Fallout 4: Leg In A Bin

Leg in a bin

Continuing a perma-death Fallout 4 diary, in which I begin with absolutely nothing other than a plan to to voyage around only the outermost periphery of the world.

The first test of my extremely rusty Power Armour is just a few steps away. There are dismembered bodies scattered messily across the ground, in boxes, in an old bath tub, as though some cannibalistic toddler was recently playing here. There’s even a leg in a bin. A LEG IN A BIN.


The real cause soon makes itself known: Mole Rats. It’s always Mole Rats. Although the bin is still a mystery. Mole Rats’ arms aren’t long enough to have lifted it in there. Maybe someone put his own leg there for safe-keeping after one gnawed it off, before hobbling back to battle.

I have precious little ammo, so I punch and punch and punch and it’s really effective, but then I remember that it’s sapping my precious Fusion Cores so I’d better be careful. Fortunately, the various bodies yield some food, ammo and clothing. Even the leg in a bin is somehow wearing an entire Flannel Shirt and Jeans and Radstag Armour, despite being just a leg in a bin. One trouser leg I’d have understood, but a whole outfit? What a leg, man. What a leg in a bin.

Stepping out of my power armour to admire my new togs, I feel that Michael now looks truly wasteland-ready.

Still very much like a confused British tourist, but with just a hint of having Seen Things. He’ll do.

I’m getting really worried about fusion cores now, but the nature of my journey necessitates never, ever going backwards, so I can’t just leave the suit somewhere and come back to it once/if I find more cores. All I can do is take it with me, and ditch it if and when it runs out of juice. So, onwards.

I go through another long period of finding nothing, fighting nothing, which is halfway a relief and halfway a concern – was this journey misguided from the outset? And how can I find supplies? Then a couple of giant mayflies bother me, followed by the horizon yielding the promise of things to come.

I lose a bit of health in the bugfight, and that fusion core drip, drip, drips away steadily. The fights are hard, even against small wildlife. I’m probably further out than a wasteland greenhorn should be, and the noose appears to be tightening.

That’s why, when I spy three heavily-armoured Softshell Mirelurks lurking around an enticing-looking building, I decide on extreme measures. My PipBoy suggests I’d struggle to survive against even one of them, let alone three – and one’s some sort of crustacean veteran, by the looks of it. So, about that Fat Boy I had…

And there goes my sole nuke. Let’s hope I’m going to regret this later. Let’s hope there’s something great in that building which made such wanton destruction worthwhile.

There’s nothing. Flupping nothing. Just a terminal with some emails about how the water’s too toxic for fishing. Dammitall. I’ve strayed inwards a little in order to check out this useless place, so time to return to the periphery. I pass by a bunker I can’t access without a key, and a quick search suggests it’s not in the immediate area. A milk factory looks promising, but is deserted, yielding nothing but junk and few bullets. I’m beginning to feel lonely. I haven’t had a conversation with anyone yet.

It’s not long before I spy life again though – some sort of bandit fortress. And one of them has power armour on. Erk.

It’s a tough, tough fight. I survive, thanks to a lot of running and hiding and ripping through almost all my stimpaks, but the aftermath leaves me with an arm and a leg of my power armour too damaged to work. Not good. I loot parts from the downed powered-raider, but maddeningly exactly the same limbs have been trashed in the fight with me. I stuff it all into wherever the hell my backpack is anyway, then look around.

Remarkably, I could use this place as a base. With the raiders gone, I’m allowed to craft structures here. It could be paradise.

Sadly, there’s no point. I can never go back. So, instead I raze the place to the ground. I scrap everything I can, in case the resultant components can be turned into something more useful for the road later on. Turns out not even power armour can carry 50 concrete blocks around though, so I have to leave that there.

I feel sadness as I leave. This could have been a home. But home is not my way. Onwards.

After some difficulty avoiding irradiated ponds, I finally reach that huge bridge I saw in the distance earlier. I finally encounter some friendly faces too. Settlers. They don’t try to shoot me or anything.

But there’s barely a chance to secretly pickpocket them before a gigantic, monstrous Radscorpion spots us. My PipBoy tells me it’s absolutely deadly, and watching it instantly rip through the friendly settlers, I don’t disagree. Oh lord, I wish I still had that nuke. I don’t. So I run. I’m afraid there are no photographs of it because I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED.

It runs too. And spits poison at me as it does. I lose another power armour limb. It’s almost on me. I reach a cliff edge and… well, fuck it, nothing else for it.

The rest my first Fusion Core power disappears as the suit absorbs the impact, but I’m alive and that scorpion hasn’t plunged off the cliff after me. I’ve only got one fusion core left, but I’m saf…

Oh God raiders, loads and loads of raiders. I take a lot of hits, use most of my ammo, but I beat them. I’m saf…

Oh God dogs, loads and loads of super-tough mutant dogs. The last of my ammo goes. Back to punching. And being bitten and bitten and bitten. But I beat them. I’m saf…

Yeah, I am safe this time. And the raiders’ corpses yield some ammo and food. My last fusion core is halfway gone already, though. Pray for a miracle there. The wildlife out here is so damned tough that I don’t know how I could possibly cope without the suit.

