the gameplay support the game’s theme in any big way?

    • Snidesworth says:

      The game can be extremely hard. It’s not at all like the more whimsical Magicka, though your fellow players are just as lethal as they were there.

      As for the theme, it ties into several of the objectives you may have to accomplish on a mission. Like activating Truth Transmitters to help liberate cyborgs of their incorrect beliefs. Or conducting geological surveys and setting up oil rigs on bug planets. All noble endeavours that further the march of managed democracy.

    • Holderist says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who got the Starship Troopers feeling from the trailer. Meaning the satirical movie, not the book.

  8. brgillespie says:

    Join the Helldivers, spread “managed democracy” through the PC universe!

  9. LionsPhil says:

    >getting crushed by the dropship coming to evac you

    Also, it looks like Alien Swarm squishily infested Magicka, and this is what burst forth from its mangled flesh. So that’s pretty exciting.

  10. RedViv says:

    I enjoyed the half hour I spent with it while nagging a friend to bloody be better. Good to see it will be on a platform I own.
    TO RUINED FRIENDSHIP LEVELS! I mean, a few tiny percent more than Subterfuge currently causes.

  11. WhiteHawke says:

    Oh my science. This game almost caused me to buy a PS4, but it was literally the only game I would have played on it, so I ultimately decided against it. I am so excited for this. Thank you Arrowhead!!!

  12. vgp says:

    Is it multilpayer only ? Or is there a solo campaign ?

    • iainl says:

      You can play solo. But it’s not anywhere near as much fun, and the game’s not really designed for it – you can’t use the big rocket launcher that requires another player to reload you, or have someone cover you while you’re doing objectives.

      You’re much better throwing a beacon and hoping a random comes in to help than you are forging ahead on your own.

  13. artrexdenthur says:

    The article makes it vaguely sound like the move to PC was a decision Arrowhead could have made all along… But they’re a smallish studio who were in this case working directly with Sony, and according to their CEO Sony did not initially want a PC release, even though Arrowhead were all for having Helldivers on as many systems as possible from the get-go.

  14. Cronstintein says:

    Hey that’s good news. I thought this looked cool but I’m opting out of this round of consoles so it was unavailable thus far.