What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Look, don’t even bother reading this. I’ll tell you what most of Team RPS are doing this weekend: coughing and weeping and groaning and wailing in their sickbeds, because they are weak. Yeah, I’ll go on public record saying that. They are weak, and I am strong. I could beat up their dads too. What are you playing this weekend, anyway?

Adam: I’ve been as sick as a dog all week. And not one of those sleek-coated Lassie-hounds that clutter up Crufts. I’m more like the mangy mongrel eating its own upchuck round the back of an Aldi. That means I’ve missed out on a lot of gaming time, having been too weak to look at a screen. I intend to make up for that by playing some of the things that I love over the weekend. That means Jagged Alliance 2 (recently reinstalled), XCOM: Enemy Within (never quite finished) and STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (it’s my Fallout 4). I’m also going to be chasing down the last few beer bottles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, because that is the kind of person I have become.
Alec: I am playing ‘repeatedly and suddenly evacuate my body of all fluids.’ Kill me.
Alice: I shall be licking bus handrails, drinking out the taps in pub toilets, sucking lurid snot from the nostrils of ill young maidens, then stroll away laughing, the perfect figure of health, invincible. I’ll bury the lot of you.

I shall also play Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, because that’s the thing I do when I’m alive, which I probably will be forever, given how strong I am. I WILL BURY YOU.

Graham: Subterfuge continues and has reached the stage where it’s beginning to possess all my time. My goal in the match isn’t to win, but to try to survive while being a decent person. A “no betrayal” playthrough of these kinds of games is harder than a “no kill” playthrough of Deus Ex, I think. Sadly, Adam was autoresigned for idleness at the start of the week due to unavoidable absences. His factories remain on the board, unmoving.
John: [He broke his weekend silence last week, but John has once again fallen quiet. I assume he’s ill, just like the rest of them.

Reader dear, could you describe to me a Rube Goldberg machine that’d make the same awful sequence of noises as John is making right now? -ed.]

Philippa: I’m sick at the moment because airplanes. If I’m less gross by Saturday I’m down to watch a Star Wars X-wing miniatures tournament. I will be making up my own lore which is the sort of thing I gather Star Wars fans are fine with :D if I am not less gross I will be investigating puzzle games and rewatching Gossip Girl.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. dangermouse76 says:

    Found alpha centaurs in charity shop. So gonna see what all the fuss is about.
    The rest of the day will be spent regretting the amount of cream cheese / deep fried jalapeños I ate last night.

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Well that doesn’t sound like a very good game, Alec.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      It does seem to be very popular though, which is surprising as the reviews I heard were just terrible.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:


      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        It’s actually perfect if you want to lose some weight the easy way.

        Oh and whoever can, feel free to delete the random thing i left above this post.

        • Vacuity729 says:

          Not sure if you’ll check back on this, but your username always reminds me of this news story: link to bbc.com
          I’m not even going to try and get the xhtml right for that.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            That’s incredibly amusing, actually, but the real source would be this.

          • Vacuity729 says:

            Ahh, now I read that, I think I heard about that beer before at some point, though for the life of me I can’t remember when or how. Probably someone from back home (Scotland) was talking about it at some point.

        • Josh W says:

          I thought that was your review:

          Being ill, 0/Everything.

  3. lowprices says:

    Picked up Nu-Tomb Raider and Civ5 in the Steam sale, so I’ll be replaying the first, and trying the latter, which will be my first experience of a Civilization game ever. Also I’ll be returning to Lara Croft Go for the free new expansion.

  4. Sorbicol says:

    This weekend we are mostly playing the “packing Tetris” game where we try to pack all our belongings into boxes as we are moving house the week before Christmas. To add to the fun our 4 year old daughter is playing the “unpacking katimari” game of unpacking everything we’ve just packed looking for whatever toy it is she thinks she lost but is actually buried in the pile in her bedroom.

    I am or may not get some Star Wars: Battlefront in later when everyone else has gone to bed in exhaustion.

