Hearthstone’s League Of Explorers Now Adventuring

Hearthstone [official site] players, it’s time to figure out which one of your pals would be easiest to catch, subdue, slaughter, and devour. That might sound grim, but it always pays to be prepared when adventuring, even if Blizzard probably are thinking more Indiana Jones than Be Your Own Pet with the latest singleplayer ‘Adventure’. They announced The League of Explorers at BlizzCon only a few days ago, and have now started rolling out the add-on to the four corners of Azeroth. Adventure calls!

The League of Explorers sees a band of treasure-hunters and ‘archaeologists’ off to collect the fragments of a staff, which handily are each placed at the end of a series of trials, challenges, and boss battles. Your rewards are, of course, new cards.

The first wing has unlocked now (well, it has for North America – should be open soon for Europe and whatnot) then more will follow weekly, aside from a break for American Thanksgiving on the 26th. As ever, you can unlock individual wings by paying with in-game gold or actual real money, and cash-flingers get it cheaper if they buy the whole dang Adventure in one go.

Hit up the League of Explorers subsite for more info on it all and to check out new cards, and here’s a cinematic trailer to provide some pictures and noises:


  1. Koozer says:

    Apparently EU residents will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Business as usual in Americopia.

    • Freud says:

      It’s not the end of the world. It makes sense to roll out updates during the night because it affects less people if something goes wrong. Someone has to get it before others.

      • Admiral Solaire says:

        The patch was already rolled out on tuesday tho.

      • Roxton says:

        Yes yes, it’s all very first-world-problems (or whatever the currently-acceptable version of that is), but it’s still a bit galling to load up the Battle.net client and get a massive banner saying “League of Explorers is now live!”, only to find that you happen to live on the wrong bit of rock and that the massive, multi-billion-dollar publisher is happy to do region-specific game releases, but doesn’t care enough to do region-specific client announcements.

        On a side-note, we’re on a games news website, commenting on the timed release of a mini-expansion to a digital card game. What’s the threshold for too trivial to complain about?

  2. Lars Westergren says:

    Are the single player adventures available for the Android client too? I don’t have time for more PC games, but something to play while on the train might be nice.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Yeah, they are.

      I’ve really been hating on Hearthstone, but I recently decided to hop into arena for a bit on the bus, since there’ve been those videos on Extra play and dammit I have to watch everything those guys do. My god, Arena is an absolute blast when you’ve done even just a modicum of research to figure out what makes cards good or bad.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Oh yeah, and relating to the adventure, while the price of card packs is…eh…I am definitely thinking about springing for the adventures. The first wing of Naxxramas was quite fun, and getting a bunch of cards to dip into constructed with really sweetens the pot.