Football Manager 2016 Demo Is Out, 4161 Megaballs Big

You’ve watched other kids play it, but never had the courage to try for yourself. You overhear friends talking about it, but when you ask, they brush you away with a dismissive, “Oh, you wouldn’t like it.” You fear they may be right, but you need to find out for sure. You’ve called in sick, you’ve taken the phone off the hook, you’ve drawn the curtains closed. Today is the day you try Football Manager for yourself, and the FM2016 [official site] demo which came out last Friday for Windows, Mac and Linux is just the way to do it.

You’ve tried it now. And you know what? You liked it. You liked the six months of play it offers, the pages and pages of graphs, those mischievous dots shuddering across a peaceful green field. There’s an extra spring in your step when you return to work. You’re ready to join the conversation.

Your good mood lasts just long enough for someone to say that this year’s edition doesn’t seem particularly strong. Better to stick with Football Manager 2015, if you’ve already got it. You don’t, this is your first Football Manager, but the excited conversations you’ve been spectating for years seem to have turned dour at the very second you joined in.

You end the day in a fug, uncertain, but… no. You decide not to let it get you down. You did have fun. It ran fine for you. You didn’t notice a thing wrong with the match engine before, and other people’s nitpicks aren’t going to stop you rushing home tonight to transfer your save over from the 4161MB demo and into the full game.

Adam’s review of FM2016 will be along shortly. In the meantime, here’s mine.


  1. Themadcow says:

    I just want to know if the Touch mode is now as much fun as CM01/02. If its not then I’ll stick with CM…

  2. orionite says:

    I should like it, but I just really don’t, despite being a foot-to-ball fan for many many years. Something about all these numbers makes me feel disconnected from the sport. I’m given to understand that one can learn to be good at this type of game, but as I grew older, I’m more inclined to look for instant (or at least short-term) gratification in other games.
    Yeah, I sucked at it and gave up. Happy now? What? Yes, I’m a little bitter about it.

    • Gothnak says:

      This was me, i solved it. Play Classic mode in FM15, and only look at 1 stat really, the ‘actual star rating’ as opposed to the other 45 stats. Then just buy and use players who star ratings are better. Using that tactic i have now brought Maidenhead Utd with an average starting fan base of 200 and near relegation in the Conf South to winning League 2 in 11 years :p…

      It’s great fun now, i haven’t changed my tactics once, dealing with morale is the only issue.

      • orionite says:

        Yes, that does sound much more my speed. Will get back to you in 2026. Go Oakham United FC! Although I doubt National League teams are included.

        • Gothnak says:

          Please make sure you look at the correct star rating though… One is Assistant’s opinion, one is Assistant’s Opinion on Potential and the last, which you will need to scout the player for, is the actual rating. When you go to the player you can also look at how that player compares to players in your squad. That is where you can see if you are looking at the right stat :).

          In short, IGNORE YOUR ASSISTANT!

  3. TaylanK says:

    I just… couldn’t do it. I played FM 2014 to death, skipped ’15 based on reviews, and was feeling impulsive enough to give the ’16 demo a try the other night.

    I can get past a lot, even the match engine silliness with hopes of future patches, but man, that UI! They have obliterated any and all notions of visual hierarchy. It’s like all the stats and words were jumbled together in a bag and randomly strewn on the screen. Made my brain hurt, and I’m not even new to FM.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    I was just about to commend Alice on turning another perfunctory news item into an interesting narrative when I noticed the byline. Some high praise there for you Graham :-)