Kero Blaster Hops Onto Steam

Although initially released on PCs and mobile cellular telephones last year, Daisuke ‘Cave Story‘ Amaya’s Kero Blaster [official site] has now hopped onto Steam. That’s right, hopped. Because there’s a frog in it. What at first might strike the eye as just another two dimensional pixel platformer is actually an enjoyable, engaging and challenging throwback to when the genre reigned supreme. Jump inside (mwahaha) for a trailer and more.

Whilst the nuances of modern design help Kero Blaster on its way, it, like the 20th century games it aspires to replicate, is bloody hard. Every jump requires patience and meticulous timing and while you’ll tear your hair out as a result of slow reflexes and misadventure on several occasions and more, the moments of triumph make the hardship seem worthwhile. As far as these games go, Kero Blaster is definitely one of the best of the slew of modern incarnations, but, perhaps more importantly, it’s also every bit as good as the author’s perennial Cave Story. Plus it’s all encompassed by a beautiful and catchy chiptune soundtrack:

And frogs are cool, obviously. Which makes posting the Kermit the Frog meme seem all the more justified:

Kero Blaster is available on Steam for £6.99.


  1. Harlander says:

    It’s nice to have “this game is going to be too hard for me” right up-front so I don’t get too excited.

    Otherwise I’d be getting fairly excited for some stuff from the Cave Story guy.

    • Nixitur says:

      Frankly, I didn’t find it too hard. If you got through Cave Story, you’ll get through this, too. There’s no Sacred Grounds or Ballos here.

    • Oozo says:

      Also, you keep items and money when you die. You can buy extra lifes with them which will get you through any hard stuff. It’s, at worst, a matter of persisting, not of skill. (I’m saying that as somebody who gave up on Super Meat Boy half-way through, but got through Kero Blaster without much trouble.)

      Also, saying that it is every bit as good as Cave Story might be a bit misleading. It’s positive proof of the fact that Amaya has a great feeling for controls that feel just right, great ideas to update the old platformer formula, a keens sense for level design, and a very endearing sense of humour — in short, it’s a really good game with lots of character that I enjoyed a lot. But don’t expect a second Cave Story. It is very much a short story to the latter’s novel.

    • BooleanBob says:

      I have no idea what Joe is talking about – the game is not hard at all. And I am TERRIBLE at the videos games, so I hardly have much of a nose to look down here.

      I can only think that he is conflating it with the related but not at all representative Pink Hour (which is, conversely, very hard indeed but also excellent, and free).

      While Oozo is right that it’s not another Cave Story, it’s charming and beautiful and the soundtrack is a delight. I give Kero Blaster a hearty nine croaks out of Paul McCartney.

  2. Caiman says:

    So still not Frog Fractions 2, then?

  3. wcq says:

    There’s something refreshingly 90s about Amaya’s site. The stamp-sized screenshots, the tiny text, the simple blue background… amazing.

    Anyway, uhh, about the game, yeah. It’s good.