Explore The Orange Moon In Action-Platformer’s Demo

Orange Moon [official site] is a 2D platformer that’s part action, part RPG, and part roguelikelike. As an inquisitive astronaut-cum-explorer, you set out for the titular Orange Moon in search of new life and natural resources. As these things tend to go, you’re met with a far harsher environment than first expected (seriously, does any planning go into these expeditions?) with threatening native life, perilous terrain, and shit-loads of traps and contraptions to overcome. Take a look for yourself below:

As you’ll spot towards the end there, customisation plays a big part in Orange Moon as you hope to “augment your explorer to make him suitable for upcoming challenges, upgrade weapons and ammunition with ancient alien technologies and materials you’ll find in your journey.” In practice, this grants you seven weapon types with specific ammunition, all of which, the game’s blurb informs me, can be upgraded in 50 different ways. Equipment faces the same treatment and can be enhanced to the tune of 15 variants, and the points accumulated from plundering the foreign landscape and its residents can be used to unlock new weaponry, ammunition and further upgrades.

You can download a two-level demo from Itch or IndieDB. Developers Betelgeuse Zero are also selling it on Itch for $9.99, though right now the paid version’s the same as the demo. They plan to add more levels and whatnot to the paid level as development continues, and are having a crack at at Steam Greenlight too.


  1. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Man, those two seconds when I thought somebody named their game “Action-Platformer.” Good times.

  2. wu wei says:

    shit-loads of traps and contraptions

    For those of us not familiar with the imperial system, could you give us a rough conversion to metric crap-tons?

    • Viral Frog says:

      A shit load tends to be 1.7/3.76th of a metric crap-ton. Because us Americans like to use measurement systems that make no sense at all.

      • wu wei says:

        That doesn’t seem quite right, are you thinking of a nautical shitload?

  3. noodlecake says:

    I think everything looks a little bit too static. I’m sure it’s either due to budget or time constraints, or due to it being a new team, but a little bit more movement in the main character and enemies would really bring it to life.

    Also not really keen on how everything is monochrome with a single coloured tint. That’s a personal thing really! I have a friend who does digital paintings and she always starts in grayscale and goes in afterwards and it always looks much worse than her oil paintings because with oils she’s forced to work directly with colour and end up with all this subtle variation in hue.

    This might not be a big deal to other people. Visual style is really important to me as an artist.

    • noodlecake says:

      It’s always cool when people try a different art style in video games though, so props to them for that! x

      • baozi says:

        I think it’s cool that they’re going for such a bold look. IMO too many games look similar and are wasting a lot of potential; devs should learn from illustration. Or maybe they think it’s risky?

        • noodlecake says:

          Yeah. It is cool. I’m just not sure that it necessarily works as well as it could.

  4. Kefren says:

    Reminds me of a cross between Capsized link to capsizedgame.com and Exolon link to en.wikipedia.org.

  5. alw says:


    Not sure I like the sound of that job!