Right now, I have another problem. I’ve gone as far East as the land allows. And so here I am, at the end of the world.

Except not. There’s almost certainly something out there, isn’t there? Hell, I can even see what looks like a radio mast at the water’s furthest edge, and some small islands, one of which has a structure on it, if I allowed myself to turn a little more Southerly.

The question is whether I can survive the swim out there. Going into that irradiated water will be like gargling with rat poison. My power armour will absorb some, but its Fusion Core won’t last for long, and swimming is much harder while wearing it. I have anti-radiation meds, but only a little. This may be suicide. But the plan was to travel around the world; the question is whether water counts. If, however, I instead now turn South and follow the coast, I won’t face immediate irradiation but I certainly won’t be seeing the outermost edge of the Commonwealth, as was the original intention. So, what to do? You decide.

Depending on how it goes, the next diary may well be the last. Or the next diary may not feel like I stuck to my guns.

You decide. Call it A Depth In The Family.

Where should Michael Radiatin’ go?
East, into radioactive water with a strong chance of death
South, staying on land, into uncertainty



  1. Baranor says:

    Swim! Thats what I would do!

  2. popej says:

    What business could a leg possibly have in a bin? Worlds gon dun got crazy….

  3. Arononymous says:

    I had to make an account just to tell you it’s MIRELURK and not miNelurk. noob

  4. Sui42 says:

    Love the use of polls in these articles. Interactive journalism.

  5. raiders says:

    I refuse to read your article (after the first paragraph, that is) because I don’t want you spoiling my fun.

    But I must admit, I’ve been doing kind of the same thing. The crap you run across on the outskirts…it’s as if they KNEW we were going to do this!

    They knew we weren’t gonna jump into some crummy stroyline off the bat. They knew we weren’t gonna rush straight to Diamond City either.

    I’m having too much fun exploring, man. And the raiders are much better here than in previous editions. Oh and Mirelurks! holy crap, the Mirelurks!!!!

  6. Anthile says:

    I was at the edge of my seat reading the article. I have been exclusively playing on survival difficulty so far and I’m certain any of these encounters would have ended with with Michael biting the fallout. I know Boomer can easily one-shot you and mirelurks are just the worst.

  7. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    Another friday evening, another 48 hour Fallout 4 binge. See you on monday, reality!

  8. 7vincent7black7 says:

    Have you recieved any perks from levelling yet? If so, spend them on the AquaBoy perk, then you can take that power armour into the water, and you won’t take radiation, and you will breathe underwater. Problem solved!

    • Thurgret says:

      I think power armour removes the need to breathe. I walked along the bottom of the harbour, without ever having any prompt about that. Very little radiation damage either, what with the power armour’s radiation resistance – not that all power armour is equal.

      • Holderist says:

        I was going to say something similar. Walked through a river in power armour, and didn’t have to worry about breathing or radiation.

        Buuuut Alec doesn’t seem to have the power armour helmet anymore. That may be vital.

      • monsieurZb says:

        After a really poorly timed quick save at the bottom of Thicket Excavation, I can assure you that the power armor, while vastly extending your air supply, doesn’t grant you the ability to breathe underwater.

  9. OscarWilde1854 says:

    Seeing the heat map of votes on that poll site was interesting! Cool to see where your reader’s are, primarily. Canadian here! Toronto!

  10. Hideous says:

    Just so you’re aware, any attempt to swim in that suit will fail. You’re so heavy, you’ll just walk on the bottom of the ocean and eventually drown.

  11. apa says:

    Yeah, that was a lot better than a basic poll! I voted as I would’ve played.

  12. nigelvibations says:

    We’re rooting for you Michael! You’ve got this!

  13. namad says:

    bethseda is all about invisible walls, if you swim out there, there’s probably nothing there at all. so why bother?

    • NotGodot says:

      In Fallout 4 the border are more of a HERE BE DRAGONS

    • NotGodot says:

      In Fallout 4 the borders are more of a HERE BE DRAGONS sort of thing. There are hard limits, but they’re not contained entirely within the map borders.

  14. jangove says:

    I think you should head south. More specifically, I think you should ask yourself what the actual Michael Palin would do if this were actually one of his programs. And the answer, even if he were relentlessly marching around the equator (which for all I know he may have done, as the selection I saw on PBS was limited. Many via WBUR in Boston, as it happens) would be to acquire a vehicle of some sort. I think, when you get right down to it, killing yourself by going into the water isn’t sticking to your guns nearly so much as finding a quick and un-Palin way out of continuing.

  15. gbrading says:

    This sounds like my first trip to that area of the map; I was consecutively attacked by Mole rats, then a Deathclaw out of nowhere, then two Radscorpions and then finally a Mirelurk Queen. The Mirelurk Queen is terrifying, it can kill exceedingly quickly.