Nexus Mod Manager Now Supports Fallout 4 Tweaks

Fallout 4‘s been out for a week, which means we’re fast approaching the time where you stop playing Bethesda’s weirdly-unconcerned-parent simulator and start playing “Hm…how many mods can I install on this game before my computer lights on fire?”

Facilitating that aim, Nexus Mod Manager—everyone’s favorite way to fix Bethesda Jank™—now supports Fallout 4.

Via Nexus’s Dave Talamas: “This is a preliminary release that may have some wrinkles to iron out, but internal testing has gone smoothly. Even fancy scripted installers should work, though we haven’t had a chance to test them thoroughly yet as there’s no mods that use scripted installers out at this time.”

You can find a full list of mods at the official Fallout 4 Nexus page, and there’s even a handy tutorial video if you’re new to this whole song and dance:

It’s early days for the Fallout 4 mod community, although we’ve already seen some pretty great projects. Like one that swaps mini-nukes with babies. Or this one that replaces the dialogue wheel with, you know, actual dialogue so you don’t choose “Sarcasm” and then watch helplessly as your Vault Dweller punts a dog off a bridge. And don’t forget Bilago’s unofficial Configuration Tool, which allows you to turn off mouse acceleration and tweak the FOV without digging through .ini files like some sort of digital Indiana Jones.

Great changes, all around. Now let’s hope someone fixes the game so John can be an unrepentant dick. In the game.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    Is that a fatman launcher launching a baby? If so I want one.

  2. Mechorpheus says:

    Someone should mod in some Power Armour for Dogmeat.

  3. theirongiant says:

    Really need a mod to make managing settlements easier. The ability to see who’s assigned to what jobs and move them about from a menu would be a massive improvement. Also while we’re at it a mode to allow clipping when placing settlement pieces as well would be nice.

    • Lord Byte says:

      I agree. There’s a way to see who’s working on what, in Build Mode mouse over the settler, and whatever he’s assigned to will light-up. Not always handy because both might not be in your line of sight.
      A trick I picked up from somewhere else is… hats. He’d put hats on whomever he assigned, I took it one step further, I assign hats based on the work I’ve assigned them too (like Scavengers get Hardhats or miner hats, farmers get Assault / Gasmasks, traders get Trilby’s, caravans get red bandana’s and guards get helmets :)
      It works and its a fun mini-game in trying to collect enough of the things to assign to your settlers :D (has not been a problem, but that skews my loot priorities a bit :D)

      • Tinotoin says:

        I believe that was on this very website you saw that genius tactic.

        Kudos to that chap!

  4. neotribe says:

    NMM is helpful, but we really need is a 64-bit ModOrganizer. Sadly, progress on that front is apparently slow (according to Tannin, the guy behind ModOrganizer).

    link to

    • FrostByghte says:

      Total agreement here. MO just blows everything else away.

  5. suibhne says:

    I’m vaguely amazed that there isn’t a basic inventory mod yet. FO:NV’s first inventory sorting mod was available only a few days after release, and FO4 needs it just as desperately.

    • k47 says:

      There is. Look for Better Item Sorting on Fallout 4 Nexus. It has a few limitations, like not covering Armors and Weapons, since the crafting system adds prefixes that come before the tags. It works for mostly everything else.

      Also, right now it’s not compatible with the mod that shows the full dialogue on the conversation options (also featured on RPS), because they use the same file. They’ll likely be compatible in the near future, though.

  6. quietone says:

    Let’s not beat around the bush, guys. Naked mod goes first. Then everything else.

    • Uhuru N'Uru says:

      Obviously you’ve never played the PC version of a Bethesda game.
      First priority is make this a PC game, rather than designed for 2 low powered PC’s called XB1 and PS4.
      There’s a lot to do to make this game more than just barely functional on PC.
      The UI mod with MCM will need some time.
      WE can tweak lots of the little details while waiting.
      The real problem is the game is, not really designed for PC with monitor at all. It’s the console game in every way.
      Mouse and Keyboard barely function adequately at all and the keybinding is totally broken.
      In reality PC’s need 3 UI’s, not just the TV/Gamepad focused one, we get.
      Then there’s the Monitor/K&M type. Key requirments being, smaller text with bigger space for more lines at once. With the fewest clicks to achieve the objective guiding the Layout.
      The 3rd is a Monitor/Gamepad hybrid, using smaller text with Gamepad Layout, but as this is most simply achieved by reusing the desired parts of the first two, it needs no special design.
      Even the games settings are 3rd class and pretty dire. NO FOV slider for instance.

