RadAway: Workarounds For Fallout 4’s Monsignor Crash

I’ve been steering clear of Fallout 4 [official site] chat because I fear I’ve already ruined too much of its magic and mystery by having to read so much about it for work, so this one passed me by at first: a nasty bug seems to be crashing the game for everyone in a certain area at times. Spoilers will follow, but right here I’ll be plain: be warned that you’ll likely crash if you wander into Monsignor Plaza (having not played yet, that means nothing to me). If you have business there, you may be able to get around it.

Folks on the Fallout 4 forums have been feeling around the limits of the bug, noting that Monsignor crashing only starts after a certain point in the story (spoilers, obvs).

A few quests will send you towards Monsignor Plaza, though. If you want to finish ’em and not wait for Bethesda to fix the problem with a patch, the thread also collates workarounds for most. They tend to involve using console commands to magically warp around the world, or to advance quests. Not quite as satisfying as going in and doing it yourself, I suppose, but it’s either that or wait.

One imagines this’ll be a reasonably high priority for fixing, but Bethesda haven’t said when that might come.

If you’re bugged by things which aren’t bugs, just oversights, do check out this tweaks for things like the game’s field of view. Heck, you might get something out of these important things the game doesn’t explain too.


  1. Spuzzell says:

    I am starting to feel that Bethesda have been given a rather unjustified free pass on Fallout 4.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend to anyone they buy it until the GOTY version.

    The amount of articles I’ve seen on how to hack or work around issues is staggering.

    • MisterFurious says:

      They get a free pass on all their games. Most developers get raked over the coals for releasing buggy messes but when Bethesda does it, people think it’s cute and the game still gets 9’s and 10’s. Why? Who knows. Maybe there’s some bribery going on. Maybe it’s just blind, fanboy delusion.

      • Hawat says:

        Because their games have much more stuff going on and on a bigger scale than most other buggy games? They could have reduced fallout 4 into a corridor game to make it easier to release a bug free version but would most people be happy with that? I personally would boycott it.

        • Spuzzell says:

          Which is fine, but basics like mouse acceleration and FOV for example have nothing to do with too much ambition.

          Whatever you think of the game underneath, there’s a level of unfinished carelessness in this release that means I wouldn’t feel I could honestly recommend buying it. I’m a little surprised that the reviews aren’t more reserved when you see all the follow up articles detailing issues.

          As I said, I’d wait for the GOTY version, and that’s what I would tell anyone who asked me if they should buy it.

          • skabb15 says:

            And while you are waiting for someone to care enough about your opinion to ask you, so that you can hate, I have recommended the game to around a dozen people who ended up buying it. In all fairness though, they would have bought it anyways most likely, its one of the best games ever. Sorry that your opinion is a drop in the bucket and wont affect anything. Maybe you should adopt a “to each their own” attitude and you wouldnt come off so bitter?

          • Xzi says:

            Basics like FoV and mouse acceleration also take very little effort to fix, and once fixed, stay fixed. Thus not a big negative point for a lot of people.

        • Bashmet says:

          Witcher 3.

        • starclaws says:

          Bethesda is an amazing company but due to their organization of game asset databases, it always feels like their content is lacking. They introduce new things in each new installment that they make but really we just want more content. I don’t care about how much the guy loves his wife. Make more places to explore and people/creatures to snipe in the face.

          I miss Morrowind. You wake up on a ship. Prophecy says you gotta save the world. Go to it or chase cliff racers to your hearts content. None of this Settlement Simulator 2217 or whatever.

      • AyeBraine says:

        As a person who’s as far as possible from being a Bethesda fanboy (played Skyrim after everyone and their uncle seen it, stayed away from Morrowind, and preferring New Vegas to Fallout 3 – although NV was built on F3 foundation, so…), I’d say the below commenter is right. Their games are ambitious and unique, even though in hindsight they SEEM to be generic (only because they’ve become household names and stepping stones). Same with Bioware, really.

      • mpcarolin says:

        It’s absurd to claim that a game is objectively not worth your time because of one major shortcoming. The performance and general bugginess is horrendous, yes. Among the worst in the triple-A world. But that so many people are willing to bite the bullet and play anyway is a testament to ALL the other great features in the game. If the net experience is positive, then it justifies the purchase, not to mention my install of Fallout 4 has less issues than any previous Bethesda release.

        That’s not to say we shouldn’t lambaste Bethesda for buggy releases. We should. But again, it’s about the net experience, and they produce games that are extremely entertaining for a lot of people at the end of the day.

    • skabb15 says:

      Yeah, you arent jealous and bitter at all. You go ahead and tell people to stear clear while I go rack up another 90 bug free hours of gameplay. Oh wait, that isnt true. I had a raider bounce around the room after I killed him in a marvelous display of momentary broken physics… totally not worth the other 89.5 hours of playtime because of that one tiny glitch. Haters gonna be dumba$$e$….

      • Spuzzell says:

        I’m not sure this is exactly the right place for you.

        You’d be more at home somewhere where people don’t actually discuss things.