  5. Monggerel says:

    The sheen is already gone from Fallout 4, to such an extent that I’m contemplating replaying New Vegas.
    What I’m actually doing though is replaying The Phantom Pain. God damn that game *really* wants you to do things your way. Which is absolutely lovely.

    • welverin says:

      I also like how MGS5 allows you to change things up mid mission when you chosen method falls apart.

      This is what I shall be playing myself, as I slowly close in on the end, four more missions to go and twenty-one side-ops (though not a one is available, makes me wonder what I have to do to unlock them).

      • welverin says:

        Oh, and Evolve to contribute to the challenge, though it’s not looking good.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      MGS5 does indeed have that quality, along many others, but i for one reason or another i just could never complete the damn game. I’ll have to do that sooner or later.

      FO4 is still going strong instead, but off course not as much as the first days. I’ll play it casually and give it some time, afterall i’ll likely be back at each DLC and let’s not forget mods, plus it’s extremely rare that we get a good swell that lasts for days in my whereabouts so there will be some surfing in between all that.

    • cutterjohn says:

      I only ended up managing maybe 4-6h(need to check) before I said enough is enough for now. Most of the extra time was diddling around with the base building which felt more like a highly polished mod afterthought.

      I’m now debating(and have been TBH from starting FO4) properly finishing FO3 then FONV as I never did on either having more fun wandering around do whatever, which I’ll probably just end up doing again but I have to get over the hump of getting all the mods to fix annoyances together again, which is impeding my progress in even starting… i.e. I’m playing procrastination…

      Probably just end up modding(d’oh) Stalker SoC as it’s quicker if more painful, but then maybe more fun as a FPS/w a fair amount of RPGishness later…

  6. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

    Giving splinter cell blacklist another go. It’s actually pretty good, tries some nice things – I like grabbing a perp and using him as a meat shield while taking out his pre-targeted buddies.. I’m wondering if a controller might be the way forward though..

  7. dittoslash says:

    My friend was wanting to get Elite Dangerous for me for a while but it was out of his budget, but then, praise Gaben, steam black friday sale comes out and the price gets knocked down by £20.
    elite dangerous

    • edna says:

      It’s only a tenner directly from Frontier too. Suggest you buy it from there instead of Steam.

      • cutterjohn says:

        Don’t bother wasting money on physical copy(at least non-collector’s. Did they have a collector’s?) as it wasn’t worth IIRC close to 100 pounds as it was over $100. I was SEVERELY disappointed, which wasn’t helped by their dithering and dallying about shipping them out saying nary a word until I sent them an email query as WTF is my stuff? The game was released several months ago, and yeah I’m down with a short delay for the physical copy to be as updated as possible, but this is ridiculous…

        Unfortunately I’m going to be FORCED to purchase the expansion as it delivers the originally promised true single player apparently.

  8. Kefren says:

    The generic-sounding Fantasy Wars link to gog.com
    Done two campaigns, third one to do. It could easily be an unknown “Have You Played…?”
    – Lovely colours
    – Interesting mechanics e.g. archers behind a unit get free support attacks; skirmishers hit and run; aerial support.
    – Easy to play without looking at the manual.
    – Something really calming and addictive about it. It was a real surprise amongst the hundreds of GOG games I own.

    • Jokerme says:

      Thanks for reminding me of Fantasy Wars. I remember starting playing it and thinking “This is good. I should play this when I have time in the future.” a few years ago. Then I forgot all about it.

      • Kefren says:

        I must have bought ti on impulse once, maybe in a sale, then forgot about it. Had low expectations, yet it has stopped me playing HoMM2 for a while, which is high praise indeed! The voice acting for the orc Ugraum is good, and quite funnily OTT.

        • Captain Narol says:

          For more of the same once you have finished it, try Elven Legacy.

          It’s on 75% discount on Steam until 1 December which make it ultra-cheap !

