Strategic Discounts In Matrix Games Holiday Sale


As Tim Stone spent his week knee-deep in virtual fishing holes, pouting at carp and tickling their barbels, it falls to me to report than serious strategy and wargame folks Matrix Games have launched their traditional holiday sale. You won’t find discounts as ridiculous as other sales, but they are cutting prices perhaps a touch deeper than they usually do. Boxed copies are on sale as well as downloads, so you can slip Gary Grigsby into your loved ones’ Christmas stockings.

You can see a big list of everything on sale as a PDF or a virtual catalogue. Yes, they’re both less convenient than a regular webpage, but look at those happy snowmen!

Some of their games are on Steam too, and on sale there as well – though they seem to be a touch more expensive. Look for the Steam logo on pages if that’s your bag.

Again, as our resident expert was last seen fleeing into the virtual reeds from swans who’d come to scoff the bread he was using as bait, you’re stuck with me for recommendations. Well. I’ll turn to our archives.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East (£35.90), Distant Worlds – Universe (£21.90), and Unity of Command (£7.69) all made our best strategy games list. I note that Tim enjo- oh good grief, Tim’s just collapsed into the RPS treehouse wearing the bloody severed neck of a virtual swan as a feather boa.

I need to go deal with… hey, wargamers, can you point out other bargains and beauties to folks in the comments? Ta!

Jesus, Tim…


  1. mgardner says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. There are also some discounts available from their Slitherine catalog as well (oddly there is a Matrix sales list and a Slitherine sales list with some overlap, but also some unique sales).

    AND the tablet versions (iOS, at least) of some of these games are also discounted. I think I will finally get the Panzer Corps mega bundle for my iPad (50% off the regular price). And probably Warhammer 40k Armageddon…

    I think I will be spending more money on this sale than Steam or GOG, it’s not all that common to see this many Matrix/Slitherine games at these prices.

  2. Premium User Badge

    james.hancox says:

    6/6 for that alt-text.

  3. teije says:

    Good price for Distant Worlds, assuming it contains all the expansions.

    • Todd Hawks says:

      It does. Or, to be more precise, Distant Worlds Universe doesn’t actually have any expansions because Universe is a standalone that includes the vanilla game and all expansions (and some patches and stuff).

  4. Thurgret says:

    Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is as cheap as it’s ever going to be (at the price of merely one regular game instead of two of them), and is a surprisingly accessible product, considering the depth of simulation involved.

    AGEOD’s whole catalogue is on sale there too, by the looks of it. I quite enjoyed Civil War 2 in particular, although their engine really shows its age pretty badly there.

    teije wrote it above, but Distant Worlds. Distant Worlds is great.

    Finally, since it’s an awfully underexposed game considering it seems to be Civilization: Beyond Earth done right-ish (and well before that game even appeared) – Pandora may be worth a look for some. Not my cup of tea, but I’m mentioning it anyway.

  5. Tarfman says:

    The Alea Jacta Est series is very accessible intro to the AGEOD games. Great PBEM game. Good community with lots of support.

  6. harley9699 says:

    I’d surely (no, not calling anyone Shirley) like to take advantage of the World in Flames discount. However, it still seems buggy and no SP AI yet.
    I’ll try to avoid those already listed above, plus try to focus on ‘newer’ (not ancient anyway) titles:
    Achtung Panzer: Operation Star is a Great price! It’s akin to later Combat Missions.
    Battle Academy 2 – Eastern Front is a decent price and a pretty good game.
    Flash Point Campaigns Red Storm is a great price and a Very good (modern combat) game.
    I’d wait on GG WitW, price-wise. If you’re grog level, you might be interested.
    War in the Pacific is a great price, but again, grog level.
    Hope this maybe helps some people out. I have most of the Matrix/Slitherine catalog.

    • Sin Vega says:

      Achtung Panzer is on steam for less elsewhere under the name “Graviteam Tactics”: link to

      I’m glad for this post, as the Matrix site is such a shambles it’s hard to tell that there’s a sale on at all, let alone what games it affects, and whether it’s worthwhile rather than the insulting 5% off some of the games are going for. Can’t help but wonder what exactly they’re spending the money on considering how unfriendly their shop is.

      • harley9699 says:

        My bad: I meant “Panzer Command Ostfront” instead of Graviteam/Achtung Panzer. Osfront is like CM and at a great price.

  7. GreatBigWhiteWorld says:

    Was gonna pick up DC: Barbarossa. Unfortunately died of a heart-attack when I saw the price.

  8. GT5Canuck says:

    The Alea Jacta Est bundle on Steam is at quite the deep discount. Full price it would be $103 CAD. I just bought it for 70% off, $33 CAD.

    Sadly most of the other offerings reflect the usual “Wow, 13% off” reaction I have.

  9. JiminyJickers says:

    It is probably the cheapest I will ever see War in the West for years to come, given that I had a 35% voucher that runs out in a month, I grabbed this at an even greater discount. Worked out well in the end.