      • Assirra says:

        Using the whole “to each their own” as an argument while at the same time ridiculing someone’s else opinion and calling them bitter turns you into a hypocrite, just saying.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      I’d recommend it (and have) to anyone who loves the previous Fallouts or is looking for a fantastic open world RPG.

      Nothing, and I mean nothing, has put a bigger grin on my face than having Flight of the Valkyries appear on the Classical Radio station as I was assaulting a Gunner’s base.

      • Holderist says:

        I wish I could select that song every time I went into combat.

    • Balance of Power says:

      Bethesda didn’t get a free pass because they don’t need one.

      I played 300+ hours of Fallout 4 and not once did I encounter the Monsignor bug or any other game-breaking bug, only a handful of insignificant glitches that were easily resolved.

      I know this might surprise you, the way fire surprises wild animals, but the number of articles you’re seeing is irrelevant and the result of sampling bias. Just because you see news reports about fires doesn’t mean there’s a serial arsonist about, it just means that fires get attention over the norm.

  2. mechabuddha says:

    Between this, me not being able to access terminals with G-Sync on, not being able to see locks with a 4:3 aspect ration, my gun randomly turning invisible, Corvega factory causing my health to slowly decrease until death, I’m starting to get a little frustrated.

    • Anaphiel says:

      What I don’t get is that Bethesda have been using essentially the same engine for their games since Oblivion. You’d think that by now the thing would be bug free and their coders and designers would know its ins and outs so well that this kind of thing would be pretty rare.

      You would also think that they could afford playtesters, but that may be going too far.

      • Kitsunin says:

        I bet the engine is actually more or less built of twigs and twine. After each game is released they add more twine until the product is finally structurally sound, but each new release has them piling more and more on top, meaning more, harder to fix problems as it becomes top-heavy, not less.

      • Cinek says:

        “the thing would be bug free” – no software of this size will ever be bug-free.

        But expecting a game that doesn’t crash in one of the main plot missions is a fair assumption.

        • skabb15 says:

          90 hours, no CTDs, no game slowing or halting bugs. At LEAST a dozen people on my steam friends list saying the exact same thing. God forbid anyone think they may be a minority. “My PC cant handle the game, you people are horrible!” Typically pathetic.

      • crazyd says:

        Actually, they’ve been using the same engine since Morrowind.

      • MisterFurious says:

        What I don’t get is why people keep buying Bethesda games when every single one of them is riddled with bugs when it’s released.

        • AyeBraine says:

          Sadly (and also fortunately!) they’re just interesting, rich, big and pretty games. I’m from the camp of gamers who either don’t get many bugs at all (I’m lucky that way), or ovelook them if the underlying process is entertaining enough.

          • Cederic says:

            I’m in the camp of waiting until it’s all fixed and they’ve released lots of DLC and it’s going cheap in a sale.

            I am grateful to the mass market for paying so much money to give the game a proper testing for me though. Thanks guys!

      • MikoSquiz says:

        I think they very carefully determine the maximum size of a project they could pull off in a given timeframe with the amount of employees they have to work on it, then throw that estimate out of the window and scale it up about ten times over. It’s why almost every single thing is more or less fucked in everything they release, and doesn’t get properly fixed until someone mods it.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      hey, maybe the Corvega factory is just badly irradiated :P

  3. JFS says:

    Ah, Bethesda. You never fail to deliver.

    • skabb15 says:

      You’re right, they dont, which is why they will almost always get my money for fallout and ES games.

  4. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    I had a similar problem in Fallout 3. Game would crash to desktop every single time I got near the Jefferson Memorial. Which was a pretty essential location in the main quest.

    Turns out that only happened because I stumbled upon Rivet City’s main quest bits before visiting the radio station’s main quests bits—although the dialogue clearly showed they’d planned for this case, it broke another quest variable.

    In hindsight it was actually a good thing, cause that main quest was so trite and tiresome. (Although the giant robot bit was fun)

    • BannerThief says:

      Believe me, you saved yourself from experiencing the Fallout 3 story. You should pat yourself on the back.

  5. raiders says:

    I don’t think these bugs are “spoilers” at all.
    I say, “thanks for sharing!”
    Players are gonna find these things at some point, right?
    It’s not like giving away the end of a plot or anything.

    But I’ll tell you what, these “bugs” are piling up.
    As great as the game is, and I truly mean I love this freakin’ game, there’s stuff in here that definitely screams:


    Like losing dogmeat and having to use his ID in the console to make him magically reappear.
    And the chick who is selling the brahman. Her quest is broken too.

    There’s some other funny business that I’ll leave alone at the moment, but it’s clearly a Bethesda game.

  6. AyeBraine says:

    For people who have the issue with low-res textures regradless of texture quality setting (indeed, it’s lower than even “low” setting would do, closer to “far-LOD”, 2005 era quality), here’s a fix. Helped me. Boris Vorontsov saves the day again!

    link to reddit.com

  7. virtenebris says:

    I really don’t get all those whiners. Of course there are some bugs; it’s a complicated piece of software. I don’t get any crashes, game breaking bugs, instabilities, disappearing items etc. AT ALL though. Some people must really have a badly maintained computer, probably with outdated graphics drivers having all these issues. My rig is below minimum specs, and I get a solid, smooth game play performance on medium to high settings using borderless window mode at 2048×1152.

