Payday 2 Adds More Microtransaction Bonuses

When Overkill Software first added TF2-like weapon crates to Payday 2 [official site], putting special gun skins with better stats in ‘safes’ unlocked by paying real money for ‘drills’, it went poorly. The vocal portion of the co-op heist FPS’s playerbase were riled, to say the least. Overkill backpedalled a little, making it so folks might randomly earn free drills while playing, but it was still pretty crummy of them. Now they’ve returned with a new set of safes, containing guns with new unique bonuses. Oh dear.

Yesterday’s update added weapon skins with ‘Team Boost’. If any player on a heist brings a Team Boost weapon, the whole crew receive bonuses to experience and money, which are used to climb the skill tree, unlock weapons and items, and so on. I can see the logic in this: folks are less likely to feel they’re missing out by not paying if they’re on a heist with someone who has a special skin. But it also means that if no one has one of these skins, your whole crew are levelling and unlocking slower than you know you otherwise could. Yes, you might get ’em free if you’re lucky enough to get a drill, but the existence of microtransactions add a nasty taint.

The reaction from vocal players is, well, about what you’d expect. Several of Payday 2’s volunteer Steam forum moderators have gone on strike, unhappy with Overkill and stressed about how much abuse they themselves now have to deal with.

Why add safes in the first place? Overkill had tripled the size of the Payday team to keep releasing new free updates and paid DLC, producer Almir Listo explained on Reddit after the initial safe upset, and thought these microtransactions were a good way to ensure they earned enough to support that. Back then in October, he said:

“We understand that there is a lot of fury, anger and disappointment with us adding this. From an economical standpoint however, completely based on statistics, we can already see that the Black Market update is working as we intended. Going forward, we hope we can convince the parts of the community that resist this change that this was the right decision to do to ensure the stability of Overkill as an independent developer and the future growth of Payday 2.”

Evidently there are/were enough people who liked the safes enough to crack one open, making the business decision not wholly insensible from Overkill’s perspective. People who liked them are less likely to go rampaging across forums, I suppose, and we should never mistake vocal players for representatives of everyone. However, Payday 2 is also supported by regular paid DLC, and I can imagine a portion of players who bought those might now be put off.

I don’t have access to the numbers Overkill are basing their decisions on, though.

At this point, I wonder whether Overkill will be able to turn folks around or if each new set of safes will kick this whole fuss off all over again. Making drills available as free drops as well as purchases clearly wasn’t enough.


  1. Banks says:

    Good luck with Payday 3.

    • Crusoe says:

      And good luck with ever gaining the trust of a community for any future game!

      Adding microtransactions is one thing, but promising you never would – even joking about how bad that would be – and then adding them anyway, is something else entirely.

    • Makaze says:

      Pretty much this

      I can see how in the short term they are seeing a boost in income. But they’ve hurt themselves badly in the long run by selling their reputation down the river. They’re now solidly in the category of developers that I feel cannot be trusted and I’ll never make a purchase from again.

      The true fallout from this won’t be felt until their next game rolls out to ultra low Steam and metacritic scores. Not to mentioned pilloried for the inevitable launch bugs from a now hostile community rather than the support Payday 2 enjoyed from the Payday 1 good will. Regardless of the quality of Payday 3 itself, right or wrong, at least half the reviews will be about Overkill instead.

      • Crusoe says:

        Well put. Many people have been quick to point out that there’s still so many people playing payday 2. Well, sure, and I’m one of them. I brought the game for full price, and throw in a lot of DLC on top of that, even when massively discounted, I’ve now spent way more than I usually do on any game. So yeah, I’ll continue to play it occasionally; I still enjoy the gameplay.

        But, Overkill, if you think I’ll ever buy another one of your products, think again. Additionally, when I enjoy a game/movie/book etc, I’m always so vocal about it, encouraging others to purchase and partake. But in the last week I’ve already talked two people out of buying Payday 2. After all, they’ve ‘broken the seal’ now; who the hell knows what else might be in the pipeline.

        • Crusoe says:

          I’d like to also add that the decision to buy said DLC was partly based on the lack on microtransactions in the future. It was long understood that by purchasing the DLC, we were securing future dev time and keeping microtransactions out of the game.

