Anno 2205 Free DLC Starts January With Wildwater Bay

Have you been taking care of dear old Mumsy, our planet Earth, and her dusty baby? In Anno 2205 [official site], that is. I mean, have you been playing Anno 2205? If so, you may heard Ian Ubisoft muttering about plans for future updates, expansions, and free DLC. What’s that, Ian? Speak up. You’re repeating yourself. Be clearer. Oh, move over.

The first of several planned free ‘DLC’ bits is Wildwater Bay, a large new planetside session, and will come in January. The paid first expansion, Tundra, is due at the end of February, and will be followed by the Orbit expansion. I’ll explain more.

Right! Wildwater Bay, Ubi say, will bring a new temperate Earth session. It’ll be “the biggest session in the game so far, with a large continental area and several islands”, with new coastal and mountain slots. It’ll also add “a new sector project … where you can solve the riddle of the abandoned underwater cities and meet ghosts from the past.” Oh dear. Did something bad happen to the world of Anno 2070: Deep Ocean?

Also on the free front, they briefly mention “an upcoming patch that will focus on performance and optimization”. Okey cokey.

As for Tundra and Orbit, Ubi have been gabbing about them since before Anno 2205 even came out. If you weren’t really paying attention back then because you weren’t sure you’d even like 2205 (sensible!), then maybe have a look back now? They add new places and people and vehicles and buildings and things – y’know, expansion stuff. Tundra’s due February.


  1. Tssha says:

    One of the few times I’ve pre-ordered and bought the Season Pass and NOT been disappointed.

  2. cpy says:

    Game is much better than user reviews. Yeah it’s not new Anno 2070 but ok, it’s more of a relaxed streamlined Anno i’d love to have resource balance in A2070 that is present in 2205, i mean sure harder mode but i can’t remember if it was 2 sugar plants for 1 coffee planatation or vice versa?
    Anno 2205 with season pass: No regrets!

  3. Cerzi says:

    I guess I got my money’s worth out of the base game, completing it through twice (once normal, once hard), but after that the replayability is just not there. Can’t really complain as that was still tens of hours playing, but compared to previous Anno games there just isn’t much to go back for at this point without DLC. And I don’t think one more temperate zone is going to fix that, either.

    The problem IMO is that the optimization of each zone is entirely internal to that zone, and that type of zone. Once you’ve figured out how to build optimally in temperate, arctic and lunar, the game is basically solved, and it doesn’t matter what variations of those climes are used because the actual topography of each doesn’t mean a lot (besides “is there enough space to build this”). Goods are shared across the entire zone, and so there’s no complexity arising from growth besides, again, “is there enough space left?”.

    For me, the game would’ve benefited a lot by keeping internal, real-time trade-routes within each sector (via boat or whatever). That way the expansion to the arctic and the moon would’ve felt like a step up in complexity. Unfortunately, these different sectors are just abstracted forms of the different islands in previous Anno games, and so the increased scale is actually quite superficial.

  4. jellydonut says:

    This game is far too simplistic compared to other city builders. It’s very pretty, and the concept is fun, but the complexity you expect from a city builder simply isn’t there. Caesar III had more challenges for the player, and that game is over 15 years old by now.

    Honestly, it reminds me of Cookie Clicker with a graphics engine.

  5. Amiideus says:

    Can we expect a review for this ?

  6. xfstef says:

    The series is slowly killing itself since it hasn’t innovated anything since 1404 in terms of mechanics.
    The process of expanding your cities is streamlined so much that you can pretty much do it in your sleep after completing it once. There are no hidden paths or diverging technologies that you can use in order to “adapt” to the resources of your islands (Anno 1404 was better from this point of view).
    They completely removed invasion / conquest from the game, making the military missions a joke. They are boring and uninteresting and you have no way to customize your forces other than clicking a simple and linear upgrade system.
    The trade system has also been dumped down so much that it just doesn’t make sense any more. Why is a new trade root a one way trip ? This is both unrealistic and annoying.

    … I could go on and on. The main point I’m trying to make is that the game is definitely not worth it’s full release price, especially since they will lock the new environments behind DLC paywalls.

    GG Ubisoft, you’re on your way to destroying yet another strategy game franchise.

    • ludde says:

      Indeed. I really dislike how the different climates and combat have been moved out of the same map and put behind menus.

      They’ve pretty much taken what used to be one large, seamless experience and segregated it into a bunch of disjointed mini-games.

      It’s smaller instead of the bigger I once dreamt about while playing the earlier games.

  7. Carra says:

    I’ve enjoyed it more than its predecessor but not as much as the highpoint in its running, Anno 1404. Finished a game but now I’m palying Fallout 4. Will start a new game after, and after that it’ll probably get shelved but I’ll have had my 20 hours of fun.

    The main problem with the series as a whole is also true for this one: there’s just not enough innovation. It’s not all that different from anno 1602. Time for them to shake things up.

  8. FelixG says:

    This game was just roundly disappointing. It had a lot of promise until it got to the fleet portion, which is just so gamey and terrible.

    Not only that but for some reason they limited the overly gamey combat to a very boring 3 or so types of ships with different names, and neglected combat completely on the moon which is this titles supposed big change.

    Waste of money, especially with the seemingly lack luster season pass.