  9. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Fallout 4, it’s still entertaining me. I think I could finish the main quest at this point but I prefer to just piss around with none of the factions angry at me yet.

  10. v1tr1ol says:

    Divinity Co-Op, seems fun.

  11. Blastaz says:

    Constantly reliving my walk to work in AC Syndicate. I’m nearly out of side missions and may have to pick the story back up, although I still haven’t met queen V.

    If I get bored going to turn my hand to settlement building in fallout 4.

  12. caff says:

    Fallout 4, Rocket League. These are my primary interests.

    • Imbecile says:

      Likewise. Both really good fun. Might throw a bit of the surprisingly entertaining rainbow 6 beta for seasoning.

  13. Sobric says:

    Probably Mordheim: City of the Damned which was released last Friday. Interesting game (not sure if RPS will do a WIT at all), very flawed but somehow I’ve sunk over 20 hours into it. It’s balls hard, I think unreasonably so at times, but the wardband building is great, the combat can be very satisfying and the story progression was a pleasant surprise.

    • MrPyro says:

      Mordheim has hooked my very soul somehow; I’m really enjoying it despite the wonkiness in places. I suppose one of the advantages of playing a game in EA is you expect things to not quite work, and then you get so used to them that you don’t notice they’re still there after release.

      I’ll probably be playing more this weekend as I am 1) sick and 2) on-call for some computer systems, both things that make me inclined to stay at home and be near a computer at all times.

      • Rizlar says:

        Damn, this actually sounds pretty good. Would appreciate a WIT as well. Mordheim has fascinated me since it was first released, reading my buddy’s copy of the rulebook and fantasizing about leading a grizzled gang of pistol-toting scumbags into the gothic ruins in search of riches and cool scars.

        The also excellent Vermintide has only encouraged this, the setting is still every bit as compelling as when I was a kid!

    • MrPyro says:

      Also, the game has a bit of an inverse difficulty curve (like XCOM); at the start you will tend to have the crap kicked out of you all the time, but as your guys level they become much more survivable. The AI warbands do scale with you, but the AI is a little dumb and doesn’t always know how best to use the more powerful units at its disposal.

      • Sobric says:

        Yea the difficult curve is pretty weird. I was actually slightly surprised to see it come out of Early Access when it did, I thought it needed another difficulty pass (e.g. making the first 3 missions easier for newer players (Veterans under level 4 for example) by disabling Ambushes and forcing straightforward maps; making later game a little harder too).

        It could also use (more) load time optimisation, which is ambismal. Bloody addictive though.

        • MrPyro says:

          Yeah, the load times for the procedural maps are very long; I understand that it’s actually the procedural algorithm that goes over the map and makes little changes (closes doors, collapses bridges and stairways, etc.) that takes all the time. The plot missions load very quickly by comparison because they are pre-defined maps. I think optimisation of that is an ongoing thing they’re trying to improve.

  14. Fomorian1988 says:

    Y’know, it’s actually nice knowing other people have been ill this past week as well. Bloody November.

    Myself, I’m finishing up side quests prior to purchasing the Hearts of Stone DLC and finishing the main plot.

    • Fomorian1988 says:

      My kingdom for an edit button. I forgot to mention that it’s The Witcher 3 I’m playing.

      • welverin says:

        Hearts of Stone gave it away, though I suppose not everyone would get that.

  15. Cross says:

    I’d be playing Fallout 4 with myself and Simcity 2013 with a few friends, if it weren’t for the fact i am spending the weekend moving my granny.

    • deadfolk says:

      ‘moving my granny’? Sounds like a euphemism if I ever heard one!

  16. Asurmen says:

    I’m not. I’m seeing the in laws :(

  17. Horg says:

    Age of Wonders 3, because the undead aren’t going to raise themselves.

  18. Cyrus says:

    Finished Bioshock 2 last night, bought Metal Gear: Revengeance
    and can’t say I’m doing that well. Needs a bit practice I suppose.