        • Neoviper says:

          I think the vitriol towards overkill is a bit too strong over this to be honest. Valve did precisely the same thing with tf2, and have added it into several other of their games, but the response was nothing like this. The main difference is that Overkill made the mistake of stating their future intentions, something valve rarely does for precisely this reason. Had Overkill not said anything about microtransactions, or given some typical PR not planned at the moment answer, this would be nothing like the shitstorm people are making it into.

          • LionsPhil says:

            TF2 also hasn’t had a more traditional approach to “pay our salaries by buying all these (small, frequent) expansion packs”. TF2 was a one-off purchase long ago (and of course F2P these days), and everything since has either been free, or microtransaction-y crates/keys/hats/tokens.

            Overkill are trying to get both.

            But, with the lid coming off this behaviour now, my recommendation is for people not to buy it: not because the game isn’t fun (even with the ridiculous rebalance, it’s still enjoyable at high level, even if I miss dozers being a threat rather than comedy ragdoll fodder); not just to “punish” Overkill (I don’t feel this is hugely effective, and Almir’s AMA basically confirmed they’re laughing their way to the bank for now); but because it’s quite conceivable it is now on its way to transitioning to F2P, and your money will have been wasted if you’ve waited this long but still buy it before that.

          • Kitsunin says:

            The thing about TF2 is that the F2P stuff can either be purchased straight up for a pretty reasonable amount of cash, or it’s purely cosmetic.

            In PD2 you get a gameplay advantage over and above the DLC packs you can purchase for the individual weapons you might want. So there’s barely any cost ceiling, and it’s “pay to win”. That’s what is unacceptable to me.

          • Unclepauly says:

            Nice troll or bait or whatever you want to call it. You know damn well what you said isn’t the whole story. You left out teh bit about how they already make money.

          • bnbar says:

            I think it’s easier for me to believe that they’ll be fine making this decision, in fact, probably be better off for making this decision. The statistics are speaking for themselves currently, but people are suggesting that this is just a short term thing because of their supposed lies.

            Except for the fact there are millions of different people playing thousands, maybe even millions of different games. These people grow. By the time Payday 3 comes out, whoever was too young to play it then, won’t be anymore. Do you think that person will care about the lies that were told to you? Do you think they’ll even be aware of it? The average person? IF you really think everyone cares about this kind of stuff, well then.

            Do Microtransactions ruin games? No, games are games. Games probably ruin people, but no one cares about that ironically.

        • headless97 says:

          I don’t suppose you’ve stopped buying games from EA, Ubisoft, or WB? EA outright lied about an online connection being required for SimCity, and have released completely broken games. Ubisoft said that they will release PC versions on time with console versions, only to redact that the next year. WB prioritized paid DLC for Arkham Origins over fixing game-breaking bugs, only to release Arkham Knight in a completely broken state. AAA publishers crap on their consumers on a regular basis and still get consumer confidence in pre-orders for next year’s release.

          • RegisteredUser says:

            I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve not given those three any money(aside from WB’s HIB bundle).
            But sure, the problem is that the vast majority of the gaming community is feeding a gaming addiction where purchase/preorder price is just as irrelevant as any kind of ongoing punishment(“OMG I am certainly not buying the NEXT buggy COD game, okay! Just like I said the last 4 times!”) to these people.

            They just need to keep getting new fresh input for their addiction and hyped up expectations(zomg this new xyz feature/visual/whatever will make it worth this minor compromise).

          • eggy toast says:

            I never buy EA games because of their dishonesty and while I think your examples of dishonesty are much weaker I also avoid Warner and Ubi games retail. I have picked up a few WB/Ubi games in bundles.

    • Gotem says:

      It will be called PAYtowinDAY 3

    • Juan Carlo says:

      I wish there would be long term repercussions, but I doubt it. In most instances after a vocal outcry, fans just roll over and accept it as it becomes the new normal. There was an outcry when Valve started crates for Counter Strike too, but that didn’t last long.

  2. Gandor says:

    I’ll play all of their games. The only difference will be that I’ll pirate the shit out of them.

    • KDR_11k says:

      If they’re like Payday they’re practically multiplayer only so a pirated version wouldn’t do you much good.

      • Faults says:

        You seen the Furore over Halo Online? The game’s not even out yet, and people have already datamined all the for-pay items, got it running on a set of private servers, and have started making mods for it.

        Going F2P in order to prevent piracy is nothing more than a band-aid.

    • Martel says:

      Don’t be an entitled twat

      • socrate says:

        i never got the whole entitlement calling thing…it seems to come from brit..who quite frankly bring nothing really good so far on the planet…and seeing their recent law just make me think that they are beyond stupid as a people in general.