    There will undoubtedly be patches, the game has after all only been out for a week for crying out loud. Everyone always starts bitching on day one release of a game, nevermind the myriad and endless configurations of PCs that developers have to try and make their game compatible with; unlike a console where you have one hardware config and that is all.

    Bashing on one company about a game “riddled with bugs” is pointless. You guys evidently have no idea about publishers and release data pressures etc. Have you ever ready any interviews with developers? Doesn’t matter who it is, they all say the same. I have not encountered any game breaking bugs and honestly; I have played for nearly 20 hours total so far, and other than a bit more comfortable key-mapping that does not require me to use a third party tool, I have no complaints at all. I am not a blind, naive Bethesda fanboy at all, but there has to be a limit.

    Hell, learn to code and do it better.

    • skabb15 says:

      This is by far the smoothest Bethesda game of this magnitude right out of the gate. I have 90 hours of bug free gameplay. I have been to monsignor plaza god knows how many times with not one issue. Any bugs I may have encountered happened and then stopped. But, you know people: “I am having a problem with my complex software on my complex piece of technology so it must be the devs fault and EVERYONE must be experiencing the same problem.”

    • Buggery says:

      Is it really so hard to believe that other people may be experiencing bugs due to the state of the software and not because of their hardware?

      You claim to not be a Bethesda fan boy – yet call everyone who has complained about bugs, whiners… On an article about a game breaking bug in an apparently plot-required location. A bug that is repeatable, relatively serious, and has apparently been experienced by a lot of people.

      Believe it or not, other complex games do get released with less bugs, and other less complex games also get released with more. Just saying “why don’t you do better” is not helpful. Bethesda don’t need you to apologise for them. They’re a big company with lots of money. They don’t have as much pressure to release broken software because they self-publish. They can afford to perform some more rigorous testing.

  8. Generico says:

    Honestly, I’m really underwhelmed by the game. It’s basically a Skyrim total conversion mod. It looks and plays like a game built several years ago for last gen consoles. It almost feels like Bethesda has completely copped out of doing any real work and just decided that modders will fix all their lazy ass development. I mean, the keyboard and mouse UI is so bad it looks like they gave that project to an unpaid intern. Their are so many glaring design failures in the game I can’t even decide what to put on a short list.

    And you can’t use “well, it’s a big ambitious game” as an excuse for this crap anymore. The Witcher 3 is bigger than Fallout 4, looks better, plays better, and was developed by a smaller company with fewer resources.

    Fallout 4 suffers massively from Bethesda’s refusal to adopt a better engine. Something like Unreal or CryEngine could do everything Creation engine can do, only better, with an infinitely superior toolset.

    • skabb15 says:

      The door is that way —->. Thank you for your money, to each their own, have a nice day.

      • Unseenteeth says:

        Skabb15 – Aggressively rejecting everyone’s opinions but your own, and then saying “To each their own” isn’t giving you much credibility around here. It’s the textbook definition of hypocrisy.

        You also seem to be regurgitating a flawed argument I frequently see being put forth that “I didn’t have problems, so game is fine” which is anecdotal at best. If even one person in every ten is experiencing progress breaking issues with the game, that’s staggeringly bad. Consider that this game is not some indie project made on a shoe string budget, it’s a multi million dollar project that has been many years in the making.

        You can apologize for Bethesda all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that Fallout 4 is deeply flawed on a technical level, and many people are getting burned by that.

  9. sgt. grumbles says:

    Hey Skabb15, we get it, you like the game. No need to respond to everyone else’s opinion with your witticisms. They add nothing.

  10. AlFitz says:

    No bugs encountered here and I’m really enjoying it. Ok I’m probably lucky but I keep things simple, 60fps, single GPU and windows borderless mode. Also I have to agree with a previous poster that it’s probably the best game ever made.

  11. pasports31 says:

    Man, I do have to say that I’ve actually been really happy with the stability of FO4. I’ve played for 34 hours and have encountered 1 bug that interrupted gameplay (I logged onto a terminal behind a desk and when I logged out my character wouldn’t move…reloaded logged into the same terminal and it was fine). Outside of that the only bugs I’ve encountered were a few times enemies got stuck running into objects or something. Sucks for the people who haven’t had a good experience, but FO4 is more stable for me at launch than New Vegas is 5 years after.

  12. Cronstintein says:

    I’ve seen a fair number of minor bugs but nothing major in my playtime so far. This is actually pretty solid considering Bethesda’s track record. Disappearing weapons that require me to switch briefly to third-person view is the extent of what I’ve encountered.

    While not top-tier, I would say the FPS elements have been much improved. I certainly don’t feel like I’m suffering during the shooting the way I was during F3 and F:NV.

    I do think the game is sadly lacking in the choose-your-own-adventure side of the equation however. While they nailed the setting and vibe of the fallout series, Fallout 2 far more fun choices to make and alternate ways of succeeding at objectives.

  13. Arglebargle says:

    They are just sloppy. Learned my lesson, I don’t buy them til they are cheap enough to offset the broken bits.