  19. Procrastination Giant says:

    Picked up Elite during the Steam sale, so i’ll probably spend the weekend doing the only sensible thing you can do in that game: Slowly move down to Empire space to pledge allegiance to the Anime Princess.

  20. Xyviel says:

    I’ve finally got around to playing Pillars of Eternity, and I’m loving it… Except that I really feel like I suck at it. So many mechanisms, spells, etc. Kinda tough to get your head wrapped around it. Does anyone know a good guide?

    • Sobric says:

      There’s a few on Steam if that’s how you’re playing the game, and official forums have some player made stuff.

      I’d suggest avoiding min-max character guides for your first playthrough though, completely ruined my experience reading one and knowing the way I’d set my character up was sub-par!

      • JFS says:

        Especially when you consider that the game is somewhat easy on Normal. Or at least at was in summer.

    • yonsito says:


  21. Jokerme says:

    It’s more Ultra Street Fighter 4 for me.

    I also bought Humble Codemasters Bundle, so it’s time to finish all GRID games. First one was great, second looks good too. My only complaint is all codemaster racing games are the same. What gives Codemasters? Yes, they are good, but come on. Break the shell a little. More rallying less punk bullshit.

  22. Barchester says:

    So far, I’ve been blowing up stuff in Just Cause 3, in between all the brilliant parachuting and wingsuit diving.

    • mukuste says:

      Uh… I believe that’s not out yet?

      • malkav11 says:

        It’s not. But perhaps it’s at a stage where certain privileged people get to play and this “Barchester” chap is one of them. (Or perhaps it’s leaked! I don’t know.)

      • Barchester says:

        Lots of retailers decided to sell the game early, so I picked it up Thursday. :)

    • meepmeep says:

      I’ve been playing it today after my PS4 pre-order arrived this morning.

      It’s cracking.

  23. Dr. Why says:


    Thinking about going on one those sites for competitive matchmaking.
    Pubs are starting to annoy me greatly, with teams being so randomly unbalanced.

    • rabbit says:

      i like pubs. i go to them specifically with the intention of getting randomly unbalanced. i am far too tipsy for midday. that is all.

      • Geebs says:

        “Competitive matchmaking” is that thing that happens about half an hour before closing time at a club, where everybody desperately tries not to be the person going home by themselves, isn’t it? Frankly, I’d rather to stick to the pub myself.

  24. Carra says:

    Fallout 4. And mess around with a few new Hearthstone decks. Raptor rogue! Reliquary seeker zoo! Battlecry shaman! Should be fun.

  25. TehK says:

    Renowned Explorers since it’s on Steam Sale only a few weeks after release. Did my first playthrough yesterday and this is a very fine little game. Highly recommended!

    Apart from that I’m trying to figure out the differences between War for the Overworld and Dungeons 2. They’re both on sale, I’ve played none… so I’ll try to find out which I’d like more.

  26. rabbit says:

    worms armageddon!

  27. tartif says:

    I’m playing Sword Coast Legends’ single player campaign. It’s OK. The light tone is a nice break from the grimdark theme common in the genre. The characters are distinct and likeable. The story is cookie-cutter but your character is not The Chosen One, just a mercenary trying to clear their name. In the 30 hours I’ve played so far I have not saved a city, crowned a king or fulfilled a prophecy. The characters in my party did not join my quest to purge the world of evil, but each for their own personal goal. I like that. The exploration / combat / loot cycle is well paced, and combat (on “normal”) is easy enough that playing the game is relaxing.

  28. Gilead says:

    Maybe I’ll play more of Dying Light despite the random and possibly malevolent save system. Or maybe I’ll cave in and buy more stuff in the Steam sale, like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

    Or possibly both. Who can say?