        Just for the amazing number of stupid people here that have 0 knowledge of what their talking about(this is the internet i shouldn’t be surprised) pirated game CAN be played with multiplayer on alots of different program..BF4 is highly played is just one proof of how popular it actually is and how functional it is.

        Piracy i think is a good way to protest against exploiting of company and individual…its simple if you like them and enjoy what they do…you buy it…dont be a dick and do it just because you can get it for free because this doesn’t show your support of how and what they do…and this is a frequent mentality of alots of pirate…but the idiot that know nothing about these people are just demonizing them instead of trying to get their point of view…but then again we live in a society that think an homeless person stealing food and then getting hit by a car equal social justice…ffs people are twisted these days…then again i don’t really expect much from spoiled retard with the only way of making them understand that point of view would be to actually place them in that homeless person place and make him have is memory and though.

        now to await the reply of the retard who will just not understand and go retard mode.

        P.s in this current situation btw entitlement as nothing to do with it…because you know its made to actually protest and not to actually think that they are actually entitled to this…but the way people use that word today we might aswell call everything being entitled for…like water…since poor country don’t even have that…or food..or the variation of food…or hell air.

        • Martel says:

          “Piracy i think is a good way to protest against exploiting of company and individual…”

          No, a good way to protest is to not buy it. Pirating it means you are an entitled little twat.

          • Mario Figueiredo says:

            Your level of entitlement on how you feel you can so easily pass judgment, also shows.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Hmm, I don’t think you’re right.

            I think it’s a complicated subject, but ultimately if you can be certain you wouldn’t have purchased the thing either way, piracy is a completely amoral action.

            Are you “entitled” to play the game without paying for it? Well, if doing so affects nobody, why the fuck not?

        • Mario Figueiredo says:

          Thank you for your reply, socrate. That really got to the bottom of my feelings on this matter. I would also like to add the level of hypocrisy shown by many of these psuedo-moralists and hollier-than-thou white knights (pleonasm on purpose) in a world where software in our computers is routinely downloaded by illegal means by almost everyone wishing to maintain a viable computer capable of handling all the tasks of modern computing, except perhaps if you are a millionaire capable of spending tens of thousands of dollars in the collective software in our machines, plus all the games you buy, plus the operating system, plus all the possible paying web services you registered to, plus your hardware, plus your food, your home rent, electricity, clothes, medical bills, dinners out, gas for the car, insurance,… you know where this is going.

          More to the point though, this company lied to its customers. It actively sought to hook them into a deal it either had no intention of fulfilling or which it decided to not fulfill anymore. Its behavior is only possible because we, consumers, don’t have the legal mechanisms that can protect us against this type of behavior. And in the good tradition of civil unrest that is at the basis of how our societies have been constructed and evolved, many people will rightly feel breaking the law is an agreeable and ethical form of protest.

        • GWOP says:

          A product with low sales can be (generally) considered to be unsatisfactory.

          A product with high piracy rates bring justification to not porting to the platform or sticking DRM with everything.

    • theapeofnaples says:

      Check out Sid Vicious here!

    • Unclepauly says:

      An online multiplayer game.

  3. shadow9d9 says:

    Never underestimate how little people care about anything. The braindead masses never care.

    • GWOP says:

      Or maybe you care too much about incremental stat boosts in a PvE game.

      • Hebrind says:

        Well, *somebody* is buying them. Guy’s got a point. If they’re implementing another wave of this kind of thing, then the first one was most likely a financial success.

        We might not like it but someone out there sure doesn’t mind.

        • Unclepauly says:

          The ones who don’t mind are usually the foul-mouthed kids who want that little edge so they can crap on the people who will fall behind them.

          • nearly says:

            Those tend not to be the people with the deepest pockets. The difference is that if you’ve already bought the game and choose to stop playing because they released new content you don’t want to pay for, they’ve already made their money from you. They can continue to make money from others, and they will do so as long as they understand that to be possible.

            Aside from all that, I’m not sure why this kind of thing is so surprising in the first place. This is a game with an almost completely impenetrable community that regularly kicks new players or anyone below a certain level on sight (without even waiting for them to screw up). Moving it up to kicking players without teamboost gear is the logical progression of how the community has worked and conducts its business. The unstated alternative that we all know isn’t going to happen is that you could just not be upset that someone else has a boost that you don’t and just move on with your life playing a game that you enjoy. If someone on your team has it, you get the bonus but if no one has it, you’re still playing the exact same game you would be otherwise. Where’s the issue?

