Just Cause 3’s Launch Trailer Brings Explosions

‘Nerdcore’ is that thing where people make rap songs but they’re bad at rapping and their songs are bad but the lyrics are about video games and movies from when you were young so it must be cool, yeah? If Kieron were still around, he might drop some musical science from a great height here, by which I mean make such a brazen declaration and take disagreement as proof that he’s right. Instead, it falls to me to post the launch trailer for Just Cause 3 [official site], which features some bad rapping about a video game (out tomorrow!) and its explosions.

The launch trailer for Avalanche’s explode-o-parachute simulator actually comes from a contest held by publishers Square Enix, which drew over 1,200 entries made from editing gameplay snippets and trailers. This here overall winner by ‘CoolTwinSkittles’ was also declared the winner of Best Humour, while this got Best Music and your Best Action winner is this-a-way. Anyway, the launch trailer:

Had I noticed this contest, I would surely have entered a trailer showing Rico’s leisurely stroll from the shores of the ocean up the banks of a river and to the foothills of a mighty mountain, where he stood awestruck by the unknowable power of the peak. For audio accompaniment, I’d probably myself read extracts from my pond poetry over field recordings.

Don’t get me started on ‘chap hop’.


  1. RobF says:

    There’s a trailer to watch with the volume down if ever there was one.

  2. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    If that was the winner, I’d hate to see some of the losers…

    Looking forward to this game a great deal regardless, though. For all the open world games we’ve seen in the past few years, Just Cause 2 still feels like something special. Much like Red Faction Guerrilla, it manages to hit a sweet spot that nobody else has quite been able to replicate, and for a that I’m willing to overlook a lot of flaws. If JC3 can be that experience with a fresh coat of paint and a wingsuit, I’ll be pretty happy with it.

  3. Skid says:

    The Best Music trailer was way better, guess they are aiming the launch trailer at 8 year olds. That said, to be fair, it does best show what people are actually going to do in the game, if it moves, blow it up, or throw into something that blows up.

  4. Kollega says:

    The Best Action entry is the one that should have won. The editing on it is really something to behold.

    But anyway, even if the winning launch trailer is kind of awful, the game itself looks mighty promising. I was replaying Just Cause 1 and 2 in preparation for the release of 3, and I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it tomorrow morning.

  5. yogibbear says:

    I have to say. I thought it was going to be terrible. Instead I was laughing and I have to tip my hat off to them for not using dubstep.

  6. alphager says:

    Ignore trailer and defend Nerdcore? Ignore trailer and defend Nerdcore!

    There are some quite good nerdcore rappers.

    Some of them even make money doing it

  7. Assirra says:

    It was funny til the repetition kicked in.

  8. keithburgun says:

    I have a weird question: what if explosions actually *aren’t* cool?

  9. Evil Pancakes says:

    Remove all reference to Just Cause 3 or Rico, and this is basically a trailer for any Michael Bay film.

  10. Carra says:

    Michael Bay, Eat your heart out!

  11. meepmeep says:

    I’ve been playing it all weekend on PS4 and, without a doubt, Game of The Year.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  12. thedosbox says:

    I am disappointed the header image didn’t reproduce one of my favourite Just Cause 2 articles:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com