  29. Immobile Piper says:

    Still Fable: The Lost Chapters. If you disregard some of the bumbling around I did, I think I’ve got 10-15 hours of game in? Works pretty good, but I suppose I understand why this got such anti-hype back then. Operation: Sociopathic Sorcerer has been rolling very well so far. Too well almost, the setting for this game feels absolutely horrible. At times it’s very happy and cheery and at times DEATH AND BLOODSHED. It’s so dissonant. Very B-movie style execution. It fits, I feel.

    And on the board side of things, we loaned the baby away so missus and I will probably go through a few games of Pandemic. Not my #1 co-op but she loves it. Good enough for me.

    And kudos to Adam, that’s a good set of games to cough over. Except hunting for junk in Creed, but I guess we all have our not-so-secret shames.

  30. K33L3R says:

    First Mass Effect, going to do a play though of all three games carrying on my character (Sentinel, never played as defence/support before)
    And Long War mod for xcom, my long planned retribution month has kicked off, just killed off exalt, got two alien bases to smash one after another, will finish off the month with Asia firmly under control

    • kament says:

      re Mass Effect; sentinel is hardly a support role there, it’s just nominal. More like a walking fortress with options. I personally always thought of them as slow but more versatile vanguards (sans Charge ability in the last two installments, and they’re fairly interchangeable in the first). They mixed things up a bit for ME2 with shield detonation, but then introduced Nova for vanguards in ME3.

      … now I want to replay the damn thing, too.

  31. Barberetti says:

    Day 54.

    I thought my search for a roll of scrap cable was over when I came across what looked like a deserted petrol station with a couple of cars parked outside.

    No such luck.

    Damned undead swarmed out from everywhere. Took three hours to clear the place out. Didn’t help that a bear wandered into the fray half way through. When the dust settled and I’d finished looting the place, all I had to show for it was some petrol cans and a few beers.

    My search continues.

  32. Risingson says:

    Adam, you are hot.

    I’ll continue the very belated journey in Baldur’s Gate. Once you get in the game and begin to master its intrincancies, I cannot help admiring the amount of details they put on it to make it a bit better, for example the background noise: towns and taberns in there seem more crowded and alive than the ones in Dragon Age.

    A really nice game for now. I don’t quite get the recommendations against it I got.

    • welverin says:

      I’d guess it’s simply that two is better, and maybe somewhat the fact it is a bit old and creaky. I certainly wouldn’t have recommended against it.

    • malkav11 says:

      In either Enhanced or modded form Baldur’s Gate is fine. It’s just nowhere near as good as its sequel, which…if you think BG1 is stuffed full of cool ambient detail, BG2 is that times ten.

      • geisler says:

        While i agree BG2 is the better game (for not being the borefest that is low-level D&D), i think the fact that it is overloaded with quest dumps makes the world feel less believable and very artificially bloated compared to the more focused BG. I never skip the original BG when i replay the IE games.

        • malkav11 says:

          I don’t feel like BG1 is focused at all. It’s mostly wandering through sparsely populated outdoor zones full of random monsters and the occasional completely unrelated quest. There’s a very loose overarching goal and occasionally you get jumped by people trying to kill you, but the former certainly isn’t the bulk of the experience. And I think some people prefer that model, but I love how dense BG2 is, myself. And it even gives a narrative reason to be doing a lot of the sidequesting, even if there’s way more there than you actually need to do for the plot goals.

    • JFS says:

      I like BG1 better than its’ succesor. It all fits better together in the first installment. BG2 gets a little too fantastic for me after a while, and I prefer low-level gameplay.

  33. floogles says:

    Fallout 1 still, it’s amazing how much can be progressed without combat. I love it.

    Exhaustion has also forced some smaller games to keep me awake – one way heroics, teleglitch and luftrausers. Fun fun.

    • Risingson says:

      Just one thing: NEVER EVER CARRY TOO MANY THINGS. It silently glitches the game corrupting the last level. For reasons.

      • floogles says:

        Whoah thanks! Any idea how many items is too many? My companions are muling a little, perhaps 10 items each, but I’m only in the hub and this will undoubtedly grow. Is timing important, in terms of when I should stop carrying so many items? I couldn’t find a lot of info on this bug.