      • Unclepauly says:

        Maybe he cares about the state of the industry and how when a few devs get away with something the others follow suit.

      • shadow9d9 says:

        I care about the integrity of devs that I support. I also care about the state of the industry. Microtransaction shit is awful. I don’t like cash grabs in my face when I’m gaming.

  4. Corodix says:

    Sounds like they tried to expand their dev team far too quickly for what their profit from Payday 2 actually allowed, so now they need to milk the cow (or their customers) so they can finish production of the games which they are currently working on. Clearly they will sacrifice all their standards (including their word) in order to get this done.

    In other words, they are ruining Payday 2 because whoever is in charge at Overkill Software clearly doesn’t quite know how to run a business without (almost) running it into the ground.

    I’ll stay away from this developer from now on. I already didn’t like some of their previous updates which mostly just made the game more grindy, but if even their word is worth less than dirt then I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

    • durruti says:

      ikr, tripple the effin’ dev team _after_ game relase – wtf? seriously, can someone walk me through the thought process behind this decision?

      • Baines says:

        At a guess, you have money and good press and assume that you are golden.

  5. Ragnik says:

    What they also revealed with this update, is what they called the Completly Overkill Package, which was a 20$ DLC with nothing in it but the promise of supporting the developer and a to-be-released cosmetic item/mask/thing.

    About 50’000 of this DLC were sold and now they released it’s contents: One random gunskin out of 25, exclusive for buyers of this DLC + 7 DLC for free.

    While the free DLC seems nice, it only affects people who were willing to drop 20$ out of goodwill, so most of them own the DLCs already. Apparently they are also given to the account and not the players inventory, so they can’t be traded.

    I am not personally affected by this debacle, but I have sunk 400 hours into Payday 2. At this point I am just glad that I don’t care about it anymore.

    • USER47 says:

      So, Overkill sold a DLC intended as a additional way to support them, promised exclusive cosmetic item and 7 DLC for free.

      Players who bought this DLC received exclusive cosmetic item and 7 DLC for free.

      What a disgrace! Burn Overkill offices!

      • KDR_11k says:

        The items aren’t just cosmetic though.

        • USER47 says:

          Frankly, the stat boosts on some of those skins are so marginal I don’t really know what all the fuss is about. Everyone is screaming about “stat boosts hidden behind pay wall”, but ignores the fact that this game has had far stronger stat boosts behind paywall since forever – DLCs with gamechanging weapons, DLCs with loads of stat boosting attachments etc. And those DLC stat boosts were certainly more than +1 accuracy and other nonsense you can find on skins.

          • mogwaimon says:

            At least when you got the DLC you knew exactly what you were paying for,though.

            The 7 free DLCs would be nice if I knew in advance. I don’t recall them promoting that before, but since I’ve already got all the DLCs and don’t get any in my inventory or any other alternative reward, the 7 DLCs do nothing for me.

      • Grums McGuff says:

        As someone who bight the Completely Overkill pack, I can clarify that the 7 DLCS I received were never advertised in the original offer, only 4 masks, and a MYSTERY BONUS. While the DLC is nice, I imagine that most people (myself included) who bought the pack already had all those DLC packs, and thusly it’s a completely meaningless gesture to a good chunk of the player base since they can’t be gifted.

        • Unclepauly says:

          You know they knew that right? They knew full well that they were giving DLC to players that already had it and they made it non-tradeable. They are shitting in the players faces and the players are lapping it up. This is one of the games that puts a dent in my PC gaming pride.

          • eggy toast says:

            This is very true and very important to keep in mind. They have been banking on the goodwill of the fans this entire time, and shitting in the faces of those same fans for pretty much as long.

            I enjoyed Payday 1 and avoided Payday 2 because it seemed like way too much of a DLC fest when I already own other similar games, but god am I glad I dodged this one.

  6. Nereus says:

    During the AMA one of the redditors dug up supposed comments to investors that payday 2 profits were better than they had ever been, yet Amir was saying they couldn’t afford staff without these microtransactions (staff they themselves hired to create… more DLC? So they could hire more developers? I don’t know). Anyway, I’ll be avoiding overkill’s future games like they’re ebola-stricken marketing executives with a violent criminal record. Doubtless I will also be dissuading others who inevitably inquire about them in public settings.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      “Doubtless I will also be dissuading others who inevitably inquire about them in public settings.”

