Intergalactic Planetary: Space Engineers Adds Planets

As well as trying to trap a brain inside a computer, Keen Software House want to squeeze the whole dang universe into one too. Their latest Early Access update to Space Engineers [official site] last night added diddy ‘planets’ and moons to its sandbox space, so you can now leap off your spaceship and plummet all the way down onto a planetoid, if that’s a thing you want to do. When their AI escapes, it’ll fire us at planets with a spacegun as revenge for trapping it, so we better get used to the idea. Or you could land to explore, build, fight, and all that, I guess. Whatever.

Its planets are a touch on the small side, but they are fully destructible so you could drill clean through one if you wanted, if you had enough time, and if your computer can handle it. If your hardware doesn’t support DirectX 11, you won’t get to mess about with planets, though DX9ers can still play Space Engineers without them.

Planets may not be too happy about your presence, mind, as apparently Space Engineers is set in a galaxy where burrowing alien spiders are a common lifeform. No thank you. Pirates also set up base on planets (and in space), hiding shiny loot behind drones, traps, and other defenses. Check the patch notes for all new in this update, and here’s a new trailer showing off planetary antics:

Or, even better, here’s plummeting towards a planet at 4x speed:


  1. tripwired says:

    Cool, haven’t played this for a while but will be reinstalling – sounds fun

  2. Artist says:

    Nice, but unfortunatly Keen still follows their principle to rather feed the monkeys with candy than taking care of the serious issues, like the lack of proper multi-core support, which is bottlenecking their physics sandbox for years.

    Havoc multi-threading was announced almost a year ago. No more words about that since then. Sad, because thats what would push SE forward by miles. And would make multiplayer playable with more than 5 players.

    • Zen Goheen says:

      They have said for sometime now that Multiplayer and everything around it will be scrapped and redone from scratch, because the multiplayer we have now was done in one month because the community was bitching so hard on Keen that they wanted Multiplayer for the game. They don’t want to fix all the problems around it since it’s going in the trashcan soon.

      And before the release of planets they have fixed hundreds of problem for the game so it’s prepared for planets. So don’t lose hope, they are not a weary big team and they fix one problem at the time. Now that planets are released the next big update will be the new Multiplayer. So expect issues that you mentioned fixed for that day.

      It is an unfinished game after all. As I understand they want the base done first. And then fix when it feels ready for it.

  3. Xenotone says:

    Planetary Intergalactic. Another dimension.

    • Neurotic says:

      If you try to knock me you’ll get mocked, I’ll stir fry you in my wok. Your knees’ll start shaking and your fingers pop, like a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock

  4. cannonballsimp says:

    Haha, I like how the trailer says “now with planets!” at the end, in case you missed it

  5. trooperwally says:

    This is all very well but are they ever going to release the game from early access? The fact that space engies has been living in EA for so long combined with the fact that they’re pushing on with other things does rather build the impression that this is as far as it goes. Sure they’ll keep churning out new bits and bobs but they’ll never ‘finish’ because that would need them to polish and do all the boring bits.

    I suspect they’re using early access as an excuse now. But heh, their games are still really popular so perhaps this is what people want.

    • Zen Goheen says:

      If you haven’t noticed, it’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from done. Still many items and gadgets that’s coming for the game. Now that Planets are in, they have a bunch of stuff for the planet to put in. And wild life will probably be in the game. The AI is still not done, they have said that AI people will come to the game, but since it’s in space, they are having problem for it to navigate.

      And the Multiplayer that was made in a month going to be thrown into the trash and remade from scratch so it’s a working multiplayer with no serious issues.

      They have still hundreds of bugs and problems that have to be fixed. And probably performances fixes for the planets.

      As you can see, they are not done, they have many problems to fix until it’s called, released.

  6. xcession says:

    It’s rather frustrating that having waited so many years for space games with explorable planets, so many come along at once, but each one only matches 50% of my expectations, and never the same 50% either!

    The obvious comparison, No Man’s Sky, seems to have far bigger planets (these look like 50 mile diameter at best) but these planets appear to have real variety of elevation, and varying biomes too. And look at those draw distances compared to NMS.

    Someone needs to sit everyone down in a room and have a good chat, then create a game with big, procedurally generated planets with varying biomes, distinct ranges of elevation, and populated with flora & fauna and all the other jazz.

    • JRHaggs says:

      I agree. There is not nearly enough jazz in current survival games. Glaring oversight.

      2/10. Needs more jazz.

      • fragglerock says:

        Search the wastelands for some pretty good jazz singing in a modern survival(ish!) game!

      • Neurotic says:

        A wee bit more jizz wouldn’t go amiss either.

  7. Tei says:

    This is a choose your own adventure type of comment. I will give you 4 versione of my comment and you can reply to the one you want.

    1) They seems to have expanded in the areas where it was flawed and these expanded are are now awesome. This is amazing.

    2) Great. Now european forces can continue colonizing other planets. I am so triggered just now. Fucking Northglobalist tryiing to impose their european norm on every planet.

    3) Eat this Citizen Kain space game!.

    4) That combat with the spider looks bad!.

    • Somerled says:

      I confess I peaked behind each of those comments and was disappointed that none of them led to my reply.

  8. Xagothae says:

    “Its planets are a touch on the small side…”

    Have you actually played them? They’re absolutely massive to be on.

    and @xcession, they’re far larger than a 50 mile diameter.

    • Razumen says:

      Come on, just looking at that video shows that the “planet” is no bigger than a small moon at best. Yes they’re big, but the scale is still pretty off.

      That said, I’m glad they implemented this and I look forward to playing ti when there’s more PvE content added.

    • xcession says:

      The release blog post (link to says “Planets have [sic] up to 120 km in diameter” or in other words 74 miles. 50 isn’t far off.

    • hawken.grey says:

      I think the planets look pretty cool, but the diameter of the Earth (a relatively small planet) is 12000km. The diameter of our Moon is 3500km, so this isn’t even the size of a small moon. It’s not even a third the size of the largest crater on the Moon.

      Still, looks cool. Glad to see they’re still working to expand the game.

  9. NephilimNexus says:

    Yay, something even bigger to destroy!

    I mean, that’s the whole point of this game, right? Destroying everything in sight? At least that what I’ve gleaned from multiplayer so far.

  10. ThornEel says:

    Oooooh those tiny planet are so cute!

    Can we blow them up?

  11. Captain Deadlock says:

    Fantastic – game is now unplayable. Dropped from 30-40 FPS to about 10. All the game design decisions which assumed you were floating in space with an unlimited jetpack are now totally screwed by being on a planet with gravity and a constant up direction. Still no adversaries more interesting than a game of Space Invaders. Still no resourcing or factory-building mechanics that compete with the very first Minecraft mods made in 2011. Space combat is not so much rock, paper, scissors as rock, rock, rock, rock, rock. This is what happens when you pretend to make a game by democracy – you end up with something which fails to meet the definition of “game” on almost every level. It’s a sandbox, in the sense that it has had a lot of children pissing in it.

  12. bill says:

    Small planets seems like a great idea to me. What’s the point of a massive planet that will be entirely empty and unexplorable? These look cool, big enough to get lost in, and with lots of variety, but small enough to be useful and understandable.

    This looks like No Man’s Sky before no man’s sky… though it needs more weird diplodocus type giant alien monsters.