  34. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Aside from boring old Minecraft (in terms of me playing it for ages now), I’ve recently started playing Mount and Blade Warband. I’m pretty bad at it, but thankfully having a load of band members helps, as does the ineptitude of the bandits I come across.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Oh, yes, and maybe I’ll be playing some Bloodbowl and Third Age Total War.

  35. Vacuity729 says:

    Well, after failing to get to grips with my new controller in Darksiders and failing to maintain motivation last weekend, I am now trying to learn to use the controller in Hand of Fate. Well, Maybe I’m not quite as good as I was with m+kb yet, but I’m at least thoroughly enjoying it, which is much, much more than can be said for Darksiders. Something makes me feel that it’s the game and not the input method that makes one thoroughly enjoyable and the other a frustrating, swear-inducing slog.

    So, I’m playing Hand of Fate and trying the Merchant Guard Wildcard.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I suspect it’s moreso that Hand of Fate is an extremely simple beat-em-up, not requiring many buttons or too much precision. It’s almost a perfect controller-learning game.

      • Vacuity729 says:

        Thanks, that makes me feel so… competent…
        Seriously though, most all my gaming hours in the last few years go/have gone into titles like Total War, AI War, XCOM, CKII, DoW. I’ve heard that XCOM handles well on a controller, but in general, that’s not really a collection of titles that warrants using a controller. To a fair extent, Darksiders really isn’t “my style of game,” and I was only getting frustration out of it.

  36. ToomuchFluffy says:

    Had a good time as far as actually finishing games is concerned. After finally finishing Soulbringer a few days ago, I finished my second playthrough of Vietcong the day after. Yesterday I started up Metro: Last Light and was surprised and deligthed that it actually runs pretty well (on Medium) on my weak GT 820 M.

  37. Slander says:

    When I return home from Alabama this evening, I imagine it’ll be Fallout 4 until I can’t see straight. Or, assuming nobody broke into my apartment and stole it while I was away, I may spend some time fiddling with my shiny new Steam Controller.

    On the long trip home, I’ll entertain myself with a few mobile games, most notably Need For Speed: No Limits (gotta get that Hoonicorn!) I may also spend some time with The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which is turning out to be a far deeper turn-based strategery romp than I’d dared to believe was possible on a platform that spends most of its time in my pants pocket.

  38. malkav11 says:

    Some of you may recall that a while back I was playing the “dating” game. Well, I’ve gotten to the next stage of that and upgraded to “boyfriend” status, so me and my girlfriend (squee!) will be playing some Heroes of the Storm to pass Chogall on and hopefully land me that 2,200 gold quest reward (already did a couple games with another friend earlier in the week), and then perhaps moving on to starting up Elder Scrolls Online characters together. All with voice chat now, thanks to the headset I got her.

    In my solo gaming time I will be playing Dragon Age Inquisition, still, assuming I can get it to launch, as last night it crashed and refused to open again. Between its size and the many technical issues I’ve had with it, it’s quite the ongoing project. (Again, WAY buggier than any Obsidian game I’ve ever played, but somehow Obsidian gets the reputation. Bah.) I’ve finally started Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, the Orlesian ball mission, now that I’ve cleared the majority of almost all the zones currently accessible to me and am a good four levels above the recommended level for this quest. And as usual, the story quests are so much more elaborate and interesting than most of the open world content. I also broke down and snagged the DLC since it’s finally on sale, albeit not steeply so. There’s even a GOTY edition! Maybe Bioware’s finally coming to their senses on DLC. Then again, ME3’s DLC is still resolutely unbundled and undiscounted.

    I may play some more Marvel Heroes too. It’s a good podcasting game and they’ve just done another major system overhaul combined with like a quad event and a couple more heroes since I last played, so there’s stuff to play with. Doctor Doom remains a favorite for clearing out cosmic terminals. Summon some bots, teleport at a mad rate across the whole terminal, summon tons of bots on top of the boss and then shoot him with a pistol until he melts under the weight of concentrated robot lasers. Typically done in under 5 minutes. Good times.