      It’s all going on at the public setting.

  7. mogwaimon says:

    Long time reader here, just registered to help provide clarification. Much of the outrage is not just due to microtransactions, but last year during the last community event for Payday 2 (The one where you had to unlock all the bonuses by paying for DLC….) they sold a 20 dollar Completely Overkill pack. This particular pack gave out four special masks at the time of purchase, with the promise of a special limited-edition mask to be released sometime later. The mask was to be 1 out of 25 different varieties, so everyone who bought the pack would get something a little different. In addition, the packs were in “limited quantities” in that they sold only about 5000 or 50000, supposedly. I and a few friends purchased this pack not only to help the community effort, but to support Overkill because at the time, we were super hooked on the game and it has provided us many hours of fun.

    It took them a year to release the limited edition item. The patch that came out today gives players a new safe, which is of course opened with a drill (That had better be free). From what I understand, as I have not opened my safe yet, there are 25 different weapon skins in this safe; each with varying qualities and varying bonuses, etc, which are supposed to be exclusive to this safe.

    Now when we purchased this pack, we knew we would get rare items. We just thought we would be getting rare cosmetic-only items. Not rare micro-transaction stat-adding items, which may or may not work with a weapon that would either be useful or one that we actually even use. That is where much of the outrage is coming from today.

    Personally, when this happened the first time, I just said screw it and got everyone into GTAV. It’s more fun, we still get to do heists, and at least we can earn money on our own without being nickel and dimed for DLC on top of micro-transactions.

  8. Noctale says:

    Interesting juxtaposition of ‘microtransactions’ and ‘taint’. Seems quite appropriate.

  9. egattocs says:

    As everyone’s saying, this is a crappy move especially after stating so strongly that they wouldn’t include micro transactions. I can’t help but think this’ll just end up being a small dent in their reputation in the long run though. Similar to Oblivion’s Horse Armour, it’s ridiculed and joked about now, but Bethesda don’t seem to be struggling, judging by the apparent success of Skyrim & FO4.
    My guess is that they’ll take the extra profit they can on this 2 year old game and not talk so “straight” during the release of their next game.

    • Hitchslapped says:

      Yep, because most people are idiots and companies are well aware of that. Almost every major games company is f*cking their customers over and over again. News articles were written, forums were spammed and once the next hyped game showed up those spammers grabbed their wallets and pre-purchased it.
      How else could you explain that a company such as Ubisoft hasn’t gone bankrupt by now with all their totally messed up releases? Why are gamers putting up with a monthly subscription fee AND an ingame shop in WoW and on top of that pay 30$ to watch the Blizzcon live-stream?
      This is not a problem with gamers it’s with people in general. The few who care might be vocal but they aren’t enough for companies to care about and make a change because their losses due to bad business practices are more than compensated for by the masses of morons.

      • miscu says:

        I dunno man, maybe people just like playing those games

        nah no way, they’re just not Mr Enlightened Hyperconsumer like you, champ

        • Unclepauly says:

          A fool and his money soon part…………..momma said.

        • socrate says:

          seeing as the common customer have the attention span of 30 min and buy product now out of hype and without thinking and that the money transaction is now seen as unimportant without having physical transaction…yes you’re right the player base are genius at this point…we’re the problem..

          with that mentality i now understand why the new star without talent are so freaking rich and popular..thanks

          • Likethiss says:

            Oh Socrate, are you really envious of the reality tv-stars? That’s very sad. And guess what, people can buy whatever they feel like is worth their money (emphasis on THEIR money). They do not need overly critical PCMASTERRACE people telling them what is and what is not worth it. Im going to buy Fallout 4 from my next paycheck and i know it has bugs in it! Does that make you boil inside?

    • bjohndooh says:

      This and horse armor are completely different ballparks.

      I don’t play Payday 2 so I can’t speak definitively but it sounds like these weapons are more than just cosmetic.

      There’s a huge difference between cosmetic DLC in a singleplayer game and a repeating influx of weapons locked by micro-transactions in a multiplayer game.

