Nidhogg’s Fencer Saunters Into Divekick, Sword And All

Bringing a sword to a kickfight seems unsporting, but I’m not sure what a fighting tournament would expect when inviting a warrior who wants nothing more than to be devoured by a giant serpent. The fantastic Nidhogg’s Fencer has arrived in Divekick [official site], bringing their big pixel style and flingable sword to the two-button fighting game (guess what those two buttons do). The Fencer is the final character added to Divekick, rolled out in a free update yesterday. The game also scored a price cut.

Dive Kick sounded like a gag game when I first heard about it – a two-button, one-hit-kill fighter where you can dive and kick – but it’s a pretty interesting take on face-punching, emphasising spacing and timing. A sword might seem a mite powerful here, but what happens when you lose it? Then it’s boot time for you, friend. Dive Kick’s never been just about kicking either, as characters’ special moves range from teleporting to calling in a car to mow your opponent down (that last one’s Johnny Gat out Saints Row, in another video game cameo).

Divekick’s now £3.99/$4.99 on Steam, now the price has been permanently halved. Here, check out the Fencer’s fancy footwork:


  1. Baines says:

    Did they finally fix the crashing bug that they introduced in last year’s PC update?

    They promised it would be fixed in this update, but that is hardly the first time they’ve promised to fix it without actually doing anything about it. They’ve been promising every few months to fix it since December. (The bug was introduced in an October update, and had been commonly reported by November, it just took until December for its existence to be acknowledged.)

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      Aerothorn says:

      I was gonna ask the same question. It’s hard to imagine them adding a new character without fixing a game-breaking bug, but..

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      Aerothorn says:

      Forums say yes, it was fixed, and they just didn’t announce that (weird).