    Should probably play some of the stuff I picked up in the Steam Sale, too, like W40K: Armageddon, or Downwell, or my new Pinball FX2 tables. We’ll see.

  39. teije says:

    A mix of stuff. Tried Thea the Awakening but despite the interesting parts – the combat being one – the poor UI and absolutely terrible writing turned me off too much. So instead a little bit of Endless Space to scratch the 4X itch, some Cities Skylines for relaxation and then perhaps diving into DoS Enhanced edition for a go through since the consensus is that it is a significant improvement from the original (which was great itself).

    Although I’m not done with the Banner Saga either and feel I little guilty about neglecting such a fine game.

  40. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    I’m playing Skyrim again with the self-imposed rule that I have to read every book I come across. It’s taking bloody ages, but there are some good ones.

  41. Det. Bullock says:

    Saints Row IV Game of The Century Edition bought on Steam yesterday and Phantasy Star on my Mega Drive via adapter.

    Phantasy Star is surprisingly modern in certain respects, much less in others (does it cost much to put a number beside the weapon/armor at the shop?) but still more modern in some things than the later Mega Drive title Shining in the Darkness (which I had to interrupt because my save became corrupted :( ), now I have the cat and the big guy as party member and until now it has been fairly straightforward and with much less fluff than the latter title (it helps that the dungeons while similar are shorter and the presence of an overworld and more than one cities).

    Saints Row IV as usual is FUN, I think I’ve been about one hour gathering the “data thingies” without being aware of it, the coop icons I don’t like really, if there is an option to hide them I would use it.

  42. DevilishEggs says:

    Finishing Stasis and since I have to listen to about nine hours of audio today for work and take periodic notes, it might be time to dust off my deed in Wurm. This could entail building a sailboat or clearing a new area for an outdoor plaza.

  43. sillythings says:

    I’ve been playing TowerFall Ascension. Just solo so far, but it’s still a total blast. It weirded me out at first a bit that arrows seem to be more or less automatically drawn to enemies so long as you vaguely aim in their direction, but I completely understand the design decision.
    I might just have to pick up Dark World in the Steam sale. (And a few other discounted games I’m eyeing (Downwell, Beginner’s Guide, Transistor)… Not that I don’t already have a backlog or anything…)

    • roothorick says:

      Wait until you hit Sunken City and discover bolt arrows — here, introduced by green orbs flinging them at you. Shit gets real.

      In all seriousness, the skill cap is surprisingly high on TF:A, there’s a full-blown competitive scene, and the game isn’t shy about dialing it up in quest mode.

  44. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Dark Souls 2. Badly. Last week’s Dark Souls renaissance reminded me I never finished its weaker sibling. I’ve just done the thing with the stuff, got the goodie that let’s me go to the place, and now I’m there. Via an improbable route through what felt distinctly like ‘video game levels’. It’s no Lordran, but still a great game.

  45. derbefrier says:

    Star Citizen. got on the 2.0 test server yesterday and when its not crashing its pretty cool. so far i have had my ship stolen while investigating an abandoned space dock. helped some npcs fight off some pirates. watched people land and take off from the stanton space station for a while and lots of lots of crashes and disconnects.

    Also Axiom Verge. It finally went on sale and I picked it up. Its a pretty awesome metroid type game.

    and then some more Battlefront because Star Wars.

  46. Zenicetus says:

    Fallout 4, where I’m starting to feel the inevitable power creep for my character after leveling up enough, and crafting tier 3 weapons and armor. Everything is getting a little too easy to kill. I should probably get back into the main quest before it becomes a cakewalk.

    Also, AC Syndicate is sounding better than I thought it would turn out, and I’m starting to itch for a change of scenery. I want to finish the main story in Fallout 4 first though.