      • egattocs says:

        Yes, I agree, they are different. I was trying to say that I think when Payday 3 comes around, those that enjoyed PD2 will likely still buy it as the chances are that they’ll enjoy the sequel too, despite any controversy that may come around later. We gamers to seem to be quite forgiving… at times! At the end of the day, when the next game comes around the choice is ‘do I buy this game and enjoy it (assuming it’s good of course), or not’. I do agree that cosmetic DLC and stat boosting microstransactions are different, it’s the outrage that seems the same to me.

  10. Koshzor says:

    Ok, as a long time Payday 2 player that own every single DLC, I want to clarify one thing. Fully licensed game in current state is actually worse than a pirated version. For $20 players received 1/25 of content when havkers got it all. Not just that, but “carefully developed skins” are plain terrible and looks like they were made by 9 year old kid with no taste at all. On top on this is random quality of item. For example, my “unique” RPG skin is ao worn out that you can barely see it.

  11. Janichsan says:

    I don’t have access to the numbers Overkill are basing their decisions on, though.

    Well, despite the outrage, it hasn’t really hurt their player base: link to

    I can only assume that the detractors are a (very) vocal minority, while the silent majority simply doesn’t care. Unfortunately, I have to add, since I agree that Overkill’s behaviour is deplorable.

    • Baines says:

      I’d guess that the majority of complainers, at least those who actually were playing the game to begin with, are continuing to play the game despite their complaints.

      People already own the game, so why start pretending that the game doesn’t exist because you don’t like the new optional microtransactions? You’d be hurting yourself more than the company. (The only exception would be if a large enough chunk of the user base were to quit, which would do enough damage to an online game that the publisher/devs would either have to change or watch the game die. Which isn’t going to happen. And if it did, it would be 50/50 on whether the publisher would change the game or watch it die.)

      • LionsPhil says:

        Exactly. They already have my money. Throwing a sulk at this point will only affect me and the friends I play with.

        What I haven’t done is part of the drillconomy. It isn’t worth the pittance in my Steam wallet to legitimize it with the activity of selling any drops.

  12. amcathlan says:

    And thus I swore a blood-soaked oath to never pay for any of their DLC ever again, and seriously question any consideration to buying their next game. I’ll vote with my money, and the current item on the docket is “vote of no-confidence”

  13. Hitchslapped says:

    Just pirate their games but make sure to promise them first that you would never do such a thing.

  14. ScubaMonster says:

    Overkill indeed.

  15. ambience07 says:

    Not a popular opinion, I’m sure, but I would pay whatever if they would just fix the client-side lag and make stealth consistently playable. There have been months at a time where the stealth detection is so broken you can’t even feasibly pull it off.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I have had a teammate so badly desunk that he went into bleedout, then lay on the ground until he went into custody, while from my POV he was still up and running around, the game catching up to where he took the fatal damage.

      The weird thing is that his outline turned interactable-yellow the moment he yelled for help on voice chat, so at least part of the game was synced. But you can’t hold F at someone until they’re actually down. It has got the weirdest netcode issues.

      And, yes, this position-lag is the devil in stealth. “Guard here.” “Where?” “Here!” “Where?!” “By the desk!” “You’re still outside…”

  16. w0bbl3r says:

    Anyone here going nuts, calling overkill greedy liars; please admit that you are still playing the game, and that many of you are contributing to this disgusting practice.
    Perhaps if you all DID something (I deleted the game, and will never play it again now, and that’s a REAL promise) rather than just whine about it, you might get something done.
    Since overkill have seen that they can not only get away with this, but actually make plenty of money from it, they don’t really give a toss what is said in the forums, since it’s what we call here in the UK “all mouth and no trousers”.
    Either shut up, or make a stand, you whiny bunch of losers.
    To anyone who actually HAS done something; this isn’t directed at you, and I applaud you for standing by your word, like these forum mods have done

  17. miscu says:

    I could see being slightly irritated about this, but I’m baffled by why this blew up to the extent this did considering it’s not massively different from what valve did with TF2 (before you response, keep in mind the Mann Co Store was added while it was still buy-to-play)

    maybe if they also said “all paid DLC is free now, people who have bought DLC within the past year will be credited with free drills, this is our main monetization front from here on”, it wouldn’t have escalated like this

    regardless, I can’t approve of how absurdly aggressive people have been getting about this, it’s probably one of the most tame DLC things I’ve seen in the past few years filled with $50 season passes and overpriced microtransactions

    • durruti says:

      dunno, people seemed to have gone along with the tons of dlc to support the developers and keep them running, despite problems with pricing, quality and power creep. the realization it was all for nothing is what’s blowing up in overkills faces now. i don’t think anything comparable happened in the development of tf2.

