Dying Light DLC Season Pass’s Price Is… Going Up $10?

I don’t know anything about business but I know that if you’re not disrupting, you’re bankrupting. This isn’t 2014, grandma. Here in 2015, we’ve disrupted the economic paradigm with an innovative shareconomy. Just the other day, I used the app Walk A Mile to rent my shoes to someone who wanted a smarter pair for a business lunch.

So yeah, you might be used to DLC and DLC season passes becoming cheaper over time, but pssh! We can disrupt that. Get this: the Dying Light [official site] DLC season pass’s price is about to go up from $20 to $30. Its makers say the upcoming expansion included with it, The Following, has grown big enough to warrant a higher price.

If you’ve already bought the season pass, don’t sweat it: you’ve got it, it’s yours, you’ll get The Following too. If not, you’ve got until December 8th to buy the pass for $19.99. Come the 8th, the price will go up to $29.99. Well, unless you wait for it to go on sale. Assuming sales don’t push it up to $39.99 or something.

The official explanation says:

“Over the past weeks Dying Light: The Following has almost reached its final stage: main quests, side quests, new skills, and driving challenges are ready. We now are moving into the polishing period. Looking at it, it’s clear how big the expansion pack has grown – it could be a stand-alone title, but since it would mean a launch delay, we decided against it.

“Due to the increased scale of the project, we needed to revise the pricing that we announced back in August, and so we want to let you know that Dying Light: The Following will be priced at $19.99.”

The expansion was only meant to cost $14.99 originally, so I’m not sure where the other five dollars of the season pass’s higher price are coming from. Disruption, yeah?

The Following is due in early 2016. It does sound pretty substantial, mind, going down on a new rural map about the size of the main game’s world and letting you roll around in customisable murdercars. Adam had a very quick play and dug it.

I tend not to buy DLC season passes upfront because: 1) I don’t know if the DLC will be any good; 2) by the time all the DLC is out and I do know what it’s like, the pass will probably be cheaper anyway. Shows how much I know. Get with the times, grandma.


  1. a very affectionate parrot says:

    I’ve been trying to write a joke about how this pricing structure works for many modern PC ports but I just can’t find the words so anyone reading this just make one to yourself and imagine I wrote it.
    Something something Arkham Knight.

  2. suibhne says:

    I picked this up for about $15 on a GreenMan discount – the only “Season Pass” I’ve ever bought. My decision was almost totally connected to this expansion, so I guess this is one time when I won’t get totally screwed by industry pricing and my own poor decision-making.

  3. teije says:

    I attended a business conference recently where I had to listen to many variations on the first paragraph. Presented with no sense of irony or self-mockery.

    My paradigm was been permanently shifted as a result, and not for the better.

  4. ZIGS says:

    Good thing you can get the game and the season pass for less than 30€ on key resellers

  5. slerbal says:

    Good they announced this rather than snuck it out. That is at least commendable.

    If I’m honest the reminder that there is a season pass at all made me less likely to get the game. That and it is about zombies and I really am done with zombies at the moment.

  6. crowleyhammer says:

    I just started playing this recently and decided not to bother with the seasons pass as the 2 currrent DLCs look a bit shite.

    It does feel like its going to be a bit Far cry/Assassins Creed to me where once Ive done most of the game it will be a head long rush to “get it done” and i wont want to touch a game like it for a year or so, just long enough for this expansion to be cheaper than the season pass.

    • keefybabe says:

      The current DLCs are pretty much pointless unless you’re Mr Multiplayer or think Zombie races are great. Basically the season pass was Witcher 3 FREE DLC level and now that’s apparently not enough if they’re going to make an actual worthwhile piece of DLC.

      This “pay extra for a pair of shiny undercrackers” stuff needs to die.

  7. alpinejoe says:

    who is buying a aaa zombie game these days why would you do it

    • Borodin says:

      Who is buying a triple-A zombie game these days? Why would you do it? (Capitalisation my own — no charge)

      Apart from the illiteracy I agree with this. Zombies (and World War 2) have been overworked beyond familiarity and boredom, and I can’t imagine why anyone should spend money on creating another game to compete with the rest

      I enjoy games that implement the parkour mechanism well, but if my goals are endlessly to conquer clichés then I may as play

      I’m going to leave that sentence unfinished as a tribute to The Police. TL;DR: Please, make no more games with zombies or any other over-used theme as a basis

      • king0zymandias says:

        Why be a dick man? It’s especially ironic that you completely forgot to place even a single period in your comment. A very special type of illiteracy, wouldn’t you say?

        For what it’s worth though, I agree with the sentiment of your comment.

        • Borodin says:

          There’s one after “The Police”! But yeah, that’s the way I write stuff. A new paragraph doesn’t need a full stop to mark the end of the last sentence, and I think it looks nicer. It’s probably something to do with being a computer analyst

          • SophieT says:

            “that’s the way I write stuff”. Yeah, and it’s not a very good way.

  8. Hakkesshu says:

    Why would I buy DLC that’s mostly about driving around in a wide open space for a game that was only noteworthy because of its parkour mechanics. Every decision they’ve made around this game post-launch just seems incredibly misguided and antithetical to what made the game fun in the first place.

  9. Borodin says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this were a ruse to get a rush of sales of the season pass at $20 during the next two weeks. If Techland then relent on the price increase, it makes them Great Guys all round, without ever changing anything

  10. DThor says:

    I know nothing about the game, but I do know bad business when I see it. You’re not holding it right when you sit back and suddenly realize what you’ve specced out will cost more than you thought so let’s just pass that onto the consumer. You need to make decisions(scale back, or make another dlc option, or just eat the money in return for hopefully an appreciative and vocal customer base), but dinging your customers ain’t the best one.

    • epeternally says:

      They’re giving people a two week window to buy at the old price and all season pass holders the new content regardless of what they paid. How is that anti-consumer?

  11. KoolBreeze420 says:

    Yes right now on steam is the best time to buy it’s at it’s cheapest price ever the main game is on sale so for something like 39.99 you get the game and the season pass..