Ark: Survival Evolved Runs Turkey Trial Till Tuesday

Today’s the day our Stateside friends move their belts up a notch after yesterday’s mashed potatoes and turkey binge. Thanksgiving may be over for another year, but Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] is still running its Turkey Trial event until Tuesday, December 1st. It’s a good old-fashioned turkey hunt, with the twist that harvesting their ‘Super Turkey Wishbones’ will let you craft something special. And there are fire-breathing DodoRexs. Yeah. Need to see that action? I don’t blame you:

“By harvesting sufficient Super Turkey Wishbones from these bloodthirsty, genetically-modified creatures,” reads the update’s blurb, “players can craft their very own stylish ‘Chieftain’ Hat, or choose to summon the devastating DodoRex creature to do their bidding for a limited period of time.”

So what will you do? Will you chase these little gobblers around on foot, or will you mount a “god-like DodoRex” and set fire to the village? Off the back of Ark’s skeleton-satisfying Halloween update, I’m enjoying its playful holiday events. I wonder what it’s got in store for Christmas?

If you’re yet to try Ark: Survival Evolved, it lives on Early Access and is going for £13.79/$17.99 with a 40% discount until the end of the Steam Autumn Sale. All going to plan, it’s scheduled for a June 2016 full release.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    I hoped that the turkeys would have been little dodos with weird tail feathers glued on, but oh well. Also the dodo-rex should have been a turkey-rex, because have you ever seen a turkey? They are goddamn monsters in real life.

  2. IaIaFhtagn says:

    Really enjoying ARK, having picked up a copy recently. They’ve started optimising the damn thing as well, which has been a long-standing issue….

  3. Blackrook says:

    I just can’t get excited about turkeys.
    Now the optimization would be worth getting up for….

  4. Platina32 says:

    Oh. I read the title thinking the ARK devs were suing the country of Turkey or something (“Turkey Trial”). As a European, this made more sense in my brain than what the article was actually about, haha.