      • durruti says:

        also, payday 2’s is certainly not one of the more tame dlc schemes out there. not by a long shot. in fact people complained long before this solely due to dlc when there were no microtransactions in sight. you’re very clearly biased for whatever reason.

    • Radiancekov says:

      Its a 20$ (used to be 50$ btw) game with about 26 DLC’s, some of which are a MUST. The new update actively PUNISHES you by giving you safes when in the past you’d get items (in TF2 crate drops are independent from item drops). Lastly, TF2 went from a full priced game to a F2P game, while Payday is 20$, still has priced DLC, and now has microtransactions on top of that.

      They have their cake, they have your cake, and they’re eating both.

    • Distec says:

      As others have said, Overkill is essentially triple-dipping into their customers’ wallets. And fuck them for that, honestly.

    • mogwaimon says:

      I was pissed about TF2 at the time, but I didn’t throw a fit because; one, all the updates up to that point had been free. Two, you could get any of the items through random drops back then (Minus unusuals, Bill’s Hat, etc. Which were much rarer at the time) or you could at least get the weapons through achievements. Finally, three, almost everything was cosmetic. There was no benefit other than making your character look different.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Problem was/is that they have been disregarding a ton of stuff the community has been trying to communicate about already(_all_ shotguns as primaries are useless as just a singular example) and the move to microtransactions came together with a complete weapon stat overhaul that was yet another uncommunicated upset in a long line of upsets and grudges.
      Overall, the devs simply decoupled from a lot of the core community(those that really played vast hours and actually did the whole infamy leveling up / reset grind) and then presented their screwing everyone over as their “gift” after having the community grind for achievements to unlock stuff for this year’s crimefest.

      Basically after pouring hundreds of hours into the game and money into DLC, the reward was being disregarded with your concerns first, then after grinding unlocks for the Crimefest the reward was turning it into an even grindier PLUS now pay-to-get-better game.

      You already had to farm for weapon mods and buy DLC to get the best ones, now it got even worse. It was basically the story of always slapping someone in the face a little harder each month and now there was an outburst of anger back for once.
      I would even say: Shame only that the reaction wasn’t big enough. If they had managed to push reviews at least into “Mixed” or negative on steam so as to truly hurt new interested people, that at least would have had a slight impact.
      As it stands you just feel helplessly exploited from something you used to enjoy/love.

  18. Carnage says:

    With all due respect to all the great players and heisters out there, most of the community of this game is pretty much brain dead. And not just that, it’s completely toxic, filled with all kind of jerks and assholes. You can probably find worse only in CS:GO or Dota 2.

    I’m saying this because I believe that all these currents problems are a part of the community itself. They were pumping cash into this overpriced game (it looks really cheap for its price) like some kind of junkies. Overkill has made a crazy amount of cash (but I believe only a small amount of it was actually spent on Payday 2), and they simply decided to go even further. Why it comes as a surprise? Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile.
    And instead of actually boycotting the game, like i.e. EVE players did when CCP decided to make the same move, they’re still playing it.

    But even without microtransactions the game lost its way years ago, probably after they kicked out Goldfarb. Right now it reminds me some kind of circus with all these skins, heisters, weapons and DLCs that simply look out of the place. Overkill is very slow on fixing bugs and exploits (using objects through walls is considered a norm), hasn’t improved gameplay much, and all these money you earned will be lying in your safe until the end of days, because in a game about heists, you can’t actually spend your cash. If they really tripled the dev team I simply don’t feel it.

    All in all, Overkill should have stayed independent. I case someone forgot, Starbreeze management screwed its own studio back in 2009, when 95% of the core team left to found Machine Games. Right now they’re doing the same with Overkill.

    • nearly says:

      Probably irrelevant to RPSers but didn’t they release Payday on consoles this past summer and leave it utterly broken / unplayable for quite a while? Clearly not a company that has players’ best experience in mind.

  19. vigilvindex says:

    I stopped playing Payday 2 some time ago. I had purchased all of the DLC up until the character DLC appeared. It was then that I felt that the DLC was becoming too much for me to keep up with. The rate of new DLC was too fast for my income and I didn’t think the content was justifying the prices. I just think it is sad that capitalism is leading to artists exploiting and mutilating their own work to make perceived increases in their profits. I am sure it compromises their artistic vision that inspired them to create in the first place.