      Basically this is a mess on PC, in every aspect Witcher 3 is the better game and my current Game of the Year. Except for BGS’s one saving Grace, Moddability.
      There I was mostly dissapointed in CDPR. They failed to grasp the importance of providing good tools whilst people are still playing that game, The tools were planned for release a year after the game. CDPR’s belated panicked tools, were the poor effort expected, when making the Expansion was prioritised.

      So while Batman got refunded in droves on the PC and I never got it and never will. Though Fallout 4, isn’t quite that bad, it’s bad enough, that without modding, I wouldn’t have bought this game either.

      Fallout 4 is as bad if not worse than all the previous BGS games, but I don’t care whether BGS fixes it or not, because I will always do a better job with mods, for my game and you will for yours game.

      PC Modding makes Fallout 4, a must buy, instead of the must get a refund game, it would be, without modding.

      Why PC modding, well so called Console Mods. Will likely be simply DLC. If any sort of selection of available “Mods” is made by BS (Bethesda Sotworks) or any other publisher (Valve’s DOTA2, CSGO, and TF) are DLC not mods at all.

      Mods must be creatable and usable by everyone who owns the game on that platform. If any User can’t download all other users creations, it’s not modding. if the user can’t create their own mods (Private or public), it’s not modding.

      Valve’s games are DLC due to selection alone.
      BS has the added issue of the console gamers inability to make mods or even simple ini tweaks. Without selection, I wouldn’t call this DLC or Mods. (Use only mods? maybe). A new word will be needed for whatever we call these crippled mod users.

      When the publisher chooses content, whether they made it or not, that content is DLC.
      Free, microtransactions or paid expansion can all be mods without publisher selection. With selection, those same mods become DLC.

      Also it doesn’t matter what the publisher calls their chosen ones, I will still call it anything, except modding.

  7. sfoumatou says:

    I’ve been trying so hard to hate this game, to sneer at it from afar, to stay on top of my “you can’t release a game this bugged in 2015” standards.

    Well fuck it. You’ve won me over, RPS. I’ll be playing the damn thing.

    Just as soon as someone somewhere releases something that makes sure half the quests in the game won’t break randomly at some point.

  8. fish99 says:

    Took me a while to get into F4 but I’m loving it now, 60 hrs in. It’s definitely glitchy though.

  9. badmothergamer says:

    I’ve only had one quest go bonkers (Covenant quest) due to a bug so far and was able to fix it by simply reloading and removing the power armor that seemed to be causing the issue. Fortunately over the years I’ve built a habit with Bethesda games of hitting F5 for quicksave every few minutes so I didn’t lose any progress.

    There are bugs though. My favorite one thus far was a spot where dead bodies continuously fell from a spot in the sky and through the ground. I could stand under where they fell and if I hit “E” fast enough loot a couple of items before they disappeared through the terrain. Raked in over 100 caps before getting bored and moving on. :)

  10. Uhuru N'Uru says:

    “… then watch helplessly as your Vault Dweller punts a dog off a bridge.”
    Are you kidding?
    launching that annoying damn dog off a bridge, is something I’d pay extra to do.
    Just being allowed to reject it, and get rid of the quest marker would be a start, don’t BGS understand.
    If they allowed me to reject it as a companion through dialogue, it would be gone from my game and ignored.

    By giving us no choice we end up hating the mutt, until only both barrels, will solve the issue.
    I’ll have to rely on modders to give it both barrels of my shotgun in it’s face. A (On LoversLab – Adults Only) mod exists already.
    It’s the dog I want dead. Kids are fine.

    Speaking of which, I don’t recall having any ability to fire both barrels at once. Odd that one.

  11. racccoon says:

    Good video “) I tried the size settlement mod but it does not work for red rock Since that failure.
    I found a new way to resize settlement, which is a bug. So go grab all your crap weapons caches, drop all of them, go to workshop and then select each one and store them.
    Watch your settlement size go down. Rebuild more, lol :)

  12. CornippyBiggs says:

    Its really frustrating to me that people just expect to mod the hell out of bethesda games and act like thats just fine. Fallout 4 although being the most fun ive had in a game in awhile is really starting to show me that the gaming industry, as well as the community that supports it is heading in a direction that I really dont think I want to be a part of. Games should be about getting a quality entertainment experience that mixes visual and audio with interaction not about “seeing how many mods you can install before your computer starts on fire”. Im actually embarrased to be a member of this site reading this article right now .