  47. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:


    I tried to continue Undertale again, couldn’t stand the random battles again, threw a tantrum by starting up Antichamber because my mouse was on it, and ended up spending 4 hours with the bloody thing in the first sitting. Really cool game with unexpectedly pleasing audio, and I now have noir jazz saxophones playing in my head.

    • sillythings says:

      Antichamber is so brilliant. Just full of surprises and unique ideas and also a pretty amazing Metroidvania, to be honest.

      Also, as far as Undertale is concerned – the random battles really bugged me in the demo too, and I wouldn’t have picked up the game if a friend hadn’t gifted it to me. I don’t know how far you are, but once you get past the first area, the game really gets going and the random battles start to feel much less frequent. So maybe knowing that will help keep you going!

      • Premium User Badge

        dnelson says:

        Antichamber is great, but it’s so flaky install-wise. I have two machines (XP and windows 7) that used to run it fine, but now just sit at the splash screen and eventually crash after running themselves out of memory. None of the recommended fixes have worked, so all I have any more is the slowly fading fond memory of playing Antichamber.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Well, nuts! I’d suggest trying it on Linux since you’d at least get a clean install (or no-install) that way, but with the caveats that I haven’t yet tried it there myself, and it’s a potentially large effort for the chance to play one game, good though it is.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Huh, interesting — it is a Metroidvania sort of thing, isn’t it? Another thing I noticed is it seems like some of the puzzles have multiple legitimate approaches, which is totally awesome.

        And regarding Undertale: Cool, good to know! I am indeed still in tutorial land (recently found a cheese wedge stuck to a table), and I like the rest of the gamey bits so far, so I’ll keep poking away at it. I made it through 2.5 Pokemans, after all, so surely one or two more random battles won’t kill me…

  48. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Just finished up my first successful game of Thea, which I enjoyed, all in all. The UI needs work (dividing items is a real bitch, skills are ordered according to different moon logic for each villager, etc.) and the writing is shaky at best from a technical perspective, but the mechanics are solid, the aesthetics are appealing, and the story itself is interesting and well structured. It’s in a good place for an early access game, all things considered.

    That said, I’ll probably focus on something else for the rest of my weekend gaming. I finally picked up MGSV, and I’ve decided that as long as I completely write off the story it’s a pretty good game. Maybe I’ll play that.

  49. fish99 says:

    Get well soon RPS.

    Meanwhile I’m still playing Fallout 4 and AssSyndicate. Pretty happy with both although I’m not half way through either yet. I’ll be attempting to do every quest possible in F4. Curious to see where the story goes and what options I end up having. (no spoilers please)

    • geisler says:

      What’s to spoil? They tell you to go places and kill people. You should build settlements, that’s where the fun is at boy!

      Or not.

  50. pertusaria says:

    I am apparently replaying the first two acts of Kentucky Route Zero, plus the companion piece I didn’t play (not Limits and Demonstrations, I think there’s another one), because they swear that Act 4 is nearly finished and I still haven’t played Act 3. I played the first two, but that was on my previous computer.

    On my meaning-to-get-back-to pile are Grow Home (still need the catch ’em all bits), 80 Days (need to take a deep breath and stop panicking about the time limit) and Submerged.

    • Llewyn says:

      I think there are three – Limits and Demonstrations, The Entertainment (which I think may have impressed me more than any other interactive entertainment) and Here And There Along The Echo (which I’m saving for an even rainier day than today). I have a nagging feeling that there ought to be another one though.

      • pertusaria says:

        Cheers for jogging my memory, and the recommendation!

      • b00p says:

        i agree, the entertainment is a high water mark for interactive media. i remember sitting down to “just check out this weird thing” and getting completely absorbed into it, losing all track of time, and immediately going and buying kr0. hopefully when it’s finished it’ll get some proper accolades for elevating the medium. there’s really nothing quite like it. also, dat soundtrack, amirite?