It’s, It’s Backgammon Blitz / It’s, It’s Backgammon Blitz

Ohhh yeah! It was like lightning
Everybody was fighting
And the music was soothing
And they all started grooving
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah
And the man in the back said “Everyone attack!” and it turned into Backgammon Blitz
And the girl in the corner said “Boy I wanna warn you it’ll turn into Backgammon Blitz”
Backgammon Blitz, Backgammon Blitz, Backgammon Blitz, Backgammon Blitz

“Backgammon’s back… with a bang!” say Backgammon Blitz [official site] publishers Nomad Games. I only know backgammon as the one boardgame my nan had (with no instructions, of course), so it’s all new to me. My nan’s board only had ice when she didn’t have the heating on, so I assume the ice power-up I see in the trailer from its ‘Blitz Mode’ is part of that bang. I’ll trust Nomad when they say:

“In the last 20 years, Backgammon has been transformed into a truly competitive tournament game, played in world-class events across the globe. The game is enjoyed by the young and old internationally and is growing in popularity in the showbiz world. Famous fans include the likes of Tobey Maguire, Morgan Freeman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, John Paul Jones and Vladimir Putin.”

Gosh! I’ve missed out on so much since my nan last whipped it out. If only I’d picked up those… pucks? Are they pucks? It’s played by flicking like Subbuteo, right? Developers VooFoo Studios (them lot behind Pure Pool) released Backgammon Blitz on consoles in 2013, but it’s only just arrived on Windows.

A 25% launch discount on Steam brings it down to £5.24. I do like the look of these pretty boards, with their peacock feathers and geometric woodwork, and surfaces it’s played upon, like leafy pavements with wee flasks of tea:


  1. FunnyB says:

    But does it perform at 60 FPS? The public must know!

  2. Solidstate89 says:

    The opening of this article just made my entire morning. Thank you Alice.

    • Vandelay says:

      Read it with a massive grin on my face. Everyone on the train probably thinks I am a loon now.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Oh Yeah! It was electric
        So frantically hectic
        And the band started leaving
        Cause they all stopped breathing

        Tia Carrere in Wayne’s world, so many memories…

  3. Zankman says:

    Looks nice, have no clue how it works though.

  4. unacom says:

    Yes. Ist´s brilliant. It´s right up there with curling, crochet and counting penguins in the arctic.

  5. FoSmash says:

    Fantastic opener. Don’t even like backgammon, but I read the article hoping for another verse.

  6. Darth Gangrel says:

    Oh, if Vladimir Putin himself enjoys backgammon, then I just got to try this one out.

  7. Barchester says:

    Read the title, knew it would be Alice, was not disappointed. Then had a good laugh after a really terrible day, so thanks for that.

  8. wraithgr says:

    More importantly, can you play all three variants? Or is this just the James Bond version?

    Is there a table on a Greek beach with Frappe on the side of the table? Can you slam the chips down when you capture the “mother”?

  9. Saarlaender39 says:

    Ah, good old “Sweet”.
    They played recently in my neighborhood, and I’d have loved to go and see ’em…unfortunately, my boss thought different. :(

  10. MadTinkerer says:

    Don’t know how Backgammon is played? That’s okay. It was invented a little before your time.

  11. Hunchback says:

    Played a ton of this with my grand-dad back then…
    It’s a nice game to teach kids to count and simple add/substract mechanics.

  12. jgf1123 says:

    No mention of AI. For decades now, neural networks have been about human champion level at evaluating moves and the doubling die. It’s suspicious that AI isn’t mentioned when it’s not exactly cutting edge technology.

  13. municipalis says:

    For anyone actually interested in learning backgammon without plunking down cash, check out the excellent GNU-BG.

  14. JBantha says:

    That’s a beautiful board, the one with the peacock feathers. I might actually buy this game for that alone, plus maybe buying an extra copy to give my dad and play online.

  15. Koozer says:

    “And the girl in the corner said “Boy I wanna warn you”

    So THAT’S what she says. Thanks, Alice. Thalice.

  16. Simbosan says:

    Love backgammon, but have never found a backgammon program where the AI isn’t trivial to beat. To be honest there are so many free online backgammon sites where you can play other people of all skill levels that I can’t see a reason for buying this. Maybe it plays a good game, but I doubt it.

    • Simbosan says:

      Curses no edit. There is a single steam review which says the AI is laughable so yeah, no reason to buy this.

  17. Revman says:

    Only came here because the song in the title is one of my